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Dumbbell exercises for women in Kantakce


The dumbbells lying

The benefits of exercise with dumbbells

What is so good dumbbells? With them it is easier to vary the working weight than with a barbell. For an experienced athlete, anything that weighs less than ten kilograms is not a burden, but for a beginner every pound is important. Therefore, exercises with dumbbells are best suited for girls, especially for beginners.

The movements with dumbbells are more natural, therefore with the correct technique they are less traumatic than working with a barbell or in simulators. They provide a large amplitude, and with it, a full study of the muscles, mobility of the joints and ligament flexibility.

Another advantage of exercises with dumbbells is the inclusion of small muscles-stabilizers that hold the hand in a fixed position. Their strength is useful to you in sports and in everyday life – stabilizers support the joints and protect against injuries.


10 Dumbbell Exercises That Burn Fat

Dumbbell exercises for all muscle groups


Legs and buttocks The muscles of the legs and buttocks do not always require squatting with a multi-punch barbell. Do basic exercises with heavy dumbbells – they will also bring results. Dumbbells compensate even the lack of block simulators. Include the following exercises in your workouts, and in 3-4 months your legs will change:

Dumbbell exercises to start spring fit

Squats. The legs are slightly wider than the shoulders, the socks are apart, the back is straight, the hands are firmly holding the dumbbell. Get down, pushing the pelvis back and make sure that your knees do not go beyond the line of socks.

Lunges. Stand up straight, pick up the dumbbells. Take a broad step forward and sink into the lunge so that the angle in the knee of the front leg is straight and the knee of the back leg is 2-3 cm above the floor. Powerfully pushing off the heel in front of the leg, return to the starting position. Repeat the same with the other foot.

Romanian thrust. Take the dumbbells in your hands, put your legs on the width of the pelvis, straighten your back. Pull the pelvis back, trying to bend your knees as little as possible. The body at the same time leans forward, but the back remains straight.

Bending the legs with a dumbbell lying on your stomach is an alternative to exercise in the simulator. Lie on a bench or sofa so that its edge falls in the middle of the knee. Clamp the dumbbell between the feet and gently bend the legs. At the lowest point do not straighten them to the end, so as not to injure the ligaments.

Leg retraction with a dumbbell – an isolating exercise for the buttocks. Stand on all fours, squeeze the dumbbell between your lower leg and thigh and lift your leg up, feeling your gluteal muscles tense.


Bodybuilding Exercises : Bodybuilding: Standing Zottman Dumbbell Curls

Chest and backUniversal exercise for the pectoral muscles – pushups that are performed without equipment. But exercises with dumbbells will reinforce the effect, but for beginners who can not push-up, they are indispensable. The same applies to pull-ups – a popular exercise for the back, with which girls rarely cope.

Dumbbell bench press. Lie on a narrow horizontal bench (two stools, placed side by side, will fit). Starting position: the legs rest against Weight Loss Training Program Fat Burning Workout the floor, the back is slightly arched testo mix in the back, the arms with the dumbbells are fixed at the level of the middle of the chest, the elbows are “looking” down. Raise your hands at the top point without straightening them to the end. In the lower phase, feel how the pectoral muscles stretch.

Flattening dumbbells lying. The starting position is the same as in the previous exercise. Stretch your arms straight to the side until you feel a strong stretch and bring them together with a powerful movement.

Pullover is an exercise that works on both the pectoral muscles and the back. Lie across the bench so that its edge is at the level of the middle of the shoulder blades. While inhaling, lower straight arms with a dumbbell behind your head, while exhaling, raise it to the vertical.

Thrust dumbbells in the slope. Lean your hand and knee on a support (bench or sofa). With the other hand, take the dumbbell and pull it up to your belt, concentrating on the movement of the elbow. Keep your back straight.


Arms and shoulders The easiest way to pump the small muscle groups of the shoulder girdle is with dumbbells. Big weights are not needed here, but the technique must be monitored: women's joints are more mobile than men's and easily injured, especially the shoulders.

“Try our dumbbell back exercises which are best” is locked

Weights dumbbell sitting or standing. Lower your arms with dumbbells to shoulder level, and lifting, do not straighten your elbows to the end. Keep your back straight.

Breeding dumbbells standing. Stand up straight, pick up the dumbbells. Raise your arms through the sides to the level of the parallel with the floor, pausing at the highest point. Maintain an easy natural fold in the elbow.

