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Simple exercises with dumbbells



Simple exercises with dumbbells

Exercises with dumbbells – this is an excellent home trainer, which, in principle, is accessible to everyone, easily transported and helps to keep the whole body in shape.

Exercises with dumbbells – this is an excellent home trainer, which, in principle, is accessible to everyone, easily transported and helps to keep the whole body in shape. Dumbbells are excellent helpers in maintaining the health and well-being of your body, and are also an excellent tool to give beautiful relief to your body.


With the help of dumbbells you can lose weight, as well as correct some of the shortcomings of your figure, which is especially necessary for a body that is undergoing age changes.


For effective exercises at home, it will be necessary to purchase dumbbells to gain weight over time. It is not recommended to buy dumbbells for 1 and 2 kg, which do not have the possibility of expansion, as often in such dumbbells the weight does not correspond to the declared one, and even for the achievement of the maximum effect such a weight will not be enough.

BEAST Upper Back Dumbbell Workout For MASS (3 EXERCISES!!)



health and beauty

Dumbbells not only help to improve the tone of the whole body, but also improve the mobility of the joints, as well as affect the endurance of the whole body. It will be enough 2 hours a week of training with dumbbells to achieve a noticeable result.


Being engaged at least half an hour a day, you can get rid of 200 extra calories, set up a normal metabolism and improve the digestive process, which directly affects a good mood and healthy mind.


For people who have back problems, dumbbell exercises can be a great way to help you forget about back pain forever, and dumbbell exercises are also an excellent preventive measure against spinal cancer. Exercises with dumbbells are an excellent sports simulator for women of middle and mature age, helping to prevent osteoporosis and bone density.


Exercise 4: rowing with dumbbell

For women who are dissatisfied with the shape of their breasts, home exercises with dumbbells can be a great way to improve it. Often, women who breastfeed a child, especially for a long time, suffer from the fact that the breast does not return to its former form, because dimethylnandrolone during pregnancy it increases in volume, so the pectoral muscles and skin of the breast are stretched.


Over time, the mammary gland acquires the same size, but muscles and skin do not, which leads to sagging of the breast. Exercises with dumbbells are a great way to strengthen the pectoral muscles and return the breasts to their former elasticity without resorting to various plastic surgeries.


By the way, such exercises not only have a beneficial effect on the arms and chest, but also perfectly work out the abdominal muscles, back muscles and even the leg muscles.


For pectoral muscles

3 Dumbbell Chest Exercises to Impress the Rest

Before starting any set of exercises with dumbbells, it is necessary to do a little warm-up, which will warm up and prepare the muscles for the necessary loads.


Usually, the warm-up proceeds for 10 minutes, it includes warming up the muscles of the neck of the head, you can make several tilts in different directions, stretch the muscles, and also make legs and arms swing. An excellent warm-up will be running for 10-15 minutes, or a small dance band, for example, zumba.


An excellent exercise that effectively influences the development and strengthening of the pectoral muscles is the following. Lie on your back on the sports bench, a similar design can be made of two or three stools, put together.



The legs are bent at the knees, and the arms, slightly bent at the elbows, are moved away from the chest behind the head. For a start it will be enough dumbbells B1 kg, gradually increasing weight. It is necessary to do 3 repetitions 20 times.


The following exercise is aimed not only at the development of the chest muscles, but also at the work of the back muscles. Stand up straight, knees slightly bent, legs shoulder-width apart. Hands stretched forward horizontally to the floor, palms up. It is necessary to bend arms in elbows, tightening palms to shoulders. The exercise is performed in 3 repetitions 10 times.


The following exercise is performed with one dumbbell weighing at least 4 kg. Stand up straight, knees slightly bent, legs shoulder-width apart. Both hands, which hold the dumbbell, are pulled forward, parallel to the floor, then are attracted to the chest, extending the elbows to the sides. The exercise is repeated 8 times in two approaches.



