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Dumbbell exercises for beginners



Complex of

Dumbbell exercises for beginners

Exercises with dumbbells – HYIP since the Soviet years, when every man kept a box on the balcony with this uncomplicated sports equipment.

For men, dumbbells are a weighty steel “bread” for the body. We decided to give an additional load on the muscles and move the fatty layers from the place? Toward the fragile figure, tears and blues. Give cheerfulness and beautiful relief. It remains only to competently draw up a training regime.

The abundance of models allows you to pick up dumbbells for any task. Cast dumbbells vs collapsible. Before purchasing dumbbells, you need to decide on the tasks that are put before them. For example, if you plan to constantly increase muscle mass, you should take collapsible dumbbells and increase their weight over time. For fitness training suitable sports equipment with a fixed weight, which will maintain a given muscle tone.

Dumbbells with removable pancakes are the most versatile. Dumbbells with the ability to increase weight are universal. Using cast models, after a certain time you will encounter the need to purchase a new, heavier pair, as the muscles will require further growth. Self-made dumbbells are less convenient than shop shots: for a full workout you need to pour a dozen projectiles or pancakes, the weight of which will also have to be increased over time.

Dumbbell Hammer Curls Exercise Demonstration

Choosing the right dumbbells for home When selecting collapsible dumbbells, pay attention to the following points:

What is the maximum, maximum weight of dumbbells. Here again the convenience of collapsible models. For example, if one fully assembled projectile pulls a kilogram by 20 – this will allow not returning to the store for new pancakes for a long time.

Weight step. For inexperienced users, it is important that the weight of the dumbbells be increased gradually (no more than 1 kilogram). For example, a weight step of 5 kilograms will have a beneficial effect only on the training of professional runners and athletes. Remember the rule of scales and coins, add the load gradually.

4 Dumbbell Exercises for Tricep Strength

The neck of the dumbbell should be rubberized The program of training for weight loss at home or knurled (sections that prevent slipping). It is more practical to purchase necklaces with a diameter of 25-30 millimeters. This size will allow over time free to buy pancakes.

Pancakes If classes are held in the apartment, and there is no desire to break the silence due to sports trainings, take a look at the rubberized pancakes. Such a device will not damage laminate or parquet. Chrome pancakes differ from others only in brilliance, but there is no practical use for them. The minimum weight of sports "coins" starts from 500 grams, and the maximum weight reaches 10 kilograms.

Mounts. It is important that the pancake dumbbell mounts are comfortable and reliable. The easiest way to handle spring clips or "ears."

As an additional accessory for dumbbells for beginners, you can purchase weight-lifting gloves.

Gloves will keep your hands from calluses and damage during training with dumbbells. They are necessary not only to prevent dumbbells from slipping out of your palm, but also for fixing your wrists. Gloves will be a good anti-ash agent, protect the skin on the palms from coarsening.

Age and workout at home When choosing exercises with dumbbells, it is important to consider not only their weight and their own physical fitness, but also age-related features. For example, coaches and doctors remind men over the age of 50 that because of hormonal changes, the joints and ligaments lose their strength, which means that training should be a little less vilafinil intense.

Thoughtful approach to the weight step will allow you to work with dumbbells, even for older men. Young men under 50 are recommended to work out with dumbbells at least three times a week. This mode will allow you to keep the muscles in the right tone, while arranging for the body fasting days. In the complex of strength training, all men, regardless of age, need to include cardio training, which is more appropriate to perform in the morning or before strength training. This will prepare your little motor for hard work.

How to train at home properly Exercises with dumbbells need to start with a warm-up. This will warm up the muscles and prepare them for the load. As a basis, you can take all the same school warm-up (head tilting, jerking hands, lunges, stretching exercises).

Dumbbell Exercises for Triceps – dumbbell-exercises.com

For a visible effect, it is important to develop an individual training schedule. It is necessary to include not only the exercises themselves, but also days of rest. Beginners are recommended to take 1-2 day breaks between workouts. During this time, the muscle tissue will recover, and the level of glycogen (contributing to the production of "lactic acid") will reach the optimum level for a new breakthrough. But the mistake of all beginners – work for wear – can give a boomerang effect, reducing the accumulated muscle volume.

Exercises with dumbbells are better to start with a warm-up. If you train at home without a trainer, then you will have to work on monitoring achievements or braking yourself. To more accurately track your progress, regularly record weight and girth in a diary or application on your phone. Men over 50 need to record their heart rate and blood pressure in their diary. All measurements must be made before the exercise.