Breeding dumbbells in the slope. Tilt the case to parallel with the floor or slightly higher. Raise your arms with dumbbells through the sides, moving smoothly and without jerks.

Lifting dumbbells in front of you. Perform it synchronously with both hands or alternately – this is a matter of convenience. Raise your hands to the level of the parallel with the floor, keep your back straight.

Bending arms with dumbbells. Like the previous exercise, it can be performed with both hands simultaneously or one at a time. Move slowly, without twitching and without jerking.

The extension of the arms from behind the head. This movement, again, can be either “two-handed” or separate. Raise your arms with the clamped dumbbell and lower it behind your head, feeling the stretch of your triceps. Elbows throughout the movement should be fixed.

Making up a set of exercises with dumbbells for women, it is important not to forget a single muscle group. Exercising 3-4 times a week, you can take a separate day for each muscle group or work out the entire body in one session. Watch your body and sensations – over time you will understand which technique is right for you.


A set of exercises with dumbbells for women. The training program is designed for novice girls and is designed for 3 classes per week. Before training, be sure to warm up – do joint exercises or low-intensity cardio. After training, do stretching.

10 Exercises You Can Do with 10-Pound Dumbbells

Day I

Squatting with a dumbbell, 4×12-15

Leg retraction with dumbbell, 3×15-20

Dumbbell bench press, 4×10-12

In Hong Kong, China on the terrace a young girl does exercises with dumbbells spreading hands 8434 P2130216 HD

Thrust dumbbells in the slope, 4×10-12

Superset: breeding dumbbells standing and tilted, 3×15-20

Day II

Romanian thrust, 4×10-12

Bending the legs lying, 4×12-15

40 Pound Adjustable Dumbbell Set with Case Weight Lift Exercise Gym 2 Handles

The reduction of the dumbbells lying, 4×15-20

Dumbbell bench press sitting, 4×10-12

Lifting dumbbells in front of you, 4×15-20


Lumbar attacks, 4×10 (for each leg)

The BEST Dumbbell Exercises – LEGS EDITION!

Buttock bridge, 4х15-20

Pullover, 4×10-12

Thrust dumbbells in the slope, 4×10-12

Superset: bending arms with dumbbells and extending arms from behind the head, 3×15-20


Common Questions


Is it possible to download a press with dumbbells? It is possible, but this is not necessary. Fat from this will not "burn" faster, and you can strengthen the abdominal muscles without burdening. Moreover, weight exercises can increase abdominal muscles, causing the waist to lose finesse.


Dumbbell Front Raise – Exercise Explained Video Series

How steroids for sale usa to choose the weight of dumbbells for exercise? Experienced. Start with the minimum weight and gradually reach the one that will allow you to perform no more than 10-12 repetitions in the approach. This will be your working weight. When you feel that you can do with it more than 15 repetitions, take more dumbbells or screw them to a pair of pancakes.


How to choose a dumbbell for home workouts? Pay attention to the diameter and surface of the neck – the dumbbell should be held comfortably in your hand. Prefer collapsible models with a large set of pancakes – they are much easier to store than a set of several pairs. Disks must be firmly fixed on the fretboard.


Raise your, your arms, back straight, dumbbells slope

Exercises with dumbbells Sport and Health


Of the

Exercises with dumbbells | Sports and health

Training with free weights (barbell, dumbbells, weights) perfectly develop muscle strength and their volume, and bodybuilding often makes the bias exactly on the barbell, and the dumbbells play a supporting role as a revision after heavy movements with the barbell. However, such a scheme does not always turn out to be correct, because dumbbells also act in a special way, since each hand holds the weight on its own, which creates a strong emphasis on working out on each side's trained muscles and teaches to concentrate as much as possible during the exercise, thanks to which it is not only better stimulated muscle growth, but also maintains an accurate and safe technique of movement. Next, we look at several effective exercises with dumbbells that can be done in the gym or at home and achieve excellent results.

