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Manufacturer: Intas
Substance: Amoxicillin
Package: 375mg (6 capsules)

Dosage form

The preparation may be in the form of capsules or tablets for oral administration. The pediatric form is represented by a suspension. Tablets have an oval biconvex form and are coated with a coating that protects the drug from the destructive effect of gastric juice.

Description and composition Megamentin 375

The drug belongs to the group of antibiotics, so it is dispensed from pharmacies according to the doctor’s prescription. 

Megamentin 375 (Amoxicillin) is a derivative of penicillin, an antibiotic that has a disastrous effect on a bacterial cell due to the destruction of its cell wall.

Megamentin 375 is prone to the destructive effect of penicillinase, in contrast to combined, so-called “protected” drugs.

It is active against many bacteria: cocci (gram-positive and gram-negative), rods (gram-negative, including E. coli, Klebsiella, Salmonella). Does not affect microorganisms that produce penicillinase. Quickly and almost completely absorbed from the intestine. However, there are also types of bacteria that are resistant to the action of this antibiotic.

Thus, amoxicillin has a wide spectrum of activity and can be prescribed for a variety of infectious diseases.

Recently, most manufacturers produce combined preparations of amoxicillin and clavulanic acid. This component protects the antibiotic from the destructive effect of penicillinases and significantly increases its effectiveness. Combined drugs are considered to be more powerful and allow to reduce the daily dose of amoxicillin to achieve the same therapeutic effect.

Pharmacological group

Antibacterial agent of the penicillin group, which has a broad spectrum of action.

Indications for use Megamentin 375

The most justified use of the drug in dosages of 250-750 mg, when the absorption of the drug is maximized. If necessary, use higher doses, they are divided into several receptions. The recommended single dose of the drug is 500 mg. Amoxicillin penetrates many tissues, which makes it possible to use it for various diseases. It is found in sufficient concentration in blood plasma, bronchial secretion, lungs, middle ear fluid, urine, bile, and also penetrates into the cerebrospinal fluid.

For adults

indications for adults, including the elderly, are:

  1. infections of the upper respiratory tract (otitis media, pharyngitis, sinusitis).
  2. Diseases of the lower parts of the respiratory tract (pneumonia, bronchitis).
  3. Infections of the urinary system (urethritis, pyelonephritis, gonorrhea).
  4. Some skin diseases (face, impetigo).
  5. Bacterial diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (including salmonellosis, typhoid fever, dysentery).
  6. Prophylaxis of endocarditis.

For children

the indications are the same as for adults – infections caused by susceptible to amoxicillin strains. Treatment, most often, is outpatient and requires strict adherence to the doctor’s prescriptions. As a rule, indications for the use of antibiotic in children are non-severe forms of ARVI, possibly with the addition of bacterial infection.

For pregnant women and during lactation

It is possible to use pregnant women for basic indications only after the doctor assesses the potential benefit to the mother and the possible risk to the child. If you need to take amoxicillin during lactation, breastfeeding is likely to stop.

Contraindications Megamentin 375

Megamentin 375 is not prescribed for:

  1. Allergic diseases, including, allergies to penicillins.
  2. Hepatic failure.
  3. Infectious mononucleosis.
  4. Dysbiosis.
  5. Lymphocytic leukemia.
  6. Diseases of the kidneys.
  7. Diseases of the blood or disorders of the clotting function.

In these cases, the drug is replaced with another antibiotic.

Applications and doses

For adults

Tablets are taken orally, regardless of the diet, since the food does not affect the rate of absorption of the drug. For the majority of antibiotics, an adult is considered to be a patient who has reached the age of 12 or has a body weight of more than 40 kg.

For children

Megamentin 375 is considered one of the safest antibacterial drugs, so it is widely used in children of various ages, including newborns and even premature babies. Small patients up to 5 years of age, amoxicillin is used in the form of a suspension. The medicine is prepared for one course of treatment and can not be stored for longer than 14 days. Often amoxicillin is prescribed for angina, as it shows high efficiency against its causative agent – staphylococcus. With angina drug is recommended after eating.

Dosage of amoxicillin is prescribed by a doctor, taking into account the weight of the child:

  1. Up to 2 years, 20 mg / kg.
  2. 2-5 years – 375 mg.
  3. 5-10 years – 750 mg.

The above doses are daily. For treatment, they are divided into 3 divided doses.

Preterm and newborn children dosage of amoxicillin is calculated individually, and intervals between doses of the drug are increased.

For pregnant women and during lactation

The physician can allow amoxicillin during pregnancy after assessing the potential benefit to the mother and the possible risk to the child. Qualified studies in this group of patients were not carried out, but there were no cases of negative influence of amoxicillin on the fetus.

During breastfeeding, the drug is contraindicated, since it absorbs breast milk and can cause side effects in the infant.

Side effects of Megamentin 375

Since the action of amoxicillin affects most organs and tissues, there is a possibility of undesirable reactions. Of the most frequent, the following can be noted:

  1. Various manifestations of allergic reactions – rhinitis, conjunctivitis, urticaria, as well as more severe cases.
  2. Disturbances in the digestive tract – nausea, dysbiosis, changes in taste, diarrhea.
  3. Changes from the nervous system – depression, dizziness, insomnia, a sense of anxiety.

Interaction Megamentin 375  with other drugs

It should avoid simultaneous reception of amoxicillin and alcohol, as well as drugs that are made on an alcohol basis. Their interaction can lead to a strong allergic reaction and even the death of the patient. In addition, this combination is very damaging to the liver and can significantly worsen its functionality. To abstain from alcohol follows a few more days after the end of taking the antibiotic.

Special instructions

Before the appointment of amoxicillin, an analysis should be made to determine the sensitivity of the pathogen to this drug. If the bacteria have developed resistance treatment will not be effective. However, such an analysis takes a long time, so doctors often make an appointment, based on their own experience.

Analogues of Megamentin 375

Analogues of Megamentin 375  can differ significantly in price. This is due to the quality of the raw materials, the technology of preparation and composition. It is worth highlighting such an analog as Flemoxin solute , which is produced by the Netherlands. The tablet can not only be chewed, but also dissolved in milk or juice, to get a delicious vanilla suspension.

Patients’ feedback about the action of amoxicillin is positive. With his help, it was always possible to defeat the infection, and also to select the necessary dosage for any age. Convenience of application consists that the preparation is not adhered to reception of nutrition and can be accepted at any time.

Overdose Megamentin 375

Overdose increases the likelihood and severity of side effects.

Storage conditions

In a dry place at a temperature of no higher than 25 degrees.


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375mg (6 capsules)


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