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Geneza Pharmaceuticals is a special preparation that causes an increase in anabolic processes in the body. As a result, renewal and formation of muscle structures occurs much faster. After taking them, the appetite increases, regenerative processes accelerate and body weight increases.

Cyclic use of anabolic steroids by Geneza Pharmaceuticals leads to an increase in muscle mass and decrease body fat. In addition, increases performance and overall endurance.

It’s just, so to speak, visual effects. In addition, the General condition of the whole organism improves during the cycle of taking such drugs.

Such substances are usually used in medicine during recovery from severe illness, although anabolic steroids are often used as doping in various sports, and this almost always leads to side effects. Let’s take a closer look.

Anabolic Steroids by Geneza Pharmaceuticals

So, anabolic steroids from Geneza Pharmaceuticals are special drugs that imitate the action of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (these are male sex hormones).

Anabolic steroids cause muscle hypertrophy-this is also called anabolism. That is why they are so widely used in bodybuilding.

Conventionally, the action of anabolic steroids is divided into 2 directions:

  • anabolic activity,
  • androgenic activity.

The word ” anabolic “can be translated as promoting growth, and” androgenic ” – as to do courageous.

But don’t think taking anabolic steroids is a harmless thing. For women, this is fraught with consequences such as:

  • masculinization, that is, the process of accumulation of secondary male sexual characteristics in women,
  • appearance on the face and body of hair and hair loss on the head,
  • the roughness of the voice and increased muscle mass,
  • menstrual irregularity,
  • increased libido,
  • clitoral enlargement,
  • virilization, that is, the manifestation of masculine traits in women.

In men, the consequences can be as follows:

Prostate hypertrophy is usually an age-related disease, but in bodybuilding it is also common in young athletes, usually under the influence of anabolic steroids with high androgenic activity. In order to avoid this effect, you need to choose drugs with a high anabolic index.
Testicular atrophy is a disease in which the testicles decrease in size and reduce, or even completely stop their functions.
Hair loss on the head and activation of their growth on the face and body.

This list could go on, but we’ll talk about how to avoid such effects. You need to know that almost all the side effects listed and not listed are reversible. But it is only in the case of the use of anabolic steroids.

The Abuse of Anabolic Steroids by Geneza Pharmaceuticals

Do not confuse words with use and abuse. So, when using all of the above, nothing can happen, and when abuse, including long courses, the effect is irreversible. Modern drugs Geneza Pharmaceuticals almost not cause any side effects if You use them according to instructions.

It should also be known that, despite the abundance of various side effects, information about them is mostly greatly exaggerated.

But in fact, even the most striking doses of anabolic steroids do not always lead to irreversible consequences. Yes and as I already spoke, need to see difference between words use and abuse of.

Statistics show that in 95% of cases there are no complications at all, in 3-4% more side effects are reversible, and only one or two of the hundred cases there is a serious risk of getting the described side effect.

But as already mentioned, it refers to the abuse, that is, long-term ingestion or high doses.

Usually we are only the negative side of taking anabolic steroids, so we had such an impression about the danger of their use.

So, we conclude: in order to avoid the negative consequences of taking anabolic steroids from Geneza Pharmaceuticals:

  • do not exceed the recommended dose,
  • you can not use a combination of several drugs in the event that it is not provided by the cycle of admission,
  • you cannot exceed the duration of the cycle,
  • you can not use anabolic steroids up to 21 years,
  • after the cycle of treatment, be sure to take PCT, that is, it is post cycle therapy that will reduce
  • the risk of the above side effects.

As for women, they are generally not recommended to take anabolic steroids or, in extreme cases, need to choose drugs with a high anabolic index.

These simple recommendations will reduce the risk of side effects to 1%.

Of course, it is necessary to combine the use of anabolic steroids Geneza Pharmaceuticals with strength training, with normal diet with high calories, and of course, with sports nutrition.

In sports nutrition in this case includes protein, and in large doses, which is needed for building proteins, vitamin-mineral complexes and supplements the PCT (Post Cycle Therapy).