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A set of exercises with dumbbells for all muscle groups for girls at home



Put your elbows on

A set of exercises with dumbbells for all muscle groups for girls at home

A set of exercises for girls with dumbbells for the back, chest, abs, arms and shoulders, legs and buttocks, for weight loss, beautiful posture. Training program, recommendations on the choice of weight dumbbells.

Breeding hands, lying on the floor. To perform you need to lie on the mat, bend your legs at the knees. Feet pressed to the floor. Hands with dumbbells put perpendicular to the body. Slowly flatten your arms straight over your head and dragon pharma steroids then return to the starting position. It is important not to give up completely on the floor; they should not touch it. Thus, the muscles will be in constant tension. Make 20 dilutions. Rest for 2 minutes, repeat 4 more approaches.

Push ups on dumbbells. The usual push-up from the floor is performed, but one stop is carried out on the dumbbells, clenched by the hands, the second stop is the toes of the feet or the knees. Complicated version of the execution – legs extended and the emphasis on the toes or one leg (the second leg lifted up or put on the ankle of the other leg). A simplified version for novice girls – emphasis on the knees, with a straight back. Pushups are performed slowly, as many times as possible. Do not allow sagging of the back. Optimally perform 15 push-ups, then 2 min rest and 3 more sets.

"Ski Riding". In a standing position, with dumbbells in your hands, sit down a bit (with an inclination forward). Perform joint or alternating movements with your hands, imitating pushing away with sticks when skiing. Do 20 repetitions. Relax for a few minutes and duplicate another 1 – 2 approaches.

Exercises for the press The abdominal press is a group of multidirectional muscle layers that is difficult to adjust, so it requires a special approach and well-designed exercises. To a woman to achieve the desired flat stomach, you need to tune in to a long hard work, while not forgetting about diet.

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Since the press is formed by 4 muscle groups (direct, oblique, pyramidal and transverse), all of them need to be worked through accordingly.

Here are examples of exercises for each press group:

Exercise straight muscles. Lie on the floor, pick up the weights and cross them on the chest. Slowly lift the body (at an angle of no more than 45 degrees), linger in this position for a few seconds, drop to the floor. Repeat 40 times. For beginners, to simplify, it is allowed to pick up one dumbbell (hold it with two hands for thickening) and bend the knees, not lifting the feet from the floor.

Charging for the oblique muscles. In a standing position with a load in the right hand (both arms extended along the body), it is required to make 20 tilts to the left. Then grab the dumbbell in your left hand and lean to the right side as many times.

The work of the transverse muscles. Difficult exercise (it may not work out right away), so it’s best to start with 1 kg of dumbbells. To perform it, lay on the floor, with burdened hands behind the head (not touching the floor). To simultaneously lift the body and legs (without jerks), to descend to the initial position. The number of repetitions – 20 times.

The development of pyramidal muscles. Lying on a mat or floor, hold one dumbbell between your feet. Put the hands on the back of the head. Raise straight legs with a weight of 5 cm from the floor, hold out for 5 seconds, lower the legs. Make it 20 times.

Exercises for arms and shoulders Strength training of hands is an integral part of any set of exercises. Do not worry that there will be round biceps, the type of male (for this you need to do a lot with large weights and use sports nutrition).

Top 5 Dumbbell Tricep Exercises! Build Muscle & Strength!

Female exercises for arms and shoulders help to strengthen muscles, tighten the skin (especially on the inner side of the shoulder), and reduce the thickness of the fat layer. The peculiarities of such classes is the simplicity of their performance, but high efficiency. And if you gradually increase the weight of the inventory, the result will be visually noticeable after 2 months.

Examples of popular exercises:

Charging for the triceps muscle of the shoulder. To perform the exercise, you will need to pick up dumbbells (weight from 2 to 4 kg) and stand up, with your knees slightly bent, legs together. Put both hands behind the head and bend together. Straighten your arms. Repeat 20 times.

Biceps workout. Stand on one knee. Take inventory in one hand. Put the elbow on the knee and flex and stretch, do not use the shoulder joint. Perform 15 repetitions on each hand.

A set of exercises with dumbbells for girls.

Pulling up to the chin. In the standing position, take the dumbbells in your hands and place them on the front of the thighs. To lift arms, bending and lifting the elbows so that the dumbbells reach the chin. Lower. Repeat 20 times.

Exercises for legs and buttocks Slender legs Effective circuit workouts for weight loss – Fresh Fitness and rounded buttocks – the dream of every woman. To achieve the desired is possible with an integrated approach to training these areas. Due to the anatomical features, the legs and buttocks have a large muscle group and for their growth requires constant stress (exercises with weights and a gradual increase in weights).

Squats and jogging are great sports for toning and maintaining elasticity, but they are not enough.

Exercise Dumbbell Reverse Wrist Curl – your partner at the gym

An ideal workout is a combination of jogging (3-6 km) in the morning, squatting (about 100 times a day) and strength exercises during the day.

Foot training options:

Spring squats Additionally, you will need a step platform (you can replace it with a stack of books). Take weighting (3-4 kg) in each hand. Stand in a step from the stand, foot spread to the width of his shoulders. Take the right leg back, bend the knee and put the toe of the foot on the support. Squat (without touching the floor with your right knee). Straighten up and repeat 20 times. Change legs and do another 20 squats.

Plieu. Feet wide apart, twist the socks out. Take one dumbbell in your hands (weight 4 – 5 kg). Holding the dumbbell with two hands, sit down to the parallel of the hips with the floor. At the same time, keep your heels off the floor and keep your back straight. Stretching of the inner thigh muscle should be felt.