The following exercise is also performed from a standing position. Feet slightly bent, in the hands of dumbbells no less than 2 kg. Hands should carry out "scissors", spread from a shoulder, crossing hands on breast levels. During the exercise, it is important to ensure that the hands do not fall below the chest. Performed 3 sets of 20 times.


For back and arms

The exercise presented very well strengthens the back muscles, as well as the oblique abdominal muscles. Starting position – the back is flat, legs shoulder-width apart, slightly bent. Arms are extended along the body, in each hand are dumbbells at 2 kg minimum. Bending is performed first in one direction – one arm is lowered as low as possible along the body, and the other with dumbbells is held on the belt, and then in the other. Enough 3 sets of 15 times on each side.


Bent Over Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise With Head On Bench | Exercise Videos & Guides | Bodybuilding.com

The following exercise perfectly develops biceps, which gives a beautiful relief for the arms. Starting position – again standing, arms extended along the body, elbows pressed to the body. Carry out lifting hands with dumbbells, bending them Buy Alpha Pharma in the elbows. Make sure your elbows are not torn off from the body, this is an important point. The weight of the dumbbells should not be less than 1.5 kg, 3 approaches are carried out 30 times.



In the next exercise, the initial position is the same, only the arms Functional training. Programs for beginners and for weight loss. rise up above the head in the shoulders, after which they gently bend at the elbows and drop to the level of the nape. During the exercise, it is necessary to fix the elbows so that they remain motionless, the arms in the elbows are bent. Exercise perfectly develops the shoulder and spinal muscles, 3 sets of 20 times.


Exercises with dumbbells, which can be performed for weight loss, are mainly associated with bending, as well as with squats, but all the above exercises for the arms and chest also contribute to weight loss. It is necessary to develop a set of exercises that will be convenient for you, and also in which all the muscles of the body will be maximally involved.

Dumbbell Shoulder Press Exercise – How to Do Dumbbell Shoulder Press


Squats and lunges

With dumbbells, it is great to perform squats, holding dumbbells in arms extended along the body, it is necessary to ensure that the dumbbells are parallel to each other, and also that the back remains in a level position. Dumbbells should be weighing at least 2 kg each; 3 approaches are performed, 30 squats each.


You can do the usual attacks to the left and right, only with each lunge you need to keep your hands parallel to the floor, not dropping below the shoulders, or parallel to the attacks, bend the arms at the elbows with dumbbells. Do not forget to keep track of your elbows in such an exercise, they must remain fixed.



Exercises with dumbbells for women are a great way to put your body in order, but in order to achieve good results. Do not forget that the weight of sports equipment should be gradually increased.


slightly bent, pectoral muscles, whole body, arms elbows, back muscles, dumbbells great

Exercises with dumbbells Sport and Health


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Exercises with dumbbells | Sports and health

Training with free weights (barbell, dumbbells, weights) perfectly develop muscle strength and their volume, and bodybuilding often makes the bias exactly on the barbell, and the dumbbells play a supporting role as a revision after heavy movements with the barbell. However, such a scheme does not always turn out to be correct, because dumbbells also act in a special way, since each hand holds the weight on its own, which creates a strong emphasis on working out on each side's trained muscles and teaches to concentrate as much as possible during the exercise, thanks to which it is not only better stimulated muscle growth, but also maintains an accurate and safe technique of movement. Next, we look at several effective exercises with dumbbells that can be done in the gym or at home and achieve excellent results.

Dumbbell bench lying on a horizontal or inclined bench. Exercise promotes good stretching of the pectoral muscles at the lower point of the repetition amplitude and their complete contraction at the top. This combination has a great effect on the development of muscles. The main condition for progress here is to choose the right weight. Dumbbells should be hard enough for truly strength training to ensure muscle response (increasing their strength and mass), but you need to follow high-quality equipment and do 8-10 repetitions, since this range of repetitions works well in bodybuilding, develops strength and muscle volume. It is best of all if a partner insures you in the dumbbell press, which, if necessary, will help you safely complete the set. The option of a dumbbell bench press on an inclined bench head upwards perfectly develops the upper part of the pectoral, as a rule, the most difficult Orbitrek for weight loss How to lose weight doing on the orbitrek for development in this muscle group. A dumbbell bench press downward displaces the load on the bottom. By the way, when scientists decided to find out which exercise most effectively affects the entire region of the pectoral muscles, they used an electromyograph, which showed that the most elaboration of the pectoral muscles causes the dumbbell bench press on an inclined bench head down. Perhaps the whole thing in a special amplitude of this option, because when doing exercises in this way you really feel the maximum inclusion of the pectoral muscles.

