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Exercises with dumbbells at home | D-fans

Performing dumbbell complexes in the gym and at home contributes to the stanoprime harmonious development of the body. At the same time, exercises for men are qualitatively different from women’s, pursuing the main goal – effective building up of muscle mass. To achieve certain success in class, use the following rules:

GROW YOUR SHOULDERS Using Only Dumbbells: 5 Exercises

In bodybuilding, the principle of gradual increase of the load is always applied, which allows you to consistently increase strength and add muscle mass.

To breathe properly, exhaling in the phase of effort, and breathing in the phase of relaxation.

Exercise regularly 2-3 times a week. Frequent training should not be carried out, because the body does not have time to recover.

To adjust the diet, making a bet on the use of natural products, and not abusing sports supplements.

Before starting classes, in order to eliminate injuries, it is imperative to study the main methods of self-control under stress, as well as methods of measuring pulse and pressure, their influence on the state of the body and the course of the exercise program.

Dumbbell Training Program

Before you start using dumbbells you need to clearly define the purpose of training, and what should be the desired result. The training program depends on it, which can be aimed at losing weight or increasing muscle mass, in which special priority is given to complexes for working out individual muscle groups – arms, back or legs. The complex can be constructed in such a way as to increase the volume in a short period of time, give relief, or just be in good shape.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise: Video Exercise Guide & Tips

Regardless of the purpose of training, you need to pay attention to the following features:

Before any training, it is necessary to conduct a high-quality warm-up, which is given at least 15 minutes.

When performing sets of exercises, especially without a trainer or a partner, it is important to ensure safety by observing the correct execution technique.

It is necessary to begin occupations with the minimum weight which can be increased after first two weeks of occupations.

Dumbbell Exercises For A Full Body Burn

Weight gain is done gradually, in increments of 0.5 kg. The frequency of increase in load depends on the physical form of the person.

Between workouts take a break of 1-2 days so that the body has time to fully recover. Power complexes are preferably alternated with running or similar aerobic exercise.

After a workout, a hitch is held, at which the loaded muscles stretch and relax well.

During regular workouts you need to adhere to the proper diet. The composition of the diet and the ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats depends entirely on the objectives of the classes.

Be bent smoothly

In the presence of certain diseases, such as hypertension, chronic asthma, back problems or ASD, with the cardiovascular system, it is contraindicated to start strength exercises without consulting a doctor.

Exercises with dumbbells for biceps

The purpose of the biceps, or biceps muscles of the shoulder is to bend the forearm at the elbow. Biceps do not like excessive weights, for its effective training is enough 3-4 sets of 7-8 repetitions 2-3 times a week. The most effective exercises are as follows:

Dumbbell Alternate Bicep Curl | Exercise Videos & Guides | Bodybuilding.com

1. Bending of the arms in the elbow while standing. To do this, in a standing position with legs slightly bent at the knees and elbows pressed to the body, dumbbells are lifted to the shoulders, while the shoulder part should remain stationary and movements should be smooth. Lifting can be done with supination – turning the hands with palms up. At the top point, the movement is fixed for a second, and returned to its original position.

2. Bending of the arms in the elbow while sitting. For exercise, use a narrow chair or bench, well, if they have a vertical back. The exercise differs from the previous one in that it is performed more correctly, since it is much more difficult to help the dumbbell to be lifted with the movement of the body or the back muscles. Movement is carried out similarly to standing flexion, you can repeat both with both hands together and alternately.

3. Concentrated flexion of the forearm while sitting. Both biceps and brachialis and brachialis are involved in the exercise. To do this, sit on a bench, take a dumbbell in your hand, spread your legs, and lean forward slightly. With your free hand, lean on the thigh, and with your busy hand on the inside of the thigh, while the shoulder should be in an upright position, the arm should be straight, and the projectile should not touch the floor. The arm should be bent smoothly, locking for a second in the up position.

4. Hammer (Hummer). It is performed in a standing position, with the legs slightly wider than the shoulders, slightly bent at the knees. Palms with dumbbells turn to the body and maintain this position when doing the exercise. Arms bend smoothly only with the help of biceps, moving only forearms. The pause at the lower and upper point is not done.

Dumbbell exercises for the pectoral muscles

Gym has 'human dumbbells' to help customers exercise

Muscles of the chest with the help of dumbbells alone are difficult to put into ideal shape, but if there are no goals for an athlete to reach the heights of bodybuilding, the following basic exercises will suffice:

1. Press lying. To do this, you need a horizontal bench, on which, in the supine position, the arms are pulled upwards with the palms imitating the retention of the bar. Movement is carried out smoothly, spreading the elbows in different directions, with the vertical position of the forearm. Lower the dumbbells as low as possible and smoothly return to their original position.

2. Laying down. In addition to the chest muscles, the biceps and the deltoid muscle are involved. In the supine position on the bench arms with dumbbells squeezed up and fixed parallel to each other. When inhaling, bending a little in the elbows, they are bred to the sides until they feel the maximum stretching of the pectoral muscles (the main thing is not to overdo it!), And return to the starting position.

Dumbbell exercises for the back

To train your back muscles at home, use the following exercises:

1. Schrags (exercise for the development of the upper trapezius muscle). Standing with the position of the legs at shoulder level take dumbbells The right workout for weight loss. With the stomach pulled in, the shoulders unrolled and trying to press the chin to the chest, the dumbbells rise, trying to connect the shoulders on the back of the head, slightly pulling them up and back. Approaches are performed in a number of 15-20 repetitions, moving from large weights to smaller ones.

Tricep Exercises: One Arm Dumbbell Tricep Extensions | inMotion Life

2. Traction in the slope. He trains the latissimusci and engages the biceps. Performed in the back bend, almost parallel to the floor, while the back should be flat, and the legs slightly bent at the knees. Dumbbells pull over themselves to the middle of the abdomen. During the exercise, the elbows try to keep looking up, not sideways.

Dumbbell exercises for the press

The additional pressure on the press will make the exercises more effective by speeding up obtaining the desired result. They are based on classic complexes, but with the use of burdening:

Out, because the

1. For the top press. In the supine position, with bent knees and dumbbells in arms, crossed on the chest, tear off the shoulders from the floor, leaving the lower back in a stationary position.

2. For oblique and lateral muscles. In the supine position, the left leg falls back on the bent right. The left hand is fixed perpendicular to the body, and the right hand with a dumbbell is bent, after which the right elbow is trying to reach the left thigh. After completing the approach, the position is reversed.

3. For the lower press. Sitting on a chair in the initial position, the feet are fixed, hands with dumbbells are crossed on the chest. The exercise is performed by lowering the body parallel to the floor, and slowly returning to its original position.

A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

For the study of the main muscle groups are compiled exercises that are performed regularly for a certain period of time in compliance with certain rules. The following complex can be performed 2-4 times a week (the classic version is Monday, Wednesday and Friday), and includes the following exercises:

Kettlebell/Dumbbell Floor Press Exercise |One arm & alternating Press

1. Training of arms and chest:

Trisset: dilution of arms with dumbbells in the prone position, bench press in the prone position, push-ups from the floor with legs on a hill;

Giant set: French bench press, narrow grip bench press, arm flexion with the help of the hammer exercise;

Superset: French bench press buy geneza pharmaceuticals with credit card, arm flex with dumbbells sitting.

Dumbbell Only Leg Workout: 5 Exercises To Grow Bigger Legs | Wolvesfitness

2. Leg training:

Tricset: bench press socks (lunges), squats with legs shoulder-width apart, squats with wide legs;

Trisset: press heels (alternate lunges), bending of legs with dumbbells, deadlift with straight legs;

Tricset: Rises on the toes (looking forward), rises on the toes (turned outwards), rises on the toes alternately on each leg.