Dumbbell bench lying on a horizontal or inclined bench. Exercise promotes good stretching of the pectoral muscles at the lower point of the repetition amplitude and their complete contraction at the top. This combination has a great effect on the development of muscles. The main condition for progress here is to choose the right weight. Dumbbells should be hard enough for truly strength training to ensure muscle response (increasing their strength and mass), but you need to follow high-quality equipment and do 8-10 repetitions, since this range of repetitions works well in bodybuilding, develops strength and muscle volume. It is best of all if a partner insures you in the dumbbell press, which, if necessary, will help you safely complete the set. The option of a dumbbell bench press on an inclined bench head upwards perfectly develops the upper part of the pectoral, as a rule, the most difficult Orbitrek for weight loss How to lose weight doing on the orbitrek for development in this muscle group. A dumbbell bench press downward displaces the load on the bottom. By the way, when scientists decided to find out which exercise most effectively affects the entire region of the pectoral muscles, they used an electromyograph, which showed that the most elaboration of the pectoral muscles causes the dumbbell bench press on an inclined bench head down. Perhaps the whole thing in a special amplitude of this option, because when doing exercises in this way you really feel the maximum inclusion of the pectoral muscles.

Pullover with a dumbbell. A classic exercise that was especially popular among professional athletes of the 1970s and 80s. Many outstanding champions, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, regularly performed pullovers during their competitive career. The movement actively affects the expansion of the chest and helps build powerful pectoral muscles. In addition, the broadest muscles are working intensively, so the question often arises, when exactly do a pullover, when training your chest or back? It is better to do it all the same in the chest complex, and at the very end, because the pullover stretches the chest well, which will be just the way after the previous heavy presses. A more powerful stimulation of muscle growth and their strength is created, conditions for a better recovery are provided (stretching the muscles at the end of the workout contributes to their recovery). The pullover variant across the bench is especially effective (as opposed to the standard body position along the bench), because stretching of the chest and broadest, and the amplitude of repetitions as a whole, is more qualitative due to the lower position of the pelvis relative to the torso at the time of lowering the dumbbell. Thus, when lifting the dumbbell, the muscles are worked out better. Starting position: lying across the bench, located at shoulder level and upper back area. The dumbbell is held in front of him in slightly bent arms. While inhaling, the arms are slowly pulled back. At the lowest point of the amplitude, do not touch the floor with the dumbbell, leaving it above it. On the exhale, the hands return to their original position. It is important to concentrate on the work of the pectoral muscles, feeling their stretching and contraction.

Thrust dumbbells to the belt in the slope. One-sided training plays a special role in building strength and mass, since the muscles of each side are worked out in turn with a fairly heavy weight. The greatest benefit from this type of stress is in training large muscle groups, in particular, the back. Dumbbell dumbbell with one hand creates a strong focus on the right or left side of the back muscles anabolic steroids store, engaging the lower, middle and upper regions. To improve the result, it is necessary to focus as much as possible, feeling the muscles being trained throughout the amplitude of the repetition. Well, it is not difficult to do this, because only one side is loaded. In addition to the main group, the back bunch of the deltoid also participates here, thanks to which the shoulders (deltas) look volumetric when viewed from the side. You can do dumbbells with one foot and hand on the bench (knee and shin on the bench, foot hangs down) or you can hold the dumbbell rack (or something like that) and stand with two legs on the ground. In the version without the foot resting on the bench, the body is fixed stronger, which allows to overcome the heavier weight and maintain stability. At the highest point of the amplitude, the dumbbell rises almost to the level of the belt, and it is necessary not only to pull the arm with the dumbbell up, but to pull the weight with the effort of the back muscles, the arm only performs the function of grabbing the dumbbell. Returning to the starting position takes place in slow motion before straightening the arm and feeling stretching in the back muscles. Then immediately begins a new repetition. Lifting dumbbells on the exhale, lowering on the inhale.

Dumbbell bench sitting. The shoulders effectively develop both with the help of a barbell and dumbbells, but the dumbbell version has several advantages. For example, in the usual press mode, when the palms “look” forward all the time, the dumbbells are held exactly in the middle of the body line without excessive displacement of the hands forward or back, due to which the deltoids, especially the front and middle beams, are worked in the most comfortable position without overloading the shoulder joints . The barbell allows you to do a bench press either from the chest or from behind the head; the arms are moved forward or backward. In both cases, especially in the variant due to the head, the shoulder joints can be overloaded due to full amplitude or too much weight. An important point of dumbbells is also that the muscles of each side work very actively and coordination between them improves, as the hands hold the weight independently of each other. The power of the triceps and the shape of the deltoid are well developed. Best of all, when in this exercise, a partner watches the process, which on occasion helps to safely complete the set. For the dumbbell bench press it is necessary to use a bench with an inclined back at an angle of 80-90 degrees. Keep your back straight to remove the negative load from the spine. The optimal number of repetitions is 8-12. Lifting dumbbells on the exhale, lowering the dumbbells while inhaling.