Pullover with a dumbbell. A classic exercise that was especially popular among professional athletes of the 1970s and 80s. Many outstanding champions, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, regularly performed pullovers during their competitive career. The movement actively affects the expansion of the chest and helps build powerful pectoral muscles. In addition, the broadest muscles are working intensively, so the question often arises, when exactly do a pullover, when training your chest or back? It is better to do it all the same in the chest complex, and at the very end, because the pullover stretches the chest well, which will be just the way after the previous heavy presses. A more powerful stimulation of muscle growth and their strength is created, conditions for a better recovery are provided (stretching the muscles at the end of the workout contributes to their recovery). The pullover variant across the bench is especially effective (as opposed to the standard body position along the bench), because stretching of the chest and broadest, and the amplitude of repetitions as a whole, is more qualitative due to the lower position of the pelvis relative to the torso at the time of lowering the dumbbell. Thus, when lifting the dumbbell, the muscles are worked out better. Starting position: lying across the bench, located at shoulder level and upper back area. The dumbbell is held in front of him in slightly bent arms. While inhaling, the arms are slowly pulled back. At the lowest point of the amplitude, do not touch the floor with the dumbbell, leaving it above it. On the exhale, the hands return to their original position. It is important to concentrate on the work of the pectoral muscles, feeling their stretching and contraction.

Thrust dumbbells to the belt in the slope. One-sided training plays a special role in building strength and mass, since the muscles of each side are worked out in turn with a fairly heavy weight. The greatest benefit from this type of stress is in training large muscle groups, in particular, the back. Dumbbell dumbbell with one hand creates a strong focus on the right or left side of the back muscles anabolic steroids store, engaging the lower, middle and upper regions. To improve the result, it is necessary to focus as much as possible, feeling the muscles being trained throughout the amplitude of the repetition. Well, it is not difficult to do this, because only one side is loaded. In addition to the main group, the back bunch of the deltoid also participates here, thanks to which the shoulders (deltas) look volumetric when viewed from the side. You can do dumbbells with one foot and hand on the bench (knee and shin on the bench, foot hangs down) or you can hold the dumbbell rack (or something like that) and stand with two legs on the ground. In the version without the foot resting on the bench, the body is fixed stronger, which allows to overcome the heavier weight and maintain stability. At the highest point of the amplitude, the dumbbell rises almost to the level of the belt, and it is necessary not only to pull the arm with the dumbbell up, but to pull the weight with the effort of the back muscles, the arm only performs the function of grabbing the dumbbell. Returning to the starting position takes place in slow motion before straightening the arm and feeling stretching in the back muscles. Then immediately begins a new repetition. Lifting dumbbells on the exhale, lowering on the inhale.

Dumbbell bench sitting. The shoulders effectively develop both with the help of a barbell and dumbbells, but the dumbbell version has several advantages. For example, in the usual press mode, when the palms “look” forward all the time, the dumbbells are held exactly in the middle of the body line without excessive displacement of the hands forward or back, due to which the deltoids, especially the front and middle beams, are worked in the most comfortable position without overloading the shoulder joints . The barbell allows you to do a bench press either from the chest or from behind the head; the arms are moved forward or backward. In both cases, especially in the variant due to the head, the shoulder joints can be overloaded due to full amplitude or too much weight. An important point of dumbbells is also that the muscles of each side work very actively and coordination between them improves, as the hands hold the weight independently of each other. The power of the triceps and the shape of the deltoid are well developed. Best of all, when in this exercise, a partner watches the process, which on occasion helps to safely complete the set. For the dumbbell bench press it is necessary to use a bench with an inclined back at an angle of 80-90 degrees. Keep your back straight to remove the negative load from the spine. The optimal number of repetitions is 8-12. Lifting dumbbells on the exhale, lowering the dumbbells while inhaling.

