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Exercises with dumbbells at home | D-fans

Performing dumbbell complexes in the gym and at home contributes to the stanoprime harmonious development of the body. At the same time, exercises for men are qualitatively different from women’s, pursuing the main goal – effective building up of muscle mass. To achieve certain success in class, use the following rules:

GROW YOUR SHOULDERS Using Only Dumbbells: 5 Exercises

In bodybuilding, the principle of gradual increase of the load is always applied, which allows you to consistently increase strength and add muscle mass.

To breathe properly, exhaling in the phase of effort, and breathing in the phase of relaxation.

Exercise regularly 2-3 times a week. Frequent training should not be carried out, because the body does not have time to recover.

To adjust the diet, making a bet on the use of natural products, and not abusing sports supplements.

Before starting classes, in order to eliminate injuries, it is imperative to study the main methods of self-control under stress, as well as methods of measuring pulse and pressure, their influence on the state of the body and the course of the exercise program.

Dumbbell Training Program

Before you start using dumbbells you need to clearly define the purpose of training, and what should be the desired result. The training program depends on it, which can be aimed at losing weight or increasing muscle mass, in which special priority is given to complexes for working out individual muscle groups – arms, back or legs. The complex can be constructed in such a way as to increase the volume in a short period of time, give relief, or just be in good shape.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise: Video Exercise Guide & Tips

Regardless of the purpose of training, you need to pay attention to the following features:

Before any training, it is necessary to conduct a high-quality warm-up, which is given at least 15 minutes.

When performing sets of exercises, especially without a trainer or a partner, it is important to ensure safety by observing the correct execution technique.

It is necessary to begin occupations with the minimum weight which can be increased after first two weeks of occupations.

Dumbbell Exercises For A Full Body Burn

Weight gain is done gradually, in increments of 0.5 kg. The frequency of increase in load depends on the physical form of the person.

Between workouts take a break of 1-2 days so that the body has time to fully recover. Power complexes are preferably alternated with running or similar aerobic exercise.

After a workout, a hitch is held, at which the loaded muscles stretch and relax well.

During regular workouts you need to adhere to the proper diet. The composition of the diet and the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats depends entirely on the objectives of the classes.

Be bent smoothly

In the presence of certain diseases, such as hypertension, chronic asthma, back problems or ASD, with the cardiovascular system, it is contraindicated to start strength exercises without consulting a doctor.

Exercises with dumbbells for biceps

The purpose of the biceps, or biceps muscles of the shoulder is to bend the forearm at the elbow. Biceps do not like excessive weights, for its effective training is enough 3-4 sets of 7-8 repetitions 2-3 times a week. The most effective exercises are as follows:

Dumbbell Alternate Bicep Curl | Exercise Videos & Guides | Bodybuilding.com

1. Bending of the arms in the elbow while standing. To do this, in a standing position with legs slightly bent at the knees and elbows pressed to the body, dumbbells are lifted to the shoulders, while the shoulder part should remain stationary and movements should be smooth. Lifting can be done with supination – turning the hands with palms up. At the top point, the movement is fixed for a second, and returned to its original position.

2. Bending of the arms in the elbow while sitting. For exercise, use a narrow chair or bench, well, if they have a vertical back. The exercise differs from the previous one in that it is performed more correctly, since it is much more difficult to help the dumbbell to be lifted with the movement of the body or the back muscles. Movement is carried out similarly to standing flexion, you can repeat both with both hands together and alternately.

3. Concentrated flexion of the forearm while sitting. Both biceps and brachialis and brachialis are involved in the exercise. To do this, sit on a bench, take a dumbbell in your hand, spread your legs, and lean forward slightly. With your free hand, lean on the thigh, and with your busy hand on the inside of the thigh, while the shoulder should be in an upright position, the arm should be straight, and the projectile should not touch the floor. The arm should be bent smoothly, locking for a second in the up position.

4. Hammer (Hummer). It is performed in a standing position, with the legs slightly wider than the shoulders, slightly bent at the knees. Palms with dumbbells turn to the body and maintain this position when doing the exercise. Arms bend smoothly only with the help of biceps, moving only forearms. The pause at the lower and upper point is not done.