Exercise of the Day: Dumbbell Side Lunge and Touch

Breeding dumbbells to the side. Another great exercise for the development of the deltoid muscles. Dilution of dumbbells to the side while standing (or sitting) improves shoulder width, directing the emphasis of the load precisely to the middle deltoid tufts, which are responsible for the visual span of the shoulder girdle. In the starting position, the dumbbells should be held in front of you in slightly bent arms, legs shoulder-width apart, back straight. Having inhaled beforehand, on the exhale, arms with dumbbells are divorced to the sides. The most important thing here is to raise your hands with the energetic effort of the deltoid, concentrating on their work. The upper point of the amplitude is at a level just above the shoulders. In the initial position, the palms are parallel to each other, but in the direction of movement the hands unfold and at the top of the palm “look” down. As soon as the dumbbells are in this position, the hands in slow motion come back, breath is taken. After which begins a new repetition, just as you exhale. Breeding can be done standing or sitting on a bench. The sedentary option is more difficult to perform, since the jerky body help due to the legs (cheating) is greatly reduced and you have to lift the dumbbells almost only with the strength of your shoulders. There is also a method aimed at the development of the posterior deltoid beams, and this type of exercise acts quite effectively. Dumbbells are bred standing in the slope or sitting in the slope on the bench. The principle of lifting is the same as in conventional dilutions, the weight is lifted by the force of the shoulders. It is important to feel the work of the deltoid. Often, as a rule, a burning sensation may occur in the completion of the set, which is a kind of indicator of an accurate and effective load. The weight of the dumbbells should be chosen such that 10-12 repetitions are technically correct without strong body swings and arm throws up instead of evenly lifting them, otherwise the useful training effect will reach the shoulders in a minimum amount, and most of it will be lost between the various groups of muscles of the upper body.

Alternate lifting dumbbells for biceps. The uniqueness of training with dumbbells is especially well felt here. Each arm lifts the weight separately, which allows you to better feel the work of the biceps, maintaining a strong neuromuscular connection (brain-muscle connection), which can increase the effectiveness of training. At the end of the set, thanks to the active neuromuscular communication, it is possible to overcome another 1-3 repetitions with willpower with a powerful contraction of muscles. Such an ending set perfectly stimulates muscle growth and strength. In addition, in the dumbbell lifts, you can additionally unfold the brush as the little finger approaches to itself at the highest point of amplitude, which will increase the contraction of the biceps and its development even more. In the initial position, the dumbbells are held in straight arms, the elbows are as close as possible to the body, the back is straight. Before inhaling, as you exhale, bend your right arm, raising the dumbbell to shoulder level, then, while inhaling, lower the dumbbell to the starting position, the elbow remains stationary for the whole amplitude of the repetition. As soon as the right hand returned to the starting position, the left hand begins to move upward also on the exhale and with the same trajectory until it makes its repetition, then the right hand works again and so on. All you need to do 10-12 reps for each hand. Biceps – small muscles and it makes no sense to load them with heavy weights with a small number of repetitions. It is better to focus on quality and proper technique, trying to work out the biceps only without overly connecting other muscles. Although at the anabolics for sale end of the set, sometimes you can use the principle of cheating (helping the body jerk) to perform the remaining repetitions or even do a little more for more powerful training. Lifting dumbbells can be done standing or sitting on an inclined bench. There is also the option of accented study of the brachialis muscle, located under the biceps. The brachialis developed pushes the biceps out, making it visually larger. Therefore, with insufficient natural biceps volume, it makes sense to pump up brachialis. This will help lift dumbbells in the style of "Hammer". The execution pattern is the same as in ordinary alternate dumbbell liftings, except that the palms are always parallel to each other throughout the range of motion. Read more about the hammer here.