Head tilting, jerking

Basic complex for men – video Before embarking on a set of relief, it is necessary to master the basic set of exercises with dumbbells, which includes a number of fundamental exercises, on the basis of which other types of power loads are built. It includes:

Classic squats with dumbbells. Legs shoulder-width apart, arms along the body. On the squat inhale, on the rise exhale. Repeat 10-15 times for 3 sets.

"Hammer" – exercise for the muscles of the forearm. The starting position is the same as for squats. On the inhale, bend your right arm, lifting the weight to the shoulder. Exhale – starting position. The exercise for the left hand is also performed. For each hand, liftings are performed at least 20 times. This exercise can be done while sitting.

Dumbbell to the belt – training of large muscles of the back. To exercise you need to prepare a bench, also suitable stool. Place the knee of the right leg on the bench, grasp it with the right hand. The left leg is on the floor slightly bent at the knee, the left hand is down, the shoulder blades are divorced. On the exhale, pull up the dumbbell in the belt, reduce the shoulder blades. Breath – starting position. For each hand, 10-15 repetitions of 3 sets.

Dumbbell piles – exercise for the upper (clavicular) trapezius muscles. Feet slightly wider than shoulders, arms down. On the exhale, lift your shoulders up, arms straight with dumbbells down, shoulder blades smoothly come together. Breath – starting position. The exercise is performed 10-15 times for 3 approaches.

Breeding dumbbells – training deltoid chest muscles. If at home there is no inclined gymnastic bench, fit-ball can replace it. Lying spread your arms to the sides, hold the dumbbells with a straight grip. Arms should be bent in elbows, and dumbbells should be at chest level. Raise your hands up and return to the starting position. Perform 10-15 times.

Training for legs. We do lunges. Bend the left leg in the knee, holding dumbbells in the hands, located along the body. The right leg is straight, laid back and rests against the floor. For each leg do 10-15 lunges.

Bowflex Dumbbells, ideal for toning exercises

Exercises with dumbbells are performed without jerks. Each is repeated in several approaches. Breathing (inhalation and exhalation) are the basis of proper load distribution. Overcoming weight (power jerk) should be carried out only on the exhale.

You need to stop the replay before muscle failure occurs. If you feel that the next repetition will be fatal, the exercise should be stopped. At the end of the work with the dumbbells, the muscles can be pulled a little by doing a few attacks and tilts.

Exercises with dumbbells are desirable to accompany aerobic exercise. Strength exercises with dumbbells are desirable to accompany aerobic (respiratory) loads – jogging, cycling, exercise bike. Otherwise, heart problems may occur.

Five simple exercises for older menMost Buy Steroids Here of the workouts for older men are aimed at maintaining muscle and heart tone. They are performed at an arbitrary pace, in the event of shortness of breath, you must take a break:

Exercise for muscles of the forearm and chest. The legs are wider than the shoulders, arms apart, dumbbells to hold a straight grip. Turn the hands back and forth. Breath and pace is arbitrary.

Exercise for the muscles of the back and shoulder blades. Hands with dumbbells are set behind the head, legs wider than shoulders. While inhaling, we spread our arms to the side, while exhaling we return to the starting position. You can do sitting on a bench or fitball.

Exercise for the muscles of the legs, chest and upper key girdle. Legs are wider than shoulders, dumbbells are clamped in hands. Exhale – lunge to the right, arms raised in front of him, inhale – the starting position. Next – to exhale left.

Stretching the muscles of the back. Legs shoulder-width apart or slightly wider than shoulders. Dumbbells – on the floor between the legs. We bend down and exhale, take the dumbbells in hand and straighten. Inhale – put the dumbbells on the floor without bending your back.

Exercise for the muscles of the legs. Legs a little wider than shoulders, dumbbells in hands along body. Exhale and squat, try to touch the floor with dumbbells. On inhaling, we return to the starting position.

Each exercise is repeated 6-8 times. With normal health, the number of repetitions can be increased to 10.

For men of age, it is important to maintain muscle tone. Conclusion. Exercises with dumbbells are training that allows men to achieve various goals: losing weight, building sculptural muscles and simply maintaining the body in optimum physical shape. The last point is especially interesting to everyone who spends most of his life sitting in an office. The number of exercises with dumbbells is very large. With this projectile, you can work on quadriceps, deltoid muscles of the chest and back, and other muscle groups. It is not easy to fall in love with dumbbells, but it will be impossible to abandon them, being drawn into the training schedule.

Exercise Prone Incline Curl With Dumbbells (Spider Curl)


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