Exercise of the Day: Dumbbell Side Lunge and Touch

Breeding dumbbells to the side. Another great exercise for the development of the deltoid muscles. Dilution of dumbbells to the side while standing (or sitting) improves shoulder width, directing the emphasis of the load precisely to the middle deltoid tufts, which are responsible for the visual span of the shoulder girdle. In the starting position, the dumbbells should be held in front of you in slightly bent arms, legs shoulder-width apart, back straight. Having inhaled beforehand, on the exhale, arms with dumbbells are divorced to the sides. The most important thing here is to raise your hands with the energetic effort of the deltoid, concentrating on their work. The upper point of the amplitude is at a level just above the shoulders. In the initial position, the palms are parallel to each other, but in the direction of movement the hands unfold and at the top of the palm “look” down. As soon as the dumbbells are in this position, the hands in slow motion come back, breath is taken. After which begins a new repetition, just as you exhale. Breeding can be done standing or sitting on a bench. The sedentary option is more difficult to perform, since the jerky body help due to the legs (cheating) is greatly reduced and you have to lift the dumbbells almost only with the strength of your shoulders. There is also a method aimed at the development of the posterior deltoid beams, and this type of exercise acts quite effectively. Dumbbells are bred standing in the slope or sitting in the slope on the bench. The principle of lifting is the same as in conventional dilutions, the weight is lifted by the force of the shoulders. It is important to feel the work of the deltoid. Often, as a rule, a burning sensation may occur in the completion of the set, which is a kind of indicator of an accurate and effective load. The weight of the dumbbells should be chosen such that 10-12 repetitions are technically correct without strong body swings and arm throws up instead of evenly lifting them, otherwise the useful training effect will reach the shoulders in a minimum amount, and most of it will be lost between the various groups of muscles of the upper body.

Alternate lifting dumbbells for biceps. The uniqueness of training with dumbbells is especially well felt here. Each arm lifts the weight separately, which allows you to better feel the work of the biceps, maintaining a strong neuromuscular connection (brain-muscle connection), which can increase the effectiveness of training. At the end of the set, thanks to the active neuromuscular communication, it is possible to overcome another 1-3 repetitions with willpower with a powerful contraction of muscles. Such an ending set perfectly stimulates muscle growth and strength. In addition, in the dumbbell lifts, you can additionally unfold the brush as the little finger approaches to itself at the highest point of amplitude, which will increase the contraction of the biceps and its development even more. In the initial position, the dumbbells are held in straight arms, the elbows are as close as possible to the body, the back is straight. Before inhaling, as you exhale, bend your right arm, raising the dumbbell to shoulder level, then, while inhaling, lower the dumbbell to the starting position, the elbow remains stationary for the whole amplitude of the repetition. As soon as the right hand returned to the starting position, the left hand begins to move upward also on the exhale and with the same trajectory until it makes its repetition, then the right hand works again and so on. All you need to do 10-12 reps for each hand. Biceps – small muscles and it makes no sense to load them with heavy weights with a small number of repetitions. It is better to focus on quality and proper technique, trying to work out the biceps only without overly connecting other muscles. Although at the anabolics for sale end of the set, sometimes you can use the principle of cheating (helping the body jerk) to perform the remaining repetitions or even do a little more for more powerful training. Lifting dumbbells can be done standing or sitting on an inclined bench. There is also the option of accented study of the brachialis muscle, located under the biceps. The brachialis developed pushes the biceps out, making it visually larger. Therefore, with insufficient natural biceps volume, it makes sense to pump up brachialis. This will help lift dumbbells in the style of "Hammer". The execution pattern is the same as in ordinary alternate dumbbell liftings, except that the palms are always parallel to each other throughout the range of motion. Read more about the hammer here.