Lunges with dumbbells. One of the best exercises for the development of the muscles of the legs (quadriceps) and gluteal muscles. Lunges, even with its own weight, create a significant load on the quadriceps, and with additional burdening, movement becomes even more effective. The exercise can be used to “draw” quadriceps and improve their detail, as well as to increase leg strength. In the initial position, the hands hold the dumbbells on the sides, the back is straight. While inhaling, take a sufficiently wide step forward on the right or left leg and sink into the lunge so that the thigh of the leg on which you squat is parallel to the floor, and the knee of the second leg almost touches the floor. The back is still straight. From the lowest point of the amplitude on the exhale, return to the starting position with the force of the front leg, concentrating on the work of its quadriceps. Then make a new repetition on the same foot. All you need to do 10-12 or 15 repetitions on each side. In lunge, do not use a lot of weight, but rather choose a moderate load and perform repetitions evenly and carefully, focusing on training quadriceps. There is a variant of alternate attacks, in which steps are taken on each leg in turn during the whole set, with the steps you can do on the spot or go forward. However, a more intensive study of quadriceps is better carried out in a one-sided way (in the first set, squat, for example, on the right leg, in the second – on the left leg). By the way, it is not necessary to return from the squat to the full starting position while standing upright. It is enough to rise by the effort of the quadriceps, but remain in the position of the wide step, after which again to descend into the lunge also on the inhale and on the exhale to rise again by the effort of the quadriceps. After completing the specified number of repetitions and having rested for one and a half to two minutes (or feeling good), do lunges for the other leg. Exercise can be performed with a barbell, but it is more convenient to do it with dumbbells, because balance is better maintained, so you do not have to be distracted by keeping the weight, but concentrate fully on the training.

Shrugs with dumbbells. Exercise is aimed at the development of trapezius muscles. In addition to dumbbells, a barbell is also used to perform a shrag; it is held either in front of or behind the back. In the embodiment, when the bar is in the back, the emphasis of the load is significantly shifted to the upper back, the detailing of this area is improved. The uniqueness of the dumbbells is that they allow you to evenly direct the load in the trapezius muscles throughout their location, developing the height of the trapezium and their thickness. Well-developed trapezoid, in turn, create a powerful view for the entire shoulder girdle. In the initial position, the dumbbells are held in straight arms on the sides, the back is straight. Inhaling beforehand, as you exhale, you must energetically raise your shoulders as high as possible to noticeable tension in the trapezius muscles. The arms firmly hold the dumbbells and remain straight. For a moment, lingering at the highest point of the amplitude, while inhaling, slowly lower the shoulders, as if stretching the trapezoid, and then again with a force raise them as high as possible. A total of 10-12 or even 15 repetitions. Schrags are a very volitional exercise that requires mental attitude and perseverance. And although the weight here should be chosen large enough to conduct a truly strength training, the number of repetitions should be decent, since it is such a scheme that contributes to the effective development of trapezoid muscles. At the end of the set, you can use the so-called partial repetition to make the approach to the end and to work out the muscles to the maximum. It is very important to keep your back straight all the time. To fix the lower back, you can use the weightlifting belt. If the forearms have not yet gained enough strength, and the weight of the dumbbells is impressive, then it is better to use wrist straps to safely hold the dumbbells throughout the whole set. The amplitude of repetition should be strictly vertical without rotational movements of the shoulders, so as not to overload the shoulder joints. The arrangement of the dumbbells on the sides so it allows to work out the whole complex of trapezoid, developing their detail and height. It is better to do shrugs at the end of the shoulder workout, since they are an integral part of the shoulder girdle and the most logical would be to combine these muscle groups. Why does the trapezoid come after the deltoid, and not vice versa? The deltoids require increased concentration of attention and fresh strength in heavy presses, and then in dumbbell dilutions, they need several exercises. Trapezoidal is enough one type of power shrag, for example, with dumbbells, 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions. The movement qualitatively stimulates their development.

Standard body position along

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Dumbbell Squat: Video Exercise Guide & Tips


bench press, back straight, pectoral muscles, point amplitude, dumbbell bench, dumbbell bench press

All exercises with dumbbells for women for weight loss



Dumbbell Exercises Lifting dumbbells Programming Week Samsung Galaxy Starting position standing abdominal muscles back muscles back straight bench press dumbbell bench dumbbell bench press dumbbells home dumbbells shoulders dumbbells women feet shoulder-width feet shoulder-width apart first time long time lower back lower dumbbells muscle growth muscle mass need dumbbells need dumbbells weighing pectoral muscles position repeat position standing return starting shoulder girdle shoulder-width apart slightly bent stand straight starting position starting position repeat strength exercises strength training uneven bars weight gain your arms your back your hands your head your health your legs

All exercises with dumbbells for women for weight loss


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Triceps is performed with

All exercises with dumbbells for women for weight loss

Breeding hands with dumbbells

In this isolating exercise, the chest muscles and partly the shoulders work.