3. Training of shoulders, abs and back:

Trisset: direct grip in the slope, pull in the reverse grip in the slope, alternate thrust dumbbells with one hand in the slope;

Trisset: Lifting through the sides in the slope, press in a sitting position, lifting to the side;

Trisset: lifting the legs while sitting, lying down and cycling.

When performing exercises, adjust the load so that it is possible to perform 6-8 repetitions. Between the sets, a break of 1-2 minutes is done. Inside the set, the exercises are performed sequentially without a break.


bench press, bent knees, supine position, legs slightly, muscle mass

Dumbbell exercises



Exercises with dumbbells | Prokachkov.ru

Dumbbell Lunge: Video Exercise Guide & Tips

Dumbbell – a very simple "simulator", which allows you to fully train almost all muscle groups. Dumbbells are of several types: collapsible and not collapsible, with the option of their execution can be rubberized or not rubberized. In each case, the ideal option would be different dumbbells, it all depends on where you are. In the hall, the main priority will be free time, and for the house the money that you can spend on them. In any case, training with dumbbells will help you develop a beautiful and harmoniously developed body, read on how to create it.

The article will be divided into groups of muscles that can be trained with the help of dumbbells. So it will be convenient to navigate and select the necessary exercises for your bodybuilding training program.

Exercises for chest muscles

Perhaps the chest will always be one of the most difficult to train a group of muscles, but the pectoral train with dumbbells, it is enough to do just a couple of exercises for the top and bottom of the chest to work it out completely.

Dumbbell bench press on an inclined and horizontal bench

The first exercise trains the upper chest, and the second lower. It is also possible to perform the dumbbell bench press head downwards, so you can train the lower chest in a concentrated manner. Perform them with a pyramid in the range of 15 – 8 repetitions.

Wiring on a horizontal or inclined bench

The dumbbell layout is an isolated exercise for nursing babies, which also perfectly stretches them, and in isolated exercises the weight of dumbbells should be less than in benches. Execution options can be 3: wiring on an inclined bench, on the horizontal and head to the bottom. Wiring is recommended to do in the pyramid 2 sets of 15 – 10 times.

Exercises for arm muscles

Exercise Dumbbell Walking Lunges – your partner at the gym

Hands – the second most popular part of the body, which is trained in each gym. Usually, most newcomers regularly perform biceps exercises, which only need one specialized workout per week, which can be easily done with dumbbells.

Lifting dumbbells for standing biceps

Lifting dumbbells for biceps can easily replace the basic exercise for biceps training – lifting the barbell for standing biceps. You can perform it in 2 – 3 sets of 12 – 8 repetitions each.

Bending the arms while sitting Cardio training or strength exercises – Slim club on an incline bench

Antique Spaulding A. W. Wooden Exercise Equipment Dumbbell/Barbell 1 lb | eBay

This is a more isolated version of the previous exercise, since it eliminates the help of the biceps with the muscles of the legs and back. The number of approaches and repetitions is similar to the previous exercise.

Concentrated sitting biceps

I do not like this exercise, but it is often performed in the halls, so this article does not put it. The whole load of the dumbbell also lies on the biceps, it is performed Steroids in USA online in the same 2 – 3 sets of 8 – 12 repetitions.

These 5 Pilates Dumbbell Exercises for Shoulders Give You A Sculpted, Elegant Upper Bod

Arms bending with dumbbells sitting

Alternate flexion can be performed at the end of the arm workout in order to finally hammer the biceps, if it happened before. Bending is performed at a fast pace of 10 to 12 repetitions for each hand.

Dumbbell Lifting at Scott's Desk

I do not advise you to carry out two dumbbells at once as in the picture, it is much more convenient to do each hand in turn. So the concentration on the muscles is higher and therefore the muscles are better worked out. We carry out in 3 approaches 12 – 8 times.

Dumbbell Hammers

Hammer hammered brachialis, as well as forearm. Perform them after a biceps workout, or instead. The number of approaches – 3, repetitions 8 – 12.

Dumbbell extension behind the head

The extension of the dumbbell behind the head is an isolated type of exercise for the triceps, since the triceps mainly consist of slow muscle fibers, the number of repetitions in the approach is recommended to be increased to 15 – 10 times.

Exercise Dumbbell Pullover Crunch off Bosu – your partner at the gym

But even this

Arm extension with a dumbbell lying down

This exercise is an analogue of the French bench, only in this case it is performed using a dumbbell in 3 sets and 15–10 repetitions in each.

15 Trainer-Approved Dumbbell Exercises That Will Help You Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Extending and bending the wrists on the horizontal bench

Flexion and extension are best done at the end of the workout, because if you score Steroids at BEST PRICES your forearm ahead of time, then the rest of the workout will be for nothing, because you won't have a normal grip after that. The forearms are trained with a small weight, which gradually increases with a huge number of repetitions. Usually in each approach should come failure.


Broad shoulders are also a priority for young people who are just starting to deal with weights. Delta can be divided into 3 large muscle groups – front, middle and rear. Dumbbells can easily work out all groups.

Dumbbell bench press sitting

Dumbbell bench press sitting – can be attributed to the group of basic exercises for the development of the front and middle bundles of deltoid muscles. Exercise your shoulders with dumbbells in 3 sets of 15 – 10 times.

Breeding dumbbells to the side

Breeding or swinging dumbbells to the sides are working through the middle bunch of deltoids. We carry them out in 2–3 approaches 8–15 times.

I'm a Trainer, and These Are My 15 Favorite Dumbbell Exercises For Building Muscle

Lifting dumbbells in front of you

With this exercise we train the front delta. It is usually performed at the end of a workout deltoid and often the exercise is done to failure. Raise each hand in turn in 1 – 2 approaches 12 – 15 times.

Breeding dumbbells in the slope

With the help of dilutions in the rear delta trains, as well as trapeze clings. We train the deltas in 3 approaches 8–15 times.


One Arm One Leg Dumbbell Row – Strength Training Exercises

Dumbbells alone will not be enough to train the back; I personally know only one exercise with dumbbells that you can train your back with. However, if you are not going to compete in bodybuilding competitions, then this will be enough for you.

Thrust dumbbells to the belt

Best Ab Exercises for Men Using Dumbbells

If you master the technique of performing dumbbell traction, then you will surely abandon other exercises and will perform it first of all. Dumbbell work fine broadest muscles of the back, while it is not as heavy as deadlift or barbell thrust to the belt. We do it in 3 approaches 15 – 8 times.


We can say right away that you cannot create huge legs with dumbbells, as it is difficult to hold such weight in your hands that is necessary for the growth of your legs, but you will be able to keep your leg muscles in good shape.

Dumbbell squats

Analog to the well-known squatting with a barbell. We hold dumbbells in our hands and perform regular squats, which you did at school. Squat costs 2 – 3 sets of 10 – 12 times.

Dumbbell Lunges

Lunges mostly train the gluteal muscles, which is why they are so popular with girls. We do as usual in 3 sets of 8–12 repetitions.

That's all the exercises with dumbbells, which are known to me at the time of this writing, of course, they were invented much more, but even this amount is enough to make a full and varied training program.


bench press, dumbbell bench press, each hand, Lifting dumbbells

Dumbbell exercises for advanced athletes



Knees in a bent

Dumbbell exercises for advanced athletes

Dumbbell exercises for the advanced are a set of challenging exercises for working out specific muscle groups.

8 Best Dumbbell Exercises Ever (HIT EVERY MUSCLE!)

Another complex for advanced trainees includes more specific exercises that work on individual muscle groups. There will not be the notorious fullbody, but there will be interesting exercises that will help you to “pump” your legs and upper body. The load is complex, high-quality, but quite interesting.

As in the previous article, a standard stand is a stand with legs shoulder width apart. This is explained for ease of simplification.