Deadlift. From the “standing” position, torso forward to tilt forward without rounding the back. Hold dumbbells in hand, while tilting, they should slide down the hips. Drop down to a possible amplitude, feeling the back of the thigh and buttocks stretch.

Complex for weight loss Complex exercises with dumbbells for weight loss is made taking into account the problem areas of the woman, requiring adjustment. Accordingly, emphasis is placed on those exercises that make the desired areas work.

Dumbbell pullover exercise instructions and video | Weight Training Guide

Any training has its own algorithm of actions, which is very important to comply with:

start with a warm-up (5 – 10 min);

a set of actions for slimming the body;

in the end, make a stretch to consolidate the result and prevent pain in the muscles.

The complex of actions for slimming the body:

choose 2 exercises to strengthen and lift the chest (from the above);

do any 2 exercises for the back;

pump through all 4 groups of abdominal muscles;

perform 2 exercises for arms and legs;

Sit down 30-40 times (without lifting the heels off the floor).

The final stretching is a set of exercises for relaxation, elasticity and recovery of muscles after strength loading and improving joint mobility.

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It is aimed at lowering the pulse and calming the body. Duration 10 – 15 minutes.

How to complete the workout:

Stretch up, then bend on straight legs and press your head to your knees, hug your legs with your hands. Hold for 1 – 2 min. Relax.

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From the position of "standing" with legs wide apart, bend forward, put one hand on the floor. To lean on Raise the second hand up, perpendicular to the floor. Turn the head in the direction of the hand pointing upwards. Hold for a few minutes and straighten up.

Lie on the stomach. Raise your upper body and lean on straight arms. Bend your back, look at the ceiling. Stretch the press for 2 – 3 min.

Stand up, legs spread wide. Socks diluted to the side. Sit down deeply, spreading your knees apart. Put your elbows on your knees. Expand the torso in one, then in the other hand, leaning his hand on his knee.

Get on your knees, spread your legs, lower your pelvis on your calves. Put your upper body on the floor with your arms out in front of you. Relax for a few minutes with your eyes closed. This is a great exercise for relaxation.

A special feature of a slimming workout is the active study (by several sets of different exercises) of a problem part of the body, while exercises for other zones are omitted.

If regular morning workouts with dumbbells (three times a week) add a morning jog in the park (during the days off from classes) and correct the diet (reduce daily calories by 25%), then an accelerated metabolism will lead to an inevitable loss of extra pounds. Thus, it will be comfortable to lose 5 – 7 kg per month.

A prerequisite for this period is the use of pure non-carbonated water (at least 2 liters per day, not counting tea and coffee), since water will help the excretory system to cope with the decay products of fats. Not superfluous will be taking complex vitamin preparations.

The complex for a beautiful posture. The complex of exercises with dumbbells for giving a beautiful posture to girls has its differences from the usual strength training, since it is aimed at working out the torso, strengthening the dorsal muscles, abdominals, and working out a smooth posture. Basic exercises are performed with dumbbells, weighing no more than 2-3 kg, 20-30 times in 2 approaches.

Training examples:

From the “standing” position with the dumbbells in your hands, sit down a bit, moving the pelvis back. Legs apart. Strain press, hands down. Slowly tighten the dumbbells to the ribs. Straighten your arms.

The Best Dumbbell Exercises

Stand on one knee, slightly leaning forward. Hands with a load to lower and turn the palms back. Back straighten. Gently pull the dumbbells to your chest, spreading your elbows. Straighten your arms. After 20 repetitions, change the leg and do the same.

Get up on all fours. Dumbbell put in front of you. Slowly raise your right hand, take a dumbbell and straighten it, rushing forward. At the same time lift and pull back the left leg. Balance the position and hold on for 5 seconds. Repeat, changing legs and arms. Just do 10 times. This exercise corrects posture.

Training program According to the majority of fitness instructors, with a power load on the whole body, it is necessary to work out all zones qualitatively (which means 8 to 10 exercises for each part of the body, 3 to 4 approaches). To do this, it is recommended to distribute all the exercises on days pharma tren of the week.

Example (embodiments of the exercises described above):

Monday Training of legs and press + 50 squats Tuesday Jogging for 5 km Wednesday Exercises on the press and back + bridge (5 times) Thursday Jumping rope for 15 min. such a system of training in muscle fibers will be time to recover and addictive to constant loads. Even if after the first workouts, after a day, muscle soreness appears (which is a consequence of the accumulation of lactic acid and normal), you should not stop exercising.

After a few workouts, there will be no trace of pain (this will mean that the body has started to get used). It remains only to move forward towards your goal – a sporty fit figure.

Contraindications It is not allowed to perform strength training (without a doctor's permit) for women who have:

there is a spinal injury of any nature;

spinal curvature revealed to a large extent;

joints or ligaments that restrict movement were injured;

25 Dumbbell Exercises You've Never Seen Before

there was a fracture of the limbs, which is in the process of treatment;

arthritis (inflammation of the joints) and arthrosis (degenerative changes in the joint) were diagnosed;

varicose veins and poor blood supply to the limbs develop;

pregnancy has occurred (in this case, training is possible with limitations);

There is a chronic heart disease (defect, insufficiency) in the acute stage.

Exercises with dumbbells have a large variation in performance and are suitable for women of all ages. In combination with proper nutrition, they allow you to achieve beautiful and feminine forms, regardless of where they will be training (in the gym or at home).

Article design: Anna Vinnitskaya

Video about exercises with dumbbells. Complex of exercises for girls:


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