Dumbbell exercises for the pectoral muscles

Gym has 'human dumbbells' to help customers exercise

Muscles of the chest with the help of dumbbells alone are difficult to put into ideal shape, but if there are no goals for an athlete to reach the heights of bodybuilding, the following basic exercises will suffice:

1. Press lying. To do this, you need a horizontal bench, on which, in the supine position, the arms are pulled upwards with the palms imitating the retention of the bar. Movement is carried out smoothly, spreading the elbows in different directions, with the vertical position of the forearm. Lower the dumbbells as low as possible and smoothly return to their original position.

2. Laying down. In addition to the chest muscles, the biceps and the deltoid muscle are involved. In the supine position on the bench arms with dumbbells squeezed up and fixed parallel to each other. When inhaling, bending a little in the elbows, they are bred to the sides until they feel the maximum stretching of the pectoral muscles (the main thing is not to overdo it!), And return to the starting position.

Dumbbell exercises for the back

To train your back muscles at home, use the following exercises:

1. Schrags (exercise for the development of the upper trapezius muscle). Standing with the position of the legs at shoulder level take dumbbells The right workout for weight loss. With the stomach pulled in, the shoulders unrolled and trying to press the chin to the chest, the dumbbells rise, trying to connect the shoulders on the back of the head, slightly pulling them up and back. Approaches are performed in a number of 15-20 repetitions, moving from large weights to smaller ones.

Tricep Exercises: One Arm Dumbbell Tricep Extensions | inMotion Life

2. Traction in the slope. He trains the latissimusci and engages the biceps. Performed in the back bend, almost parallel to the floor, while the back should be flat, and the legs slightly bent at the knees. Dumbbells pull over themselves to the middle of the abdomen. During the exercise, the elbows try to keep looking up, not sideways.

Dumbbell exercises for the press

The additional pressure on the press will make the exercises more effective by speeding up obtaining the desired result. They are based on classic complexes, but with the use of burdening:

Out, because the

1. For the top press. In the supine position, with bent knees and dumbbells in arms, crossed on the chest, tear off the shoulders from the floor, leaving the lower back in a stationary position.

2. For oblique and lateral muscles. In the supine position, the left leg falls back on the bent right. The left hand is fixed perpendicular to the body, and the right hand with a dumbbell is bent, after which the right elbow is trying to reach the left thigh. After completing the approach, the position is reversed.

3. For the lower press. Sitting on a chair in the initial position, the feet are fixed, hands with dumbbells are crossed on the chest. The exercise is performed by lowering the body parallel to the floor, and slowly returning to its original position.

A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

For the study of the main muscle groups are compiled exercises that are performed regularly for a certain period of time in compliance with certain rules. The following complex can be performed 2-4 times a week (the classic version is Monday, Wednesday and Friday), and includes the following exercises:

Kettlebell/Dumbbell Floor Press Exercise |One arm & alternating Press

1. Training of arms and chest:

Trisset: dilution of arms with dumbbells in the prone position, bench press in the prone position, push-ups from the floor with legs on a hill;

Giant set: French bench press, narrow grip bench press, arm flexion with the help of the hammer exercise;

Superset: French bench press buy geneza pharmaceuticals with credit card, arm flex with dumbbells sitting.

Dumbbell Only Leg Workout: 5 Exercises To Grow Bigger Legs | Wolvesfitness

2. Leg training:

Tricset: bench press socks (lunges), squats with legs shoulder-width apart, squats with wide legs;

Trisset: press heels (alternate lunges), bending of legs with dumbbells, deadlift with straight legs;

Tricset: Rises on the toes (looking forward), rises on the toes (turned outwards), rises on the toes alternately on each leg.

3. Training of shoulders, abs and back:

Trisset: direct grip in the slope, pull in the reverse grip in the slope, alternate thrust dumbbells with one hand in the slope;

Trisset: Lifting through the sides in the slope, press in a sitting position, lifting to the side;

Trisset: lifting the legs while sitting, lying down and cycling.

When performing exercises, adjust the load so that it is possible to perform 6-8 repetitions. Between the sets, a break of 1-2 minutes is done. Inside the set, the exercises are performed sequentially without a break.


bench press, bent knees, supine position, legs slightly, muscle mass

How to swing dumbbells. Exercises with dumbbells at home



How to swing dumbbells. Exercises with dumbbells at home. Training system "Sport Class"


We recommend buying for training only collapsible dumbbells with the ability to change their weight, since training with dumbbells is based on the principle of progressive overload. This is a type of training, when the training weight of the projectile is constantly increasing. This is done gradually with a slight increase in weight. Without an increase in training weight dumbbells count on good and fast results does not make sense. As the main rule of the program of training with dumbbells at home, as we have said, is the principle of over load.