Alternating Standing Dumbbell Curl: Video Exercise Guide & Tips

Step with dumbbells on the bench and lifting the thigh, turning into a reverse lunge

It only looks like a simple exercise, in fact it exhausts you one hundred percent. Stand a short distance from a bench or a comfortable hill. The height of the obstacle is above the knees or to the waist. In the hands of weight. Step forward with your left foot. Climb up on the bench. When you find yourself at the highest point, do not put your right foot on the bench, but lift your right thigh as high as possible to the anatomical maximum. Do not help yourself with your hands, they should be pressed along the body. Return to the starting position by lowering your right foot to the floor. Lunge back, lowering the dumbbells down along the body.

Over 20 Dumbbell Exercises Complete with Animated Diagrams

Dumbbell hyperextension

The BEST Dumbbell Exercises – SHOULDERS EDITION!

Relax your back. Pick up the buttocks by squeezing them. Use a special bench, a simulator, or ask your partner to hold your feet. Grab a dumbbell, put it under your chin, clasp it with your hands crosswise. Relax your back muscles, squeeze the buttocks. Make sure that the body is quietly hung from the bench, and nothing prevented him. Lower the body down, do it slowly. Climb back to a 45 degree angle.

Dumbbell bench press on the mat

The bench is not necessary for this exercise. Lie on your back, legs bent, feet abut the floor at an angle. Dumbbells are located on the shoulders, elbows "rest" and touch the rug line. Pull the shells up, turning them over your head.

Isolate Your Rear Delts – Bent Over Fly Dumbbell Exercise

Alternative bench press

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You are also lying on the floor. The legs are bent at the knee and lean to the floor. Elbows along the body, arms with dumbbells are at right angles to the floor at the level of the abdomen. You straighten your elbows and lift weights above your chest.

Alternate dumbbell bench press

Bent Over Two-Dumbbell Row With Palms In | Exercise Videos & Guides | Bodybuilding.com

Step forward with

The starting position is the Weight Loss Training Program buy steroids uk same as in the two previous exercises. Elbows pressed along the body. You alternately squeeze up one dumbbell, then another. A significant advantage of this exercise is the inclusion of the core and stabilizer muscles in the work of the muscles.

Dumbbell Pullover

Trustworthy Industrial: Dumbbell Workouts – A Smart Way To Exercise. The Regional Cuisines of Chinese Cooking (Part 4 of 4).

Do you want to work on your back, expand it and get the so-called "wings"? This exercise will help you with this and will work the jagged muscles perfectly. Take the starting position: shoulders are on the bench, legs are resting on the floor. The projectile is held above the head by one end with its fingers locked. Doing exercise with large dumbbells (they are also called “barrels”) is much more convenient. The shell freely hangs just below the bench level. Back muscles and buttocks will help you to hold the dumbbell. Lower the weight even lower. You will feel your muscles and tendons stretching. Return the dumbbell back to the SP

Dumbbell set apart

Take a standard position (see the beginning of the article), knees in a bent state. Bend forward, let the body be almost parallel to the ground. Hips slightly displaced inside. Dumbbells hang on straight arms around the kneecaps. Raise the shells to the sides of the shoulders. Return the dumbbells to the starting point. When doing your wiring, your arms should be straight. There should be no bend in the elbow.

Thrust dumbbells to the chest lying on an inclined bench

Quite a difficult exercise. Put the gym bench in an inclined position. Angle – 45 ?. Lie on the bench down. Hands with dumbbells hang in a free relaxed state. Shells parallel to the floor. Pull the weight to the chest using the lat. Squeeze the shoulder blades. Return the dumbbells to the starting position, get ready to repeat. Exercise perfectly works the back, makes it strong and removes grease cleaned.

Dumbbell set apart with bent arms

Take a standard rack. Bend your knees slightly. Lean forward slightly at the hip joint. Place the torso parallel to the ground. Dumbbells hold in front of you on outstretched arms. Bend your elbows slightly. Spread your arms to the side. Elbows should rise slightly above shoulder level. Return to the starting position.

Alternate Dumbbell Bench Press (high start): Video Exercise Guide & Tips

Thrust dumbbells up to the chest

I. p – standard. Dumbbells hang right in front of you at the level of the groin. Deploy them parallel to the floor. Pull the load up along the body. Bring dumbbells to chest level, keep elbows slightly higher than shoulder line.

Rise on back deltas lying on a gymnastic dianabolos 10 bench

Exercise perfectly isolated in isolation rear deltas. Lie face down on an inclined vertical bench. Angle – 45 degrees. Only the rib cage touches the support, you are standing on tiptoes. A pair of dumbbells hang loosely right under you with palms inward. Lift the shells to the sides and back a little, bend your arms slightly at the elbows. Do not tear the chest from the bench, dumbbells do not rise above the elbows, but only slightly divorced.


starting position, your back, Dumbbell exercises advanced, dumbbells chest, exercises advanced

Exercises for hands with dumbbells for women effective complex



Extensors, therefore, to

Exercises for hands with dumbbells for women: an effective complex

Regularly performed exercises for the hands with dumbbells for women will help even at home to form beautiful hands, worthy of admiration.

do not raise your elbows above the level of the shoulder joints;

the shoulder girdle must be lowered, you can not shrug, lift them.

Two-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl | Exercise Videos & Guides | Bodybuilding.com

Control yourself during the exercises, make sure that the trapezium is not involved in the work.

Dumbbell bench press. Standing up weights gives a big load on the lower back. In order to avoid injuries, women need to perform exclusively the “sedentary” version of the bench press, ensuring that the back A weight loss training program is a weight loss system. always remains straight.

Sit on a gymnastics bench or chair with a back and press it against the lower back. The feet rest on the floor, the back is straight.

Hands with dumbbells bend, placing the shells on the level of the ears. The elbows are separated to the sides, the forearms are arranged vertically, the hands are turned forward. This is the starting position.

Lift the weights up, leaving your elbows slightly bent.

Hold up for 2 bills. Dumbbells move in a vertical plane, do not touch, their axes are in one line.

Lower the dumbbells to the testplex 450 for sale starting position. Without pausing, repeat the bench press.

Performing the bench press, remember that this is not a push. The weight should be gently squeezed, not pushed out.

Lifting dumbbells through the sides Sometimes this exercise is called “swing through the sides”. This is wrong; there should be no sweeps when performing it, only smooth, slow movements.

Stand up straight, hands with dumbbells lowered with palms to the body.

14 Min Dumbbell Bicep Workout – Biceps Workout at Home – Bicep Workout with Dumbbells Bicep Exercise

While inhaling, lift the dumbbells across the sides to the horizontal.

At the top point hold up the dumbbells for 3 counts.

The shoulder girdle is lowered, the elbows are “soft”, slightly bent, the axis of the dumbbells in all positions is perpendicular to the body.

On the exhale, lower your hands down.

Important nuances:

lifting must be done slowly, without jerks;

to lift dumbbells no higher than horizontal, in order not to strain the trapezium;

repetitions do without pauses, continuously.

Exercise Ball Dumbbell Flys: Video Exercise Guide & Tips

Of their total

Tricep Training The triceps are located on the back of the shoulders and make up 60% of their total muscle mass. Due to weight loss and age-related changes in many women, the skin of the hands loses turgor and hangs ugly when raising hands. Clearing the triceps helps to eliminate this disadvantage. With an increase in the volume and tone of these muscles, the shoulders become taut, the integuments acquire turgor and do not sag.

Triceps perform the function of the extensors, therefore, to work through them, they use extension exercises. The most popular basic arm extension exercise is the well-known push-ups. They are well working triceps, delta, as well as the pectoral muscles, abs and the entire shoulder girdle.

Purposeful work on the muscles of the hands includes exercises for the triceps with dumbbells, for the girls there will be enough extension of the arms from behind the head and in the tilt.