Can be performed on the floor or horizontal bench.

Lie on the bench, stretch your arms up, hold the dumbbells with your palms towards each other in a neutral grip. For balance, put 5 key features of training for weight loss your feet on the floor, bend your elbows slightly.

Slowly lower the dumbbells down, making a semicircle with your hands. Rotation occurs only in the shoulders, arms slightly bent.

When the dumbbells are at the level of the chest, tighten your chest muscles and raise your arms in the same arc upwards.

Do not pause between repetitions and do not let the dumbbells touch.

Type 2 Diabetes and Exercise – Are Adjustable Dumbbells Worth The Cost? » Dr. Anupam Ghose

French bench press

One of the best isolating exercises for the triceps, which can be done on the floor or horizontal bench.

Lie on your back, take dumbbells with a normal grip, stretch your arms up over your chest.

Slowly lower the dumbbells to the forehead. Do not deploy your elbows – they should be pointing forward throughout the exercise.

Hold and slowly straighten your arms to their original position.

Exercise Dumbbell Hammer Curl into a Front Press

Straightening the arms back in the slope

Isolation exercise for the triceps, which can be done with an emphasis on the horizontal bench with one hand or both hands without emphasis. Well removes the flabbiness of the back of the hands.

Lean one knee and hand on the bench, take the dumbbell in the other hand. Look ahead, keep your back straight.

Press the upper part of the left hand close to the body, bend at the elbow, forming 90 degrees between the shoulder and forearm.

Straighten your arm with dumbbells back. Movement should be only in the elbow joint.

Hold and lower your hand to its original position.

After the required number of repetitions, do the same on the other side.

Dumbbell bench press from behind sitting

Isolation exercise for the triceps is performed with one hand or two.

Standing can be performed, but the sitting position turns off support for the body and the exercise works more precisely.

In one hand, take the dumbbell, sit with your back straight. For any back problems, use vertical back support.

Full Body Workout With Weights – Dumbbell Exercises – Music Only

Raise the dumbbell above your head, straightening your arm. Place your other hand in your lap or clasp across your abdomen.

While bending the raised arm in the elbow, slowly lower the dumbbell behind the head until it is at the level of the ears. Only the forearm moves, the rest in a fixed position.

Hold up and strain your working arm’s triceps. Then lift the dumbbell to the starting position.

Dumbbell tilt

The basic exercise on the middle part of the back also includes the biceps, shoulders and the latissimus dorsi muscle. When doing the exercise while standing, knees slightly bend.

To control the balance, you can use the bench for support, performing the exercise alternately on different hands.

Lean your right knee and right hand on the bench. With a neutral grip with your left hand, take a dumbbell. Pull the shoulder blades back, arm straightened. Keep your head up, look ahead – this will help keep your back straight.

Use the bench

Slowly pull the dumbbell towards you as far as you can. Focus on your back muscles, not your forearm.

Hold, bring the shoulder blades together and slowly let the dumbbell back. Do not let the working arm’s shoulder fall down; the body must remain in a fixed position.

Pullover with dumbbell lying down

Basic exercise on the chest muscles also connects the work of the broadest muscle of the back, shoulders and triceps. Keep your elbows slightly bent in this exercise.

Dumbbell take with both hands, lie on the bench. Bend your legs at 90 degrees and put on the floor. Hands straighten over your head.

Lower your hands slowly behind your head to the level of the bench. Rotation occurs only in the shoulders, do not bend elbows.

Also slowly lift the dumbbell up.

Eve’s Health & Fitness: Glute Dumbbell Exercises

Lifting dumbbells for biceps

Isolation exercise for biceps. To increase the amplitude of movement, use the bench, setting the backrest at an incline of 30 degrees.

Sit up straight, elbows bent, elbows pressed to the body. Dumbbells hold the opposite grip – palm turned up.

Slowly lift the dumbbells, straining your biceps. Only forearms move.

The 6 Most Effective Shoulder Dumbbell Exercises for V-taper Physique

Slowly lower your hands on your hips.