There are more than a hundred different exercises in bodybuilding, fitness and aerobics training programs, but of this variety, twenty exercises are enough for a beginner. The effectiveness of the initial course of twenty exercises is more than enough to strengthen the muscle mass and prepare the body for more serious loads. By training about two or three days a week and spending about an hour of time on it, you can easily tighten your muscles, make your body attractive and beautiful, improve your health, strengthen your musculoskeletal system and joints. This effect can be achieved if you buy only a couple of dumbbells and find time for training.

Training program with dumbbells at home

Explosive Dumbbell Exercises for Faster Running – Takbo.ph

One of the main principles in training with dumbbells is their intensity. The technique of training with dumbbells differs from other workouts in two points: intensity and regularity. When doing strength exercises with dumbbells, try to train very intensively, since the higher the pace of training, the faster and better the result. This principle can be called the main! Also, do not forget to increase the weight of the dumbbells that you do.

Chest Exercise – Decline 1 Arm Dumbbell Bench Press

The second principle is regularity. It is as important as the intensity. To achieve obvious results, exercises with dumbbells should be done regularly. The minimum rate for which you can see a clear result that suits you, is designed for a period of about three months. If you dumbbell not to swing regularly, with long pauses and intervals, it is better not to take up the dumbbells at all, so as not to spoil your mood with unrealized hopes.

The third basic principle of all professional athletes is that it is impossible to achieve results by training alone. For successful sports you must follow a specific diet or nutrition program. It should not always be high-calorie food. If you want to lose weight, food should be moderate. If you need to gain muscle mass, then your diet should consist of high-calorie foods rich in carbohydrates and fats. Thus Anabolic Steroids For Sale, you must eat so that your food is fully consistent with your desires.

Lat Pulldown and Bent Over Dumbbell Row, Two Exercises to Develop and Strengthen Your Upper-Back – Personal Trainer Raleigh NC

Remember that your success depends equally on the right sports nutrition and proper training with dumbbells. This is one. If you eat right and lie on the couch, then you will not overwhelm. Similarly, if you dumbbell correctly, but you don’t eat properly, you will not achieve the desired result either.

Dumbbell strength exercises

Also andriol testocaps for sale, do not forget about one more principle of a successful person who always achieves his goals. You should always have a high and positive mood. If in the process of strength exercises with dumbbells you begin to think or suspect that you cannot achieve the desired result, then you will lose motivation and will definitely achieve your goal. Always keep in mind the following, that no workout will not be wasted, but gives only benefits to your health. You will have a athletic body and beautiful posture. You will always be in good shape. You will have a disciplined nature. Due to constant training, the immune system will improve, you will be less likely to get sick with the most common cold, etc. Good mood has an effect, but the opposite happens: exercise also improves mood. This positive list goes on and on! You already understand that sports exercises with dumbbells will bring you only benefits.

3 Best Chest Exercises: Flat, Declined, Inclined Dumbbell Presses

Do not dwell on the difficulties that can wait for you ahead, just exercise for yourself and for your health. Believe me, you are not the only one who takes the first step in the sport, all successful bodybuilders were ordinary people at first, and then gradually achieved success. You too can achieve! The main thing is not to lose a positive attitude and train correctly, then you will definitely achieve your goal.

Finally, I will share my personal experience and principles that I myself adhere to. Here are two simple tips. Never look too much at yourself in the mirrors after training. This has the opposite effect! If you often look at yourself, your eyes will not notice the changes that occur in your body and will not see the success you achieve, which can lead to sports depression. Do not look and do not admire the athletes who have already achieved strong muscle mass, and achieved the goal that you are trying to achieve. Do not follow the example of professional athletes. Most likely your results will be more modest. If you look at them, then your own achievements may seem insignificant to you, because of which your mood may fall, your desire to train will disappear and depression will arise. But we will not finish Exercises for slimming the abdomen, sides and waist this description on minor notes.

13 Best Dumbbell Exercises For Strong, Chiseled Arms

You need to strive for perfection, perfection can be achieved!

The 4-Week Dumbbell Workout Plan Part 4: Shoulders | Fitness Workouts & Exercises

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