Lunges with dumbbells. One of the best exercises for the development of the muscles of the legs (quadriceps) and gluteal muscles. Lunges, even with its own weight, create a significant load on the quadriceps, and with additional burdening, movement becomes even more effective. The exercise can be used to “draw” quadriceps and improve their detail, as well as to increase leg strength. In the initial position, the hands hold the dumbbells on the sides, the back is straight. While inhaling, take a sufficiently wide step forward on the right or left leg and sink into the lunge so that the thigh of the leg on which you squat is parallel to the floor, and the knee of the second leg almost touches the floor. The back is still straight. From the lowest point of the amplitude on the exhale, return to the starting position with the force of the front leg, concentrating on the work of its quadriceps. Then make a new repetition on the same foot. All you need to do 10-12 or 15 repetitions on each side. In lunge, do not use a lot of weight, but rather choose a moderate load and perform repetitions evenly and carefully, focusing on training quadriceps. There is a variant of alternate attacks, in which steps are taken on each leg in turn during the whole set, with the steps you can do on the spot or go forward. However, a more intensive study of quadriceps is better carried out in a one-sided way (in the first set, squat, for example, on the right leg, in the second – on the left leg). By the way, it is not necessary to return from the squat to the full starting position while standing upright. It is enough to rise by the effort of the quadriceps, but remain in the position of the wide step, after which again to descend into the lunge also on the inhale and on the exhale to rise again by the effort of the quadriceps. After completing the specified number of repetitions and having rested for one and a half to two minutes (or feeling good), do lunges for the other leg. Exercise can be performed with a barbell, but it is more convenient to do it with dumbbells, because balance is better maintained, so you do not have to be distracted by keeping the weight, but concentrate fully on the training.

Shrugs with dumbbells. Exercise is aimed at the development of trapezius muscles. In addition to dumbbells, a barbell is also used to perform a shrag; it is held either in front of or behind the back. In the embodiment, when the bar is in the back, the emphasis of the load is significantly shifted to the upper back, the detailing of this area is improved. The uniqueness of the dumbbells is that they allow you to evenly direct the load in the trapezius muscles throughout their location, developing the height of the trapezium and their thickness. Well-developed trapezoid, in turn, create a powerful view for the entire shoulder girdle. In the initial position, the dumbbells are held in straight arms on the sides, the back is straight. Inhaling beforehand, as you exhale, you must energetically raise your shoulders as high as possible to noticeable tension in the trapezius muscles. The arms firmly hold the dumbbells and remain straight. For a moment, lingering at the highest point of the amplitude, while inhaling, slowly lower the shoulders, as if stretching the trapezoid, and then again with a force raise them as high as possible. A total of 10-12 or even 15 repetitions. Schrags are a very volitional exercise that requires mental attitude and perseverance. And although the weight here should be chosen large enough to conduct a truly strength training, the number of repetitions should be decent, since it is such a scheme that contributes to the effective development of trapezoid muscles. At the end of the set, you can use the so-called partial repetition to make the approach to the end and to work out the muscles to the maximum. It is very important to keep your back straight all the time. To fix the lower back, you can use the weightlifting belt. If the forearms have not yet gained enough strength, and the weight of the dumbbells is impressive, then it is better to use wrist straps to safely hold the dumbbells throughout the whole set. The amplitude of repetition should be strictly vertical without rotational movements of the shoulders, so as not to overload the shoulder joints. The arrangement of the dumbbells on the sides so it allows to work out the whole complex of trapezoid, developing their detail and height. It is better to do shrugs at the end of the shoulder workout, since they are an integral part of the shoulder girdle and the most logical would be to combine these muscle groups. Why does the trapezoid come after the deltoid, and not vice versa? The deltoids require increased concentration of attention and fresh strength in heavy presses, and then in dumbbell dilutions, they need several exercises. Trapezoidal is enough one type of power shrag, for example, with dumbbells, 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions. The movement qualitatively stimulates their development.

Standard body position along

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