This exercise is also performed while standing with a different range of motion. Don buy testosterone enanthate‘t let your arms hang at the bottom, focus on your biceps. Do not bend in the lower back and do not swing.

Similarly, the “Hammer” exercise is performed, only dumbbells should be taken with a normal grip to turn the palms towards each other.

Dumbbell Lunges

Basic exercise in which, in addition to the quadriceps, the calves, buttocks and hind muscles work.

Stand straight, bend your knees slightly. Dumbbells keep down at the sides.

Step one foot forward and sit down, keeping your balance. Keep the body straight, head up. Do not allow the knee to go beyond the line of the toes of the leading leg to avoid undue stress on the knee joint.

Climb up to a vertical position.

Lunge repeat with the other leg.

Walking on a bench with dumbbells

Take dumbbells and keep them on the sides of the torso. Stand in front of the bench or any elevated platform.

The higher the platform, the harder it is to perform the exercise.

Step with one foot on the platform, lift the body up and place the other foot on the platform. Keep your head and back straight throughout the exercise.

Hold, then step back, carefully return to the original rack.

Pause and repeat the movement with the other leg.

Dumbbell squats

7 Dumbbell Chest Exercises You Can Do Without A Bench

A basic exercise involving quadriceps, lower leg, back of the thigh and lower back.

Keep the dumbbells down, bend your knees a little, your back is even.

Look ahead and slowly go down. Sit as far as possible, keeping your back straight. Do not go behind your toes with your knees.

Bend your legs

Then slowly rise, do not straighten your knees to the end.

Stanovaya and Roman thrust with dumbbells

Basic exercise on the back of the thigh muscles, the lower back and the buttocks are also involved in the work.

Hold the dumbbells on the sides of the body. Stand straight, bend your knees slightly.

Keep your back straight, bend at the waist, lowering the dumbbells down to your fingertips. Look forward throughout the exercise. Thigh back, so that the weight fell on the heels.

Working back muscles of the thigh, lift the dumbbells back. Keep them close to the body: the farther the dumbbells from the body, the greater the tension in the lower back.

If interested, more options for performing this exercise, see the article.

Lifting dumbbell socks

Incline Dumbbell Curl: Video Exercise Guide & Tips

This exercise is done on the calf muscles while sitting or standing.

Sit on a bench, put a low platform under your feet, put your toes on it. Dumbbells put the ends on the hips close to the knees.

Lower the heels below the platform as far as you can, but do not touch the floor. Start slowly lifting them, straining the calf muscles.

Hold for a couple of seconds and slowly put your heels down to the initial position.

When lifting in a standing position, keep the dumbbells lowered along the body. You can lean on the wall with one hand to maintain balance.

For complication, do the toes on the toes alternately with one foot, while the other remains bent in the weight. Exercise is also done off the floor, but the platform gives a greater range of movement. Instead of a platform, you can use the stairs.

Advantages of Dumbbell Exercises at Home – Ok9ja

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Standing buy aromasin uk dumbbell bench press

A basic exercise for the shoulders that also involves the triceps.

If you have back problems, do an exercise while sitting with a support under your back.

Hold the dumbbells at shoulder level, turn the palms forward, back is flat.

Slowly lift the dumbbells over your head to almost fully extended arms.

Do not linger at the top, immediately lower the dumbbells into a position at the shoulders.

Mahi dumbbells to the sides

This is an insulating exercise on the shoulders. Keep the dumbbells lowered, palms turned to the body.

Dissolve dumbbells to shoulder level. Do not allow your wrists to be above your elbows, as this will shift the load from the middle delta to the front.

Hold and slowly lower the dumbbells through the sides. Do not use jerks while performing the exercise, do it slowly, concentrating on the stretching and contraction of the muscles.

Similarly, dumbbell breeding is performed in the slope, with the body inclined forward, the dumbbells are located under the chest with outstretched arms. Bend your elbows slightly and look forward throughout the exercise.

Focus on the movement in the shoulders, the rest of the body is fixed in one position.

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Dumbbell Rags

This is an isolating trapezoid muscle exercise. Stand up straight, holding the dumbbells lowered.

Lower the shoulders as far as possible. Slowly lift your shoulders up, do not turn back or forward. The body is fixed in one position.

Hold up and slowly lower the dumbbells back. Focus on the movement of the trapezius muscle, not the biceps.

your back, back straight, your head, lower back, lower dumbbells

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