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How to pump up at home in 14 years



It must be remembered

How to pump up at home in 14 years

According to sports doctors, up to 16 years of training with the use of barbells and weights can not go. Yes, and upon reaching this age to engage

To live, grow and train you need energy, you need the right carbohydrates. These are porridges, buckwheat and oatmeal, from fat cakes and potatoes only lard on the belly and ass grows. Vegetables are needed so that the guts work normally, and some vitamins can be obtained. But the main vitamins are greens, dill, parsley, and so on. At least three times a day, and preferably four, you should eat these foods.

Carbohydrates (porridge) + protein (meat-fish-eggs-milk-kefir-cottage cheese) + vegetables (cucumber tomatoes) + greens (dill, parsley).

Beautiful Strong Woman Doing Fitness Plank Position Exercises With Dumbbells Stock Image – Image of attractive, fitness: 90396235

Fruits, unfortunately, are now almost all imported, processed with such chemistry that there is no use for them, only harm. And remember about breakfast, no tea with a sandwich that you give parents, no. Porridge with meat and salad. Do you understand?

Depending on who you are, thin goner or fat fat, adjust your diet. Read my articles, how to lose weight or how to eat. In general, climb on my site, there is information. The Internet is not only to sit in Instagram and VK.

If you read this text, drop it and press it 25 times!

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Training program for teenagers – at what age can you start to swing and what exercises are allowed? Tips for schoolchildren how to quickly pump up the press.

The Best Dumbbell Exercises for Your Back – Fit Bottomed Girls

It is no secret that it is easiest to create a sports and muscular body during adolescence – the level of hormones responsible for weight gain and muscle growth reaches its maximum in the period from 13-14 to 18-20 years. During this period, boys and boys open so-called bone growth zones – this greatly simplifies the task of expanding the shoulders and strengthening the skeleton structure.

Unfortunately, weight training at an excessively early age can adversely affect the overall growth of a teenager – it is important to remember that the training program at the gym for guys under 18-19 years old should not include heavy exercises with a barbell that exert stress on the spine. Among other things, adolescents should pay special attention to the safety of the joints during training.

Most weight exercises performed with free weights (barbell, weights, or dumbbells) exert a vertical load on the still not fully formed joints of the adolescent, causing spinal curvature buy primobolan. In fact, exercise on simulators and training with its own weight is much safer than squats or deadlifts with a barbell.

Between the ages of 15 and 16, schoolchildren are best suited to developing regular, muscle-developing muscles — they can easily turn a thin boy into a broad-shouldered, pumped-up guy with a beautiful abs. You can start strength training on simulators (or home exercises with dumbbells) at the age of 16-17 years old, and start fully swinging with a barbell – not earlier than at the age of 18.

Note that it is much easier to learn how to properly pull up on a horizontal bar with a “teenage” weight of 50 kg than with an “adult” weight of 70-80 kg – and perfectly performed pull-ups develop not only the muscles of the back and shoulders, but also swing the muscles of the arms (above all , biceps) and even a press. Although the bar itself is not able to help grow, it will allow you to noticeably stretch in growth.

Despite the fact that the pull-ups on the crossbar cannot increase the physical length of the spine (the height of a person is largely determined by his genetics and nutrition at childhood and school age), they have a positive effect on posture. This is especially important in adolescence, when sitting at a school desk easily forms various spinal curvatures.

Push-ups on parallel bars are considered to be the main exercise for teenagers, allowing them to develop both the back and chest muscles, and to form strong shoulders and powerful arms (first of all, triceps and forearms). In addition, on the uneven bars you can easily pump over the abdominal muscles, performing all sorts of leg lifts and twisting in the legs.

Exercise Dumbbell Burpee – your partner at the gym

The exercises on the uneven bars can be started from the age of 13-14 years (in the absence of direct contraindications). The best effect for the development of the figure, weight gain and muscle growth will be the combination of swimming, pull-ups on the bar, push-ups on the bars and push-ups from the floor. Also, teens can download the press on the home program for beginners.

Special attention

It must be remembered that pumping the press does not begin with the execution of hundreds of twists, but with improving posture and developing a conscious ability to use the abdominal muscles in exercises. The muscles of the press will begin to change only after the teenager really learns to strain the body muscles during physical training – this is the main secret of the press.

Among other things, it is important to monitor the breathing process during exercise, because the abdominal muscles are directly connected to the diaphragm. If during chest breathing the chest expands due to the intercostal muscles, then when breathing the diaphragm the chest practically does not move, and the air enters the lower parts of the lungs due to the work of the muscles of the diaphragm, and not the ribs.