Arm extension in the slope This type of extension is performed separately for each arm in 3 sets.

Turn your left side to a chair, bend down and lean on the seat with your right hand. The back should be horizontal.

In the right hand, take the dumbbell, palm turned to the thigh. Press the elbow to the body, hanging the dumbbell down. This is the starting position.

Keeping the position of the body, shoulder and elbow unchanged, slowly, smoothly straighten the arm, moving the dumbbell back. Do not straighten the elbow to the end, leave it slightly bent. Delay on 2 accounts forearm straightened.

Slowly return the forearm to its original position.

Move your hand smoothly, do not allow any moves. The elbow should not hang out and fall down. The wrists are strained and fixed relative to the forearms in one position.

Arm extensions due to the headSuch extensions are also performed separately for each arm in 3 sets.

Exercise Index | Incline Dumbbell Rows

Sit on a chair with the back, rest your waist. The feet rest against the floor, the back is straightened.

Raise the dumbbell above your head, holding your hand vertically, palm pointing forward. Bend the elbow to a right angle, lowering the dumbbell behind the head. This is the starting position.

Without jerking, slowly straighten your elbow, straining your triceps at the top.

Return to the starting position.

Keep the body straight, the elbow should not "walk", and the wrist – to hang out. Do not hold the dumbbell in the lowest point, immediately starting the extension. Leave your elbow slightly bent when straightening.

Training bicepsIf the training program of a woman includes strength exercises for the muscles of the chest, back, then the biceps are quite heavily loaded. In such cases, separate exercises for biceps for girls is better not to perform. This is especially true for women with muscles responsive to the load, since many of them are faced with the problem of excessive biceps and quadriceps.

Bending arms for bicepsBiceps are flexor muscles, so flexion exercises are used to work them out.

Starting position – as when sitting up dumbbells. Leaning your lower back on a chair, straighten your back and firmly rest your feet on the floor rexobol 50. Burdens in the lowered hands, palms look forward, elbows are close to the body.

Inhaling, slowly bending the elbows, but without changing their position, gently pull the dumbbells to the shoulder joints.

Exhaling, just as slowly lower the shells down. Do not straighten your elbows completely. Do not pause between repetitions.

Dumbbell Set Fitness Gym Exercise Everfit 25kg | Gym & Fitness | Gumtree Australia Melbourne City – Melbourne CBD | 1199337310

At all stages of the exercise, the shoulders should be kept upright. The movements are smooth, without jerks, wrists are not "walking".

PullupsAlso biceps can be pumped through exercises for hands without dumbbells. The most effective of them – pull-ups on the bar. To facilitate this difficult exercise for women, try performing pull-ups not hanging, but in an inclined position with support on the feet. To do this, you can use either a low crossbar or substitute a leg support under the usual horizontal bar so that the crossbar is approximately at chest level.


bench press, slightly bent, starting position, dumbbells women, lower back, shoulder girdle

Exercises with dumbbells Sport and Health


Of the

Exercises with dumbbells | Sports and health

Training with free weights (barbell, dumbbells, weights) perfectly develop muscle strength and their volume, and bodybuilding often makes the bias exactly on the barbell, and the dumbbells play a supporting role as a revision after heavy movements with the barbell. However, such a scheme does not always turn out to be correct, because dumbbells also act in a special way, since each hand holds the weight on its own, which creates a strong emphasis on working out on each side's trained muscles and teaches to concentrate as much as possible during the exercise, thanks to which it is not only better stimulated muscle growth, but also maintains an accurate and safe technique of movement. Next, we look at several effective exercises with dumbbells that can be done in the gym or at home and achieve excellent results.

Dumbbell bench lying on a horizontal or inclined bench. Exercise promotes good stretching of the pectoral muscles at the lower point of the repetition amplitude and their complete contraction at the top. This combination has a great effect on the development of muscles. The main condition for progress here is to choose the right weight. Dumbbells should be hard enough for truly strength training to ensure muscle response (increasing their strength and mass), but you need to follow high-quality equipment and do 8-10 repetitions, since this range of repetitions works well in bodybuilding, develops strength and muscle volume. It is best of all if a partner insures you in the dumbbell press, which, if necessary, will help you safely complete the set. The option of a dumbbell bench press on an inclined bench head upwards perfectly develops the upper part of the pectoral, as a rule, the most difficult Orbitrek for weight loss How to lose weight doing on the orbitrek for development in this muscle group. A dumbbell bench press downward displaces the load on the bottom. By the way, when scientists decided to find out which exercise most effectively affects the entire region of the pectoral muscles, they used an electromyograph, which showed that the most elaboration of the pectoral muscles causes the dumbbell bench press on an inclined bench head down. Perhaps the whole thing in a special amplitude of this option, because when doing exercises in this way you really feel the maximum inclusion of the pectoral muscles.

Pullover with a dumbbell. A classic exercise that was especially popular among professional athletes of the 1970s and 80s. Many outstanding champions, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, regularly performed pullovers during their competitive career. The movement actively affects the expansion of the chest and helps build powerful pectoral muscles. In addition, the broadest muscles are working intensively, so the question often arises, when exactly do a pullover, when training your chest or back? It is better to do it all the same in the chest complex, and at the very end, because the pullover stretches the chest well, which will be just the way after the previous heavy presses. A more powerful stimulation of muscle growth and their strength is created, conditions for a better recovery are provided (stretching the muscles at the end of the workout contributes to their recovery). The pullover variant across the bench is especially effective (as opposed to the standard body position along the bench), because stretching of the chest and broadest, and the amplitude of repetitions as a whole, is more qualitative due to the lower position of the pelvis relative to the torso at the time of lowering the dumbbell. Thus, when lifting the dumbbell, the muscles are worked out better. Starting position: lying across the bench, located at shoulder level and upper back area. The dumbbell is held in front of him in slightly bent arms. While inhaling, the arms are slowly pulled back. At the lowest point of the amplitude, do not touch the floor with the dumbbell, leaving it above it. On the exhale, the hands return to their original position. It is important to concentrate on the work of the pectoral muscles, feeling their stretching and contraction.

Thrust dumbbells to the belt in the slope. One-sided training plays a special role in building strength and mass, since the muscles of each side are worked out in turn with a fairly heavy weight. The greatest benefit from this type of stress is in training large muscle groups, in particular, the back. Dumbbell dumbbell with one hand creates a strong focus on the right or left side of the back muscles anabolic steroids store, engaging the lower, middle and upper regions. To improve the result, it is necessary to focus as much as possible, feeling the muscles being trained throughout the amplitude of the repetition. Well, it is not difficult to do this, because only one side is loaded. In addition to the main group, the back bunch of the deltoid also participates here, thanks to which the shoulders (deltas) look volumetric when viewed from the side. You can do dumbbells with one foot and hand on the bench (knee and shin on the bench, foot hangs down) or you can hold the dumbbell rack (or something like that) and stand with two legs on the ground. In the version without the foot resting on the bench, the body is fixed stronger, which allows to overcome the heavier weight and maintain stability. At the highest point of the amplitude, the dumbbell rises almost to the level of the belt, and it is necessary not only to pull the arm with the dumbbell up, but to pull the weight with the effort of the back muscles, the arm only performs the function of grabbing the dumbbell. Returning to the starting position takes place in slow motion before straightening the arm and feeling stretching in the back muscles. Then immediately begins a new repetition. Lifting dumbbells on the exhale, lowering on the inhale.

