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Purchasing Terms

Dopingteam.com reserves the right to refuse to process or ship any purchases placed through our online store if customers do not agree to the following terms of service:

  1. European customers must be at least 18 years old and US customers must be at least 21 years old to use the services offered by this website.
  1. This site is for commercial or educational purposes only, and all information (including shipping addresses, billing addresses, and our shipping methods) will be treated as confidential.
  1. You are not a law enforcement partner or employee of any law enforcement organization, you do not intend to cause harm to anyone using the information given on this website and will only use this site for commercial gain.
  1. You will treat the site’s operators with courtesy and respect.
  1. You are aware that using some of the products on the site could have negative health consequences or have harmful side effects.
  1. It is your obligation to determine whether buying these kinds of products is legal in your country or region.


All personal information collected by Dopingteam.com is handled in compliance with European legislation. Customers’ data supplied to the Dopingteam.com website will not be divulged, even if a foreign authority makes a formal request.


  1. We will keep aside the (still unpaid) goods you have ordered in our warehouse for up to one week. If a week has elapsed since you placed your order and you finally proceed with payment, please contact us first to verify whether the items you want are still in stock.
  2. Once you submit an order, it will stay idle in our system until the funds have been received, after which it will be processed within 24 hours.
  3. Provided an order has not yet been packed, you can still cancel or delete it at any time, even if it has been paid for. If you need to suspend or cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible.
  4. You can check the payment and shipping status of your order, check your transaction history, find your delivery tracking code, as well as find other information related to your order on the website by visiting the ‘Order History’ section on the ‘My Account’ page.
  5. Before placing an order, please read the ordering instructions carefully.


  1. If you place an order but you don’t go ahead with the payment, the offer price on your quotation will stay frozen for up to a week. I.e., even if the live website price has changed since you placed an order, you will still be eligible for the price quoted in that initial order.
  1. If you need to order a range of products but the total amount of each item required to qualify for the overall bulk order discount is insufficient, place the order nevertheless and then let us know. A member of our team will review your order and may then offer to manually override the order to reflect your bulk discount, provided it qualifies for the discount.


  1. Please report any quality-related complaints to our customer service staff as soon as possible, along with a thorough description of the problem and, if required, photos for verification.
  1. All products are authenticated for quality by us and are also guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  1. Please visit your doctor if you are allergic to some of the substances in a product you purchased from us but have already used, as such cases are beyond our realm of knowledge.


  1. Although the billing and delivery addresses may differ, the postal address must be valid and accessible for at least 40 days after the order was placed.
  1. If you want an order divided and dispersed to different addresses, you’ll need to place additional orders and supply the appropriate address for each item. In this instance, however, you will only have to pay the shipping fee once for the entire combined order.
  1. If you move within 30 days of the estimated delivery date, you’ll need to arrange for someone to accept the item at that old address on your behalf. If this isn’t possible, we’ll reimburse you up to 50% of the cost of the inaccessible individual package.


Keep in mind that the delivery tracking code linked with your order is not to be mistaken with the mail/postal reference number, as they serve completely different purposes.


  1. After payment has been validated, orders are normally sent within 1 to 5 days.
  1. Once your product has been dispatched, you will be notified of the expected delivery date via email and a note will appear on the Order History page of your account on our website.
  1. Orders are expected to arrive between 7 to 20 days, depending on the destination. The mail provider provides us with estimated arrival dates, which are based on historical delivery times previously experienced by our clients across the US and the UK. It is possible that the actual arrival date will be 3-5 days later than the one you were provided.


  1. Packages are dispatched via the Regular Airmail delivery service from our European and Asian depots.
  1. We currently only ship directly from our international warehouses.


  1. There may be some delays due to mail/postal service issues. Please notify us if a package is more than 30 days late, and we’ll look into the problem.
  1. Please be aware that delays in shipments sometimes arise due to technical difficulties on our end. Please do not become concerned or upset if your item has not been shipped in less than 7 days. We apologize for the inconvenience and request that you please inform so that your account can be reimbursed (if you wish to cancel the order).
  1. Because the mail/postal service is outsourced and outside of our control, we are unable to expedite delivery.
  1. Products are kept at and distributed from a number of different warehouses across a number of countries. As a result, your product may arrive in many smaller shipments spaced 24 to 48 hours apart rather than in a single bundled delivery. This is due to the fact that we fulfill your order straight from one of the numerous regions where we source the products from, or the nearest available stock to your location.


  1. As your order may be delivered at separate times and in separate packages, please notify us each time items arrive:

This can be accomplished by following the steps below:

  • Log in to your account on the website;
  • Go to the ‘Order History’ page;
  • Fill in the amount you received next to each product you ordered;
  • Click ‘Accept’.
  1. Please contact us right away if any products were missing from your order; otherwise, we may refuse to reship the missing items to you if you notified us too late.


  1. The products were damaged or were unusable
  2. In the rare case of products being damaged in transit or being unusable (e.g. product has passed the expiry date), we ask that you take photos of the damaged products, labels, and packaging, and send them to us so that we can investigate the case and then reship them to you.

  3. The items in the order are incorrect
  4. If you received the incorrect products that you ordered, please inform us and we will compensate you immediately with a free reshipment of the correct products.

  5. The order was seized at customs
  6. We require you to notify us in such a case by submitting a photo or scanned copy of the letter received from customs so that our team can investigate the case and verify that the items were in fact seized.


If an order surpasses the expected delivery date:


It is considered delayed.


If an order surpasses the expected delivery date by 15 days:



No need to be concerned, and don’t notify us just yet.

The postal service providers sometimes operate irregular schedules.



If an order surpasses the expected delivery date by 30 days:

It is considered lost, and eligible for free reshipping.

In the unlikely scenario that this happens, kindly:

–      Notify us that the package is lost

–      Provide us with the order ID code and an alternative address so that we can reship your order.



  1. An incorrect delivery address was provided
  2. Packages that were misdelivered and then went missing due to an erroneously entered address will not be re-shipped.

  3. The delivery address provided is no longer accessible
  4. If you move before the scheduled delivery date, or if you can no longer access the post at the address you provided us with, the shipment will not be re-shipped.


If we need to reship any products to you for any of the reasons listed above, but the product is currently out of stock, we have two alternatives for you:

  1. A.) Wait for the product to come back into stock.
  2. B.) Substitute the items with an alternative product up to the same total value as the out-of-stock items.


To prevent the same misdelivery from happening again, it will be necessary for you to provide a different shipping address for any purchases that need to be reshipped. If you are unable or unable to offer an alternate address, we can reship the order to the initial address, but should it fail again, we will not be able to guarantee reshipping.


You will not be able to return any of the products to us if you are unhappy with them. Because the sender’s address stipulated on the package is deliberately incorrect (in order to be discreet) , we will be unable to receive any returned goods.

Please contact our customer support staff to discuss the reasons for your dissatisfaction with your order, and we will work with you to find a satisfactory solution.








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