Do your homework in the morning. Teenagers aged 13–16 years old are recommended to have regular morning workouts with 3–4 exercises with body weight – pushups from the floor, pull-ups on the bar and squats with arms outstretched. Each exercise is performed as correctly as possible and in 10-20 approaches.

Happy swimming. At least 2-3 times a week, visit the pool, devoting to swimming in various styles for at least 30-45 minutes. Try to swim at least 1 kilometer per workout (to determine the total distance, count the number of swims in the pool, multiplying the number by its length – 25 or 50 meters).

Gradually go to the exercises with dumbbells. A month after regular swimming, adolescents should include 3-4 exercises with dumbbells into the training program – for example, biceps lifts or squats. However, remember that the focus of your workout should be on the pull-ups on the horizontal bar and on the push-ups on the uneven bars.

Dumbbell palms-up wrist curl exercise for forearm

Develop muscle communication with the brain. The key point in the processes of muscle growth and weight gain is not at all the mechanical weight lifting, but the control of movement and ensuring the involvement of the “right” muscle groups in the work – this develops the connection between the brain and the muscles. It is also important that in adolescence it is much easier to fix the right technique.

Go to training with a barbell go after 18 years. Remember that adolescents and schoolchildren under the age of 18 are strongly discouraged from doing any heavy barbell exercises – first of all, squats and deadlifts. You can perform analogs of these exercises in simulators, but under the control of a personal trainer.

Why is it necessary to push out on the uneven bars for the development of chest muscles not only in dynamic, but also in static variation?

In spite of the fact that teenagers can start moderate training on simulators after 16 years, at this age it’s better to concentrate solely on swimming, pull-ups on the horizontal bar, push-ups and various press exercises. It is better to start full-fledged strength training when the body is already “prepared” and knows the mechanics of the basic exercises.

Upon reaching the age of 18, FitSeven recommends the Novice Guide training program, designed specifically for the rapid growth of muscles in adolescents. The implementation of this program with the presence of training experience with the weight of your own body (that is, with the ability to properly tighten and push-ups) can show a phenomenal result in a few months.

Recall that the muscles grow primarily from enhanced nutrition and sufficient time to recover, and not at all from training or from taking sports supplements. Despite the fact that the use of dietary supplements and sports nutrition (including whey protein) is better for adolescents from 17 to 18 years old, schoolchildren can go on to a normal diet for muscle growth at 13-14 years old.

The basis of such a diet is the maximum limitation of harmful food (fatty fast food, carbonated drinks, sweets) and enhanced nutrition with regular carbohydrates (plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains). Such a diet is easy to help the body a teenager not only gain weight and build muscle, but also improve health and immunity.

For the growth of muscles, adolescents up to 16 years old are recommended, first of all, regular long swimming and exercises with body weight (pull-ups on the bar, push-ups on the uneven bars and push-ups from the floor). Starting at the age of 16, you can swing How To Buy Steroids Legally on simulators using light weights, and at age 18, you can switch to full-fledged strength training with a barbell.

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Every teenager at the age of 14-16 years old begins to look at his figure in the mirror and Workout for weight loss exercise program and nutrition for women dreams of building up his biceps in order to hit the girls in the classroom or to put in place the “bully” that has annoyed him. But they don’t know how to start working on the body and how to train properly, and therefore they start going to gyms or simply doing strength exercises at home, lifting heavy dumbbells.

Meanwhile, in children under 16 years old, the spine cannot be subjected to vertical loads. Till this age it is strictly forbidden to do squats with barbell, deadlifts, lifting and pressing heavy dumbbells and barbells. Performing these exercises will stop the growth of the child, and he will always remain a stunted square burly. In addition, strength training can cause the development of diseases of the spine and joints.

Create a beautiful body and strengthen muscles, of course, you need from childhood. But the structure of the muscles of boys is not the same as in adults. Until the hormonal changes in the body have begun, in children's muscles there is little fat, protein and microelements, but a lot of water. Therefore, the boys' muscles are not ready to withstand great physical exertion and quickly get tired. There is also a lot of moisture in the intervertebral discs and joints of boys, so vertical loads on the spine and weak joints can lead to intervertebral hernias, dislocations and sprains of muscles. To avoid all these diseases, up to the age of 16 you need to strengthen muscles only through exercises with your own weight, that is, without burdening.

Dumbbell Bicep Curls: One of the Best Bicep Building Exercises


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