Dumbbell bench sitting. The shoulders effectively develop both with the help of a barbell and dumbbells, but the dumbbell version has several advantages. For example, in the usual press mode, when the palms “look” forward all the time, the dumbbells are held exactly in the middle of the body line without excessive displacement of the hands forward or back, due to which the deltoids, especially the front and middle beams, are worked in the most comfortable position without overloading the shoulder joints . The barbell allows you to do a bench press either from the chest or from behind the head; the arms are moved forward or backward. In both cases, especially in the variant due to the head, the shoulder joints can be overloaded due to full amplitude or too much weight. An important point of dumbbells is also that the muscles of each side work very actively and coordination between them improves, as the hands hold the weight independently of each other. The power of the triceps and the shape of the deltoid are well developed. Best of all, when in this exercise, a partner watches the process, which on occasion helps to safely complete the set. For the dumbbell bench press it is necessary to use a bench with an inclined back at an angle of 80-90 degrees. Keep your back straight to remove the negative load from the spine. The optimal number of repetitions is 8-12. Lifting dumbbells on the exhale, lowering the dumbbells while inhaling.

Exercise of the Day: Dumbbell Side Lunge and Touch

Breeding dumbbells to the side. Another great exercise for the development of the deltoid muscles. Dilution of dumbbells to the side while standing (or sitting) improves shoulder width, directing the emphasis of the load precisely to the middle deltoid tufts, which are responsible for the visual span of the shoulder girdle. In the starting position, the dumbbells should be held in front of you in slightly bent arms, legs shoulder-width apart, back straight. Having inhaled beforehand, on the exhale, arms with dumbbells are divorced to the sides. The most important thing here is to raise your hands with the energetic effort of the deltoid, concentrating on their work. The upper point of the amplitude is at a level just above the shoulders. In the initial position, the palms are parallel to each other, but in the direction of movement the hands unfold and at the top of the palm “look” down. As soon as the dumbbells are in this position, the hands in slow motion come back, breath is taken. After which begins a new repetition, just as you exhale. Breeding can be done standing or sitting on a bench. The sedentary option is more difficult to perform, since the jerky body help due to the legs (cheating) is greatly reduced and you have to lift the dumbbells almost only with the strength of your shoulders. There is also a method aimed at the development of the posterior deltoid beams, and this type of exercise acts quite effectively. Dumbbells are bred standing in the slope or sitting in the slope on the bench. The principle of lifting is the same as in conventional dilutions, the weight is lifted by the force of the shoulders. It is important to feel the work of the deltoid. Often, as a rule, a burning sensation may occur in the completion of the set, which is a kind of indicator of an accurate and effective load. The weight of the dumbbells should be chosen such that 10-12 repetitions are technically correct without strong body swings and arm throws up instead of evenly lifting them, otherwise the useful training effect will reach the shoulders in a minimum amount, and most of it will be lost between the various groups of muscles of the upper body.

Alternate lifting dumbbells for biceps. The uniqueness of training with dumbbells is especially well felt here. Each arm lifts the weight separately, which allows you to better feel the work of the biceps, maintaining a strong neuromuscular connection (brain-muscle connection), which can increase the effectiveness of training. At the end of the set, thanks to the active neuromuscular communication, it is possible to overcome another 1-3 repetitions with willpower with a powerful contraction of muscles. Such an ending set perfectly stimulates muscle growth and strength. In addition, in the dumbbell lifts, you can additionally unfold the brush as the little finger approaches to itself at the highest point of amplitude, which will increase the contraction of the biceps and its development even more. In the initial position, the dumbbells are held in straight arms, the elbows are as close as possible to the body, the back is straight. Before inhaling, as you exhale, bend your right arm, raising the dumbbell to shoulder level, then, while inhaling, lower the dumbbell to the starting position, the elbow remains stationary for the whole amplitude of the repetition. As soon as the right hand returned to the starting position, the left hand begins to move upward also on the exhale and with the same trajectory until it makes its repetition, then the right hand works again and so on. All you need to do 10-12 reps for each hand. Biceps – small muscles and it makes no sense to load them with heavy weights with a small number of repetitions. It is better to focus on quality and proper technique, trying to work out the biceps only without overly connecting other muscles. Although at the anabolics for sale end of the set, sometimes you can use the principle of cheating (helping the body jerk) to perform the remaining repetitions or even do a little more for more powerful training. Lifting dumbbells can be done standing or sitting on an inclined bench. There is also the option of accented study of the brachialis muscle, located under the biceps. The brachialis developed pushes the biceps out, making it visually larger. Therefore, with insufficient natural biceps volume, it makes sense to pump up brachialis. This will help lift dumbbells in the style of "Hammer". The execution pattern is the same as in ordinary alternate dumbbell liftings, except that the palms are always parallel to each other throughout the range of motion. Read more about the hammer here.

Lunges with dumbbells. One of the best exercises for the development of the muscles of the legs (quadriceps) and gluteal muscles. Lunges, even with its own weight, create a significant load on the quadriceps, and with additional burdening, movement becomes even more effective. The exercise can be used to “draw” quadriceps and improve their detail, as well as to increase leg strength. In the initial position, the hands hold the dumbbells on the sides, the back is straight. While inhaling, take a sufficiently wide step forward on the right or left leg and sink into the lunge so that the thigh of the leg on which you squat is parallel to the floor, and the knee of the second leg almost touches the floor. The back is still straight. From the lowest point of the amplitude on the exhale, return to the starting position with the force of the front leg, concentrating on the work of its quadriceps. Then make a new repetition on the same foot. All you need to do 10-12 or 15 repetitions on each side. In lunge, do not use a lot of weight, but rather choose a moderate load and perform repetitions evenly and carefully, focusing on training quadriceps. There is a variant of alternate attacks, in which steps are taken on each leg in turn during the whole set, with the steps you can do on the spot or go forward. However, a more intensive study of quadriceps is better carried out in a one-sided way (in the first set, squat, for example, on the right leg, in the second – on the left leg). By the way, it is not necessary to return from the squat to the full starting position while standing upright. It is enough to rise by the effort of the quadriceps, but remain in the position of the wide step, after which again to descend into the lunge also on the inhale and on the exhale to rise again by the effort of the quadriceps. After completing the specified number of repetitions and having rested for one and a half to two minutes (or feeling good), do lunges for the other leg. Exercise can be performed with a barbell, but it is more convenient to do it with dumbbells, because balance is better maintained, so you do not have to be distracted by keeping the weight, but concentrate fully on the training.

Shrugs with dumbbells. Exercise is aimed at the development of trapezius muscles. In addition to dumbbells, a barbell is also used to perform a shrag; it is held either in front of or behind the back. In the embodiment, when the bar is in the back, the emphasis of the load is significantly shifted to the upper back, the detailing of this area is improved. The uniqueness of the dumbbells is that they allow you to evenly direct the load in the trapezius muscles throughout their location, developing the height of the trapezium and their thickness. Well-developed trapezoid, in turn, create a powerful view for the entire shoulder girdle. In the initial position, the dumbbells are held in straight arms on the sides, the back is straight. Inhaling beforehand, as you exhale, you must energetically raise your shoulders as high as possible to noticeable tension in the trapezius muscles. The arms firmly hold the dumbbells and remain straight. For a moment, lingering at the highest point of the amplitude, while inhaling, slowly lower the shoulders, as if stretching the trapezoid, and then again with a force raise them as high as possible. A total of 10-12 or even 15 repetitions. Schrags are a very volitional exercise that requires mental attitude and perseverance. And although the weight here should be chosen large enough to conduct a truly strength training, the number of repetitions should be decent, since it is such a scheme that contributes to the effective development of trapezoid muscles. At the end of the set, you can use the so-called partial repetition to make the approach to the end and to work out the muscles to the maximum. It is very important to keep your back straight all the time. To fix the lower back, you can use the weightlifting belt. If the forearms have not yet gained enough strength, and the weight of the dumbbells is impressive, then it is better to use wrist straps to safely hold the dumbbells throughout the whole set. The amplitude of repetition should be strictly vertical without rotational movements of the shoulders, so as not to overload the shoulder joints. The arrangement of the dumbbells on the sides so it allows to work out the whole complex of trapezoid, developing their detail and height. It is better to do shrugs at the end of the shoulder workout, since they are an integral part of the shoulder girdle and the most logical would be to combine these muscle groups. Why does the trapezoid come after the deltoid, and not vice versa? The deltoids require increased concentration of attention and fresh strength in heavy presses, and then in dumbbell dilutions, they need several exercises. Trapezoidal is enough one type of power shrag, for example, with dumbbells, 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions. The movement qualitatively stimulates their development.

