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Women’s Dumbbell Exercises Women’s Tess Blog



Unusual options in

Dumbbell exercises for women | Tess Women's Blog

Exercises with dumbbells for women are a great way not only to tighten the muscles of the arms, but also significantly strengthen the back, abs and even legs. But in order for such training to be beneficial, it is necessary Legal Anabolics Online to strictly follow the specific instructions for its implementation.

Stationary, side & reverse lunge exercises for legs using dumbbell

Focus dumbbells

Just buying a pair of dumbbells is not enough. After all, this will be the main sports equipment training. And therefore it is necessary to choose them according to certain criteria:

Form – the best option would be "bottle". And it is very important to tactilely "get acquainted" with dumbbells. The grip should be completely, and the surface be ribbed. The best option is the pair that has a silicone shell at the gripping point.

Weight – for beginners it is recommended to choose dumbbells weighing up to half a kilogram. In the process of training, you can bring it up to a kilogram.

Lying Dumbbell Extensions – Triceps Exercise Guide

The perfect pair of dumbbells acquired, then you can begin to exercise.

Warm up in focus

Bent Over Dumbbell Tricep Kickback: Video Exercise Guide & Tips

The first rule of a successful workout is a completed warm up. It is possible to warm up muscles in any convenient mode. However, it is recommended to include the exercise “Warm-up arm-wrestlers”.

It is done quite simply: you should stand up straight, put your legs across the width of your shoulders and sit down slightly. Hands with dumbbells lowered and slightly apart. Then smoothly turn the brush with dumbbells to the body, then – from the body. Repeat 12 times. Such an exercise will warm up the wrists, preventing the occurrence of seizures in them.

Focus on the shoulder girdle

Shoulder exercises with dumbbells for women are represented by two main types:

Kali Muscle Chest Exercise w/ 200lb Dumbbell Push | Stunning Fitness Girls

humeral broach;

Exercise Incline Dumbbell Bench Press – your partner at the gym

lifting dumbbells.

For both exercises, the initial position is a straight upright with legs apart and shoulders lowered to the hips with dumbbells. Acquaintance with sets is recommended to start with 3 sets of 6 repetitions, gradually increasing to 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

Shoulder broaching is performed as follows: brushes with dumbbells unfold parallel to the body, after which they inhale rise to the chest, forming a straight line with the points of the elbows and the base of the neck, and then gradually descend.

Lifting dumbbells involves turning the arms with dumbbells inward. When inhaling, the arms are lifted through the sides upwards to form a straight line with the shoulders; on the inhale, they return to their original position.

15 Min Dumbbell Work Out for Strength – HASfit Dumbbell Exercises – Dumb Bell Workout Training

Particular, allow not

Press focus

The use of dumbbells in the exercises for the press is an excellent opportunity How to remove cellulite on the legs and pope. Exercises for a week, a training program for girls to gently increase the load on the muscles, and, consequently, to increase the effectiveness of the exercises. Trainers recommend two unusual options in which all press will be involved:



One-Arm Dumbbell Row | Exercise Videos & Guides | Bodybuilding.com

For both exercises, the recommended number of repetitions is 12, and approaches – 2.

Turns. It should stand in the above starting position, slightly bent legs. Place your left hand under the dumbbell, and your right hand on top. To inhale: smoothly holding your arms to the side, turn the body, keeping the hips in a stillness; to exhale: return to the starting position. Repeat the action in the opposite direction. As soon as the exercise will be completed to automatism, you should increase the pace. Twists, reinforced using dumbbells, will work out oblique abdominals.

10 Single-Dumbbell Exercises That’ll Help You Sculpt Flat Abs | Health FAQ

Slopes. In this case, you should stand up straight, legs together, hands with one dumbbell lift above your head. Hands should be gently lowered down, in contact with the knee of one leg, and then return to the starting position. Actions should be repeated for the other leg. This exercise simultaneously involves the upper, middle and lower abdominal muscles.

In focus buttocks and legs

It is also possible to tighten the buttocks and legs with the help of exercises with dumbbells. The following types are recommended for women:

squats with dumbbells;

squatting with a jump.

Squatting with dumbbells. The view of the initial position in this case is a straight upright with the legs apart wider than the shoulders, the feet look in opposite directions, the arms with the dumbbells clamped in them are lowered down. To inhale, you should sit down as deeply as possible, raising your arms from the dumbbells to your chest, while exhaling you should return to the starting position.

Squatting with a jump. It is necessary to stand up straight, legs spread wider than shoulders, and arms should be lowered with dumbbells held to hips. At the expense of “one” in a jump, put your legs together, and raise your arms above your head, at the expense of “two”, return to the starting position. At the same time in the jump should strain the abdominal muscles and buttocks.

Exercise Dumbbell Clean Press – your partner at the gym

All exercises recommended to perform 12 times, repeating them in 2 sets.

The benefits of training with dumbbells

All exercises with dumbbells, for women in particular, allow not only to tighten and strengthen muscles. Coordination of movements danabol ds 10 mg develops at the same time, because performing each set, the beautiful lady trains not a specific zone, but a whole group, which requires concentration.

In addition, the exercises described are focused on breathing control. In order to achieve maximum oxygen concentration during exercise, one should breathe deeply, applying the principles of Pilates, in which the lower part of the lungs inhales.


starting position, return starting, return starting position, dumbbells women

Exercises for hands with dumbbells for women effective complex



Extensors, therefore, to

Exercises for hands with dumbbells for women: an effective complex

Regularly performed exercises for the hands with dumbbells for women will help even at home to form beautiful hands, worthy of admiration.

do not raise your elbows above the level of the shoulder joints;

the shoulder girdle must be lowered, you can not shrug, lift them.