Standard body position along

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Dumbbell Squat: Video Exercise Guide & Tips


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Expert tips 12 exercises with dumbbells



Be able to correctly

Expert Tips: 12 exercises with dumbbells – Zozhnik

12 T-nation experts talk about exercises with dumbbells.

1. Cup squat

Dr. John Racine, strength and athletic trainer

For some reason, a cup squat is considered a preventive and rehabilitation exercise, which is prescribed only for the elderly and injured. Of course, it can be done for these purposes, but if you take a lot of weight, this version of the squat turns into one of the most effective exercises for increasing the strength and weight of the legs.

Top 5 Dumbbell Bicep Exercises! Build Muscle & Strength!

Why don't the lifters do it? Some are trying to quickly forget about the trauma and shameful movements that they were engaged in the office exercise therapy. And others are simply unaware of his power potential. Cup squats are useful not only for the development of lower muscles, but also strengthen the cardiovascular system and increase stamina. Hold for the approach of burdening in front of you requires significant stability of the shoulder girdle and spine.

Do you think if the barbell is much heavier, then squat with it in everything better? Find the biggest dumbbell in the gym and try to do a maximum of repetitions with it. The next day, you will feel how your legs have worked, and you probably want to include a cup squat in the program. And after a while you will find out that in the usual squatting with a barbell the weight began to grow.

The only warning is: if you are lucky enough to find a giant dumbbell, then do not lift it from the floor, but take it from a bench or a box, like a barbell from racks.

2. Dumbbell bench with turn

Nick Tumminello – Trainer and Writer

I included this exercise in my book “Your Workout Perfected”. In addition to pumping deltas, it works through the muscles that deploy the body and improves the mobility of the pelvic girdle. Very useful for athletes who need to transfer effort from the bottom of the body to the top: boxers, fighters, drummers, athletes, throwers, etc.

Here's how to do it:

Stand up straight, lifting the dumbbells to your shoulders bharat serums.

Squeezing the dumbbell with your right hand, turn left.

To better turn the pelvis, raise your right foot to toe.

Gently lower the dumbbell, turning to its original position.

Then repeat the same in the other direction.

After strict presses, you can add jogging with your legs (see video). This is even more useful for boxers and melee fighters.

Bicep curl exercise for bicep muscles using dumbbells

When you get comfortable with alternate presses, you can try jogging with both hands at the same time; or work only with one hand – this will add power to the blow, and strengthen the hull stabilizers more.

3. Pullover with arm flexion (PJR pullover)

4 Dumbbell Exercises to Build Massive Shoulders (+ Important Bonus Tip!!)

Akash Vagela – Powerlifting and Bodybuilding Trainer:

A couple of years ago, triceps were my lagging group. I constantly went through various exercises and techniques until I learned this movement from Paul Carter. And since then I do it every week. He has two huge advantages: 1) he works out the long head of the triceps better than any other movement, 2) spares his elbows, unlike many exercises for triceps.

A regular pullover is performed in two versions – with straight or bent arms, and then you bend your arms in the process of lowering the dumbbell behind your Sports and workout slimming articles head (the triceps are fully stretched), then, lifting the projectile back, straighten your arms. It turns out the average between a pullover and a French press (arm extension).

Add 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps at the end of each workout top.

4. Triple press

Tom Morrison, weightlifting, martial arts and crossfit trainer:

This is a megaset for gaining weight and developing endurance: you alternate three bench press movements, stretching the approach. Of course, we must be able to correctly perform all these exercises, work them out first with small weights.

Strict bench press: lifting the dumbbells to the shoulders and fixing the position of the body, squeeze the shells with effort only of the triceps and the deltoid ones. Do not help the body and feet.

Jogging press: slightly sit down and, straightening the legs, push the dumbbells at the beginning of the movement, then press with your hands. (in TA it is called “Schwung Press” – translator's note)

Beginning Dumbbell Workout – Easy Exercises to Get Started With Dumbbells

Push in the half-seat: first push the dumbbells, and then sit down a second time, straightening your arms. Then rise from the crouch with dumbbells over your head. In weightlifting, exercise is called “jump jog”.

Try at each workout to increase the weight or add repetitions to the total.

But do not limit yourself to the same range for each movement – do the maximum technical repetitions before you have to switch to the next option.

5. Burpy + lunge

Eirik Sandwick Sports Training Specialist

If you have to rest for a long time between exercises with a basic barbell (and the physical form leaves much to be desired), try this superset:

Lower into the support lying, leaning on dumbbells, and squeeze.

With a jump, place your legs in front of your hands, taking the rest while sitting, and stand up.

Reverse lunge on each leg.

An easy option – when doing lunges with dumbbells in the lowered hands, but you can complicate – lift the dumbbells over your head.

Increase the speed and add repetitions (fulfilling a maximum of 30, 45, 60 seconds) without increasing the working weight. This exercise is for endurance, not for strength. It is best to put it at the end of the workout as a finisher. When you get comfortable, you can alternate with supersets for other muscle groups to get a circular block for 3-5 minutes.

6. Jogging with slow lowering

Joel Sidman, Ph.D., trainer-silovik, specialist in sports training

Sunny Dumbbell Barbell Weight Set 2 – 5 lb Gym Fitness Exercise 815749010063 | eBay

The bench press is a great exercise for developing strength; push leg press adds power; One-handed version connects many stabilizers and improves coordination. Add a slow lowering to it to increase the load on the working muscles.

To each

As a result, you will not only work out the deltas and triceps, but strengthen the shoulder joint, spine, body muscles (and improve posture), which will contribute to progress in other exercises.

Working with one hand and focusing on the negative will help correct the imbalance in the development of muscles. If you have always pressed with only two hands, this option will be difficult at first, but over time will bring many benefits.

It can be performed not only by the force scheme, but also for the development of endurance; add repetitions – and just one set is exhausting like a sprint with maximum acceleration.

7. Cup jump squat

Calvin Heinh, strength coach

Jumping squats are very effective for developing speed and power (and activating the maximum number of fibers), but with a barbell they are somewhat uncomfortable + not very useful for the spine and knees. Even a technical landing with a barbell on the shoulders can overload the joints.

The variant with dumbbells on the sides is better, but also not perfect: you subconsciously strive to reduce your knees so as not to hit the thighs with shells.

But here's a cup squat allows you to fully give all the best, freely working legs, and also unloads the spine. Try to add 3 sets of 5 repetitions on the nearest training of legs.

8. Side swing

Tim Arndt, trainer-strongman

Previously, dynamic ascents through the sides were popular, but today few people make them – and for good reason, they add strength and power to deltas and trapeziums.

Dumbbell Chest Exercises | SoPosted.com

Unlike strict ascents through the sides, the swing is performed with acceleration, and only with one hand. To do this, of course, you will need a reliable support – a power frame or another simulator. And, of course, you should wave without fanaticism, without pulling out a hand from the shoulder joint. When the dumbbell stops lifting and starts to lower, consciously slow down the movement. Accelerated concentric phase and delayed eccentric – the best combination for power and hypertrophy.