Two-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl | Exercise Videos & Guides | Bodybuilding.com

Control yourself during the exercises, make sure that the trapezium is not involved in the work.

Dumbbell bench press. Standing up weights gives a big load on the lower back. In order to avoid injuries, women need to perform exclusively the “sedentary” version of the bench press, ensuring that the back A weight loss training program is a weight loss system. always remains straight.

Sit on a gymnastics bench or chair with a back and press it against the lower back. The feet rest on the floor, the back is straight.

Hands with dumbbells bend, placing the shells on the level of the ears. The elbows are separated to the sides, the forearms are arranged vertically, the hands are turned forward. This is the starting position.

Lift the weights up, leaving your elbows slightly bent.

Hold up for 2 bills. Dumbbells move in a vertical plane, do not touch, their axes are in one line.

Lower the dumbbells to the testplex 450 for sale starting position. Without pausing, repeat the bench press.

Performing the bench press, remember that this is not a push. The weight should be gently squeezed, not pushed out.

Lifting dumbbells through the sides Sometimes this exercise is called “swing through the sides”. This is wrong; there should be no sweeps when performing it, only smooth, slow movements.

Stand up straight, hands with dumbbells lowered with palms to the body.

14 Min Dumbbell Bicep Workout – Biceps Workout at Home – Bicep Workout with Dumbbells Bicep Exercise

While inhaling, lift the dumbbells across the sides to the horizontal.

At the top point hold up the dumbbells for 3 counts.

The shoulder girdle is lowered, the elbows are “soft”, slightly bent, the axis of the dumbbells in all positions is perpendicular to the body.

On the exhale, lower your hands down.

Important nuances:

lifting must be done slowly, without jerks;

to lift dumbbells no higher than horizontal, in order not to strain the trapezium;

repetitions do without pauses, continuously.

Exercise Ball Dumbbell Flys: Video Exercise Guide & Tips

Of their total

Tricep Training The triceps are located on the back of the shoulders and make up 60% of their total muscle mass. Due to weight loss and age-related changes in many women, the skin of the hands loses turgor and hangs ugly when raising hands. Clearing the triceps helps to eliminate this disadvantage. With an increase in the volume and tone of these muscles, the shoulders become taut, the integuments acquire turgor and do not sag.

Triceps perform the function of the extensors, therefore, to work through them, they use extension exercises. The most popular basic arm extension exercise is the well-known push-ups. They are well working triceps, delta, as well as the pectoral muscles, abs and the entire shoulder girdle.

Purposeful work on the muscles of the hands includes exercises for the triceps with dumbbells, for the girls there will be enough extension of the arms from behind the head and in the tilt.

Arm extension in the slope This type of extension is performed separately for each arm in 3 sets.

Turn your left side to a chair, bend down and lean on the seat with your right hand. The back should be horizontal.

In the right hand, take the dumbbell, palm turned to the thigh. Press the elbow to the body, hanging the dumbbell down. This is the starting position.

Keeping the position of the body, shoulder and elbow unchanged, slowly, smoothly straighten the arm, moving the dumbbell back. Do not straighten the elbow to the end, leave it slightly bent. Delay on 2 accounts forearm straightened.

Slowly return the forearm to its original position.

Move your hand smoothly, do not allow any moves. The elbow should not hang out and fall down. The wrists are strained and fixed relative to the forearms in one position.

Arm extensions due to the headSuch extensions are also performed separately for each arm in 3 sets.

Exercise Index | Incline Dumbbell Rows

Sit on a chair with the back, rest your waist. The feet rest against the floor, the back is straightened.

Raise the dumbbell above your head, holding your hand vertically, palm pointing forward. Bend the elbow to a right angle, lowering the dumbbell behind the head. This is the starting position.

Without jerking, slowly straighten your elbow, straining your triceps at the top.

Return to the starting position.

Keep the body straight, the elbow should not "walk", and the wrist – to hang out. Do not hold the dumbbell in the lowest point, immediately starting the extension. Leave your elbow slightly bent when straightening.

Training bicepsIf the training program of a woman includes strength exercises for the muscles of the chest, back, then the biceps are quite heavily loaded. In such cases, separate exercises for biceps for girls is better not to perform. This is especially true for women with muscles responsive to the load, since many of them are faced with the problem of excessive biceps and quadriceps.

Bending arms for bicepsBiceps are flexor muscles, so flexion exercises are used to work them out.

Starting position – as when sitting up dumbbells. Leaning your lower back on a chair, straighten your back and firmly rest your feet on the floor rexobol 50. Burdens in the lowered hands, palms look forward, elbows are close to the body.

Inhaling, slowly bending the elbows, but without changing their position, gently pull the dumbbells to the shoulder joints.

Exhaling, just as slowly lower the shells down. Do not straighten your elbows completely. Do not pause between repetitions.

Dumbbell Set Fitness Gym Exercise Everfit 25kg | Gym & Fitness | Gumtree Australia Melbourne City – Melbourne CBD | 1199337310

At all stages of the exercise, the shoulders should be kept upright. The movements are smooth, without jerks, wrists are not "walking".

PullupsAlso biceps can be pumped through exercises for hands without dumbbells. The most effective of them – pull-ups on the bar. To facilitate this difficult exercise for women, try performing pull-ups not hanging, but in an inclined position with support on the feet. To do this, you can use either a low crossbar or substitute a leg support under the usual horizontal bar so that the crossbar is approximately at chest level.


bench press, slightly bent, starting position, dumbbells women, lower back, shoulder girdle

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