9. squat with a dumbbell between the legs

Bret Contreras, a specialist in strength and sports training

This is my client's favorite gluteal exercise, Tawna Eubanks McCoy, serving as a fitness woman. Although the hall bros consider him “girly” and do not even try, believe me, 3 sets of 20 repetitions each with a dumbbell for 50 kilograms will convince the quadra and buttocks of any doubter.

5 Dumbbell Exercises to Build Your Chest and Upgrade Your Bench

Stand on the steppes or plinths to lower the dumbbell between them until the legs are fully bent and the working muscles are stretched. Perform 3-4 sets of 8-20 repetitions. Are the squares still lagging behind? Place pancakes under your heels so that the load is not removed at the top. And for the development of the gluteus alternate this squat with a bridge.

10. French two dumbbell bench press with neutral grip

Mark Dugdale, professional bodybuilder IFBB

Although the variant with a curved neck or with one buy steroids with credit cards dumbbell is common, I suggest trying it with two. This method has several advantages:

neutral grip (palms to each other) relieves the load from the chest, which are included in the version with a barbell,

the separate work with two hands activates the triceps more,

25 Min Total Body Strength Workout – HASfit Dumbbell Workouts – Strength Training Dumbbell Exercises

after strict repetitions, you can change the tilt of the arms and continue the approach (see video), which cannot be repeated with one dumbbell,

This option is much easier for elbows and wrists.

11. “Dumbbell bench press”

Tony Gentilkor, a specialist in strength and sports training

This is one of the best movements for those who seek to build outstanding chest. A barbell is good (you can take more weight), but dumbbells in the bench press are always more effective for the development of infants. The range of movement of the barbell is limited by the neck, plus you perform only lifting, but with dumbbells and a range more, you can add a flattening of the arms, pressing the dumbbells to each other during the whole approach.

I do as a utility after the usual bench press:

Press lying – add weight to heavy approaches for three repetitions,

I unload percent by 10-15% and I do another 3-4 approaches on 3

I finish with this “compressing” dumbbell press in 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

And regularly change the slope: head up, horizontal bench, head down. Try it, and soon your nursing babies will start cutting through the T-shirt.

12. Spider lifting for biceps

Michael Warren – Strength and Sport Trainer

Great exercise to work out a short bundle of biceps. Usually, the biceps sway properly on the lectern, but the spider flexion is better because the muscles in them remain under load at the top of the movement.

One bitz-hack – press the dumbbells to each other during the entire movement and pause at the top point, and then slowly lower it. When you reach failure, move your elbows back a little (reducing the range of motion) and grind out a few extra repetitions.

Source: t-nation.com

Translation: Alexey Republicommando

Exercise Standing Bent Over Dumbbell Row Underhand Grip

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30 exercises with dumbbells for those who want to pump the whole body



Dumbbell Exercises Lifting dumbbells Programming Week Samsung Galaxy Starting position standing abdominal muscles back muscles back straight bench press dumbbell bench dumbbell bench press dumbbells home dumbbells shoulders dumbbells women feet shoulder-width feet shoulder-width apart first time long time lower back lower dumbbells muscle growth muscle mass need dumbbells need dumbbells weighing pectoral muscles position repeat position standing return starting shoulder girdle shoulder-width apart slightly bent stand straight starting position starting position repeat strength exercises strength training uneven bars weight gain your arms your back your hands your head your health your legs

30 exercises with dumbbells for those who want to pump the whole body


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30 exercises with dumbbells for those who want to pump the whole body – Layfhaker

To make a workout for the whole body, it is enough to choose 1-2 exercises with dumbbells from each group. Do exercises 3–5 sets of 8–12 times, and you will have beautiful hands, a press, a chest, a back, hips and buttocks.

Dumbbells can be collapsible and non-collapsible. The latter have a given weight. Collapsible constitute a neck and a set of pancakes. If you plan to engage in strength training and gradually increase the load, buy collapsible equipment: they take up little space and allow you to pick up weight for each exercise.

Collapsible dumbbells

You can buy and non-separable, but take several scales for the exercises on different muscle groups. For shoulders, biceps and triceps need light dumbbells up to 5 kg. For squats, deadlifts and other exercises for large groups of muscles fit shells weighing at least 16-20 kg.

The Best Dumbbell Exercises For A Strong Back

Disassembled dumbbells

Also in the shops you can find dumbbells for fitness with a coating of neoprene or vinyl. They are bright and pleasant to the touch, but too light for strength training and are only suitable for sessions from aerobic exercises.

Dumbbells for fitness

Therefore, even if you are a complete beginner, do not take such dumbbells for strength training. In a pinch, you can always fill a plastic bottle with sand or water and get the same 1.5-2.5 kg.

What exercises to perform

There are many exercises with dumbbells, to list everything does not make sense. Layfhaker chose the most popular and divided them into groups of muscles.

To make a workout for the whole body, it is enough to choose 1-2 exercises from each group. Perform exercises in 3-5 sets of 8-12 times. Pick weight in such a way that the last repetitions in the approach were given with difficulty, but the technique did not deteriorate.

If your dumbbells are too light to load your muscles thoroughly 12 times, increase the number of repetitions in the approach. At the end of the exercise in the muscles should occur fatigue.

What exercises with dumbbells pump biceps

1. Lifting for biceps

Take dumbbells and hold hands with palms to the body. Bend your elbows and bring the dumbbells to your shoulders, while simultaneously turning your wrists out. At the top of the palm should be turned towards the body.

Identify the type of equipment used to complete exercise (i.e. barbell, machine, dumbbell) – All Nursing Essays

This is an isolated exercise for biceps, only forearms work in it. The rest of the body is not involved: no jerks, buildup and other unnecessary movements.

2. Lifting biceps on the bench

Sit on an inclined bench, press the body to the back, feet – to the floor. Dumbbell arms lower so that they hang freely along the body. From this position, lift the dumbbells to shoulder level and lower back. Always return to the starting position to work in full range.

3. Concentrated biceps lifts

Sit on the bench, spread your legs wide, press your feet to the floor. Take the dumbbell in your right hand, pressing the shoulder to the inside of the right thigh closer to the body. Do not put your elbow on the leg: this will remove the load from the biceps and deprive the exercise of meaning. Rest your left knee with your left hand.

Raise the dumbbell. Return your hand to the starting position and repeat.

What exercises with dumbbells pump out triceps

1. Triceps extension with bench support

Put your knee and palm on the bench. Dumbbell take in the other hand. First, bend it at the elbow at a right angle, then straighten it, return it to its original position and repeat. Move only Steroids UK forearm, body position does not change until the end of the exercise.

2. Triceps extensions in the slope

This exercise is similar to the previous one, only performed without support. Tilt the body, slightly bend the lower back. Lower your shoulders and let your arms in elbows form a right angle.

Extend your hands with dumbbells, return to the starting position and repeat. Do not change the position of the body until the end of the exercise.

3. dumbbell bench presses

Clasp the dumb-bell pancake with both hands and lift it above your head. Bend the limbs in the elbows, lowering the projectile behind your back, lift it back and repeat. Do not move your shoulders: only forearms work.

What exercises with dumbbells pump over shoulders

1. Stand dumbbell standing

Raise the dumbbells to shoulder level, expand the chest, reduce the shoulder blades. Now lower your shoulders. Squeeze the dumbbells up and slightly behind the head. Lower them to their original position and repeat.

Dumbbell Position Makes a Difference – Max Fitness | Gym, Personal Training and Exercise Classes

2. Breeding dumbbells

5 Dumbbell Combination Exercises For a Killer Full-Body Workout

Raise your arms with the dumbbells to the sides to shoulder level, lower it back and repeat. Slightly bend the limbs in the elbows, so as not to overload the joints.

3. Breeding dumbbells in the slope

Bend the body to parallel with the floor, slightly bend your knees. Spread the arms with the dumbbells to the sides to shoulder level and bring them back. Perform movement smoothly, without jerks. Do not change the position of the body until the end of the exercise.

What exercises with dumbbells pump your back

1. Dumbbell traction on an inclined bench

Lie on your stomach on an incline bench, lower your arms with dumbbells. Pull the fists with weight to the waist, flatten the shoulder blades and lower the shoulders. Return your hands to the starting position and repeat.

2. Dumbbell to the belt in the slope

Press the bench with your left hand and knee into the bench, straighten your right leg, press your foot to the floor, extend your hand with the dumbbell down. Pull the weight to the Crossfit for weight loss for girls effective training program belt and lower it back. Do not lift your shoulder, do not hunch your back. Do not change the position of the body throughout the exercise. Look at the floor in front of you so that the neck is in line with your back.

3. Thrust dumbbell to the belt in the slope

Bend your back to parallel with the floor or slightly higher, hold the dumbbells in outstretched hands. Lower and straighten the shoulders, pull the weight to the waist, reducing the shoulder blades, and then lower it back. Do not change the position of the body until the end of the exercise.

What exercises with dumbbells pump chest

1. Dumbbell bench press

Lie on the bench, press the feet to the floor. Bend your elbows at a right angle, place your shoulders parallel to the floor or slightly below. Keep your wrists as if you were stinging a barbell. Squeeze the dumbbells up, at the same time unrolling the palms of each other and joining them together. At the top point your fists should meet. Lower the arms to the starting position and repeat.

2. Breeding dumbbell lying

The Best Dumbbell Exercises for Your Arms – Fit Bottomed Girls

Lie on the bench, press the feet to the floor. Connect your hands with dumbbells above you, and then spread them apart, stretching the pectoral muscles. Bend your elbows slightly to protect the joint. Keep your hands in the starting position and repeat.

3. Breeding dumbbells from a right angle

Lie on the bench, press the feet to the floor. Bend your elbows at a right angle, turn your palms toward your body. Straighten your arms, but not completely: at the extreme point, leave them slightly bent to protect the joint. Return the forearm to its original position and repeat.

What exercises with dumbbells pump the hips and buttocks

1. Buttock bridge with support on the bench

Sit on the floor next to the bench, rest your back in it, bend your knees. Raise the pelvis, without lifting the feet. Put your hands on the hips with dumbbells. Straining the gluteal muscles, move the pelvis up to the parallel of the hips and the floor. Go down to the starting position and repeat.

Sit on

2. Romanian deadlift

Stand up straight, hold the dumbbells in outstretched hands, palms should be turned towards the body. Bend your knees slightly, bend with your back straight, move your pelvis back and lower the shells to the middle of your calf. Keep dumbbells close to your legs. Keep your back level. Return to the starting position and repeat.

3. Lunges with dumbbells

Pick up the dumbbells, lunge forward and touch the floor with the knee of the leg behind. Make sure that the lower limbs are bent at right angles and the knee in front does not extend beyond the toe. You can perform attacks in the movement of the hall or on the spot.

4. Lunges with a dumbbell in one hand

Such a variant of the exercise pumps not only the hips, but also the shoulders and the muscles of the core. You should not immediately take a heavy dumbbell: first check your sense of balance by making an exercise with a light weight.

Raise the projectile over your head, pull the other hand to the side. Perform lunges in the movement of the hall. After completing one approach, repeat it with a dumbbell in the other hand.

5. Squatting with dumbbells.

Best Dumbbell Exercises For Biceps

Put your legs shoulder-width apart, turn the socks of the feet apart. Dumbbells hold over your shoulders. Do a squat up to parallel the hips with buy oral steroids uk the floor or below. Keep your back straight and your heels pressed to the floor. Straighten and repeat.

6. Dumbbell traders

This exercise involves several muscle groups: the thighs, buttocks, bark muscles, shoulders and triceps. It is well suited for intensive interval and circuit training for weight loss.

Put your feet shoulder-width apart, turn the socks to the side. Dumbbells hold next to the shoulders. Make a squat, straighten up and, without stopping the movement, squeeze the shells up, slightly leading them over the head.

You are not doing the bench press, but the bench press: use the lift inertia to squeeze the dumbbells up. Therefore, do not pause between squat and bench press.

7. mahi dumbbells

Dumbbell Chest Exercises Archives | Weight Training Exercises 4 You

Another exercise involving several muscle groups. Mahi dumbbells involve the muscles of the hips and back, strengthen the shoulder girdle.

Put your feet shoulder-width apart, slightly turn the socks to the side. Grasp one dumbbell with both hands, bend your back straight, bend your knees and move your pelvis back. Dumbbell place between the legs. With a sharp movement, move your pelvis forward, simultaneously straightening and swinging the projectile upwards. The dumbbell describes a semicircle and ends it above the head. Then you go back to the starting position and repeat the movement.

If you work with your pelvis, the exercise will load the buttocks well; if not, the back extensors. Although both muscle groups will work anyway.

8. Sumo squats with dumbbells

Exercise with an emphasis on the inner thigh.

Put your legs in 1,5–2 times wider than shoulders, turn socks to the sides. Grab one dumbbell with both hands. Do a squat, spreading your knees apart. Keep your back straight and crouch up to the parallel of the hips with the floor. Straighten and repeat.

9. Bulgarian split-squats with dumbbells

Take the dumbbells in your hands, stand with your back to the elevation, put the toe of one leg on it. Do a squat. Check if the knee in front of the standing leg goes out for a sock. If yes, move away from the support slightly. During the squat, try to turn the knee of the supporting leg out.

10. Walking up the box with dumbbells

Walk up the hill with dumbbells in your hands. During lifting, try to slightly turn the knee of the supporting leg out: so the joint is in a more stable position, which reduces the risk of injury.

11. Buttock bridge on the floor with dumbbells

Lie on the floor and rest your feet on it, bending your knees at a right angle. Lift one leg and straighten the knee, put a dumbbell on the hips. Straining the buttocks, move the pelvis upwards so that the body and the raised leg are stretched in one line. Lower the hips on the floor and repeat.

What exercises with dumbbells will press the press and bark muscles

1. Turkish lifting with dumbbells

your back, position repeat, starting position, bench press, starting position repeat, your hands

A set of exercises with dumbbells at home



Dumbbell Exercises Lifting dumbbells Programming Week Samsung Galaxy Starting position standing abdominal muscles back muscles back straight bench press dumbbell bench dumbbell bench press dumbbells home dumbbells shoulders dumbbells women feet shoulder-width feet shoulder-width apart first time long time lower back lower dumbbells muscle growth muscle mass need dumbbells need dumbbells weighing pectoral muscles position repeat position standing return starting shoulder girdle shoulder-width apart slightly bent stand straight starting position starting position repeat strength exercises strength training uneven bars weight gain your arms your back your hands your head your health your legs

A set of exercises with dumbbells at home


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Why dumbbells for basketball

A set of exercises with dumbbells at home

15 basic exercises with dumbbells that can be performed at home. 3 books on the selection and technique of exercises. Video.

Exercises with dumbbells are preferred by more and more athletes around the world. The reason for this popularity lies in the very principle of training with dumbbells: burdening the natural movements of the trainee athlete, thereby increasing the natural load on the muscles. The second reason is that for a quality workout it is not necessary to go to the gym: a couple of square meters and the available tools (for example, a chair) are enough. So, in relation to the space occupied and the effectiveness of the exercises, dumbbells can give odds to many expensive professional simulators.

7 Kettlebell & Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises to Build Strength, Muscle & Power | BOXROX

And if you add accessibility to all of the above (second-hand dumbbells are not so expensive), reliability (how can you break it?) And ease of use – you get a universal home simulator that can fit in a shoe box!

Dumbbell training

Regular and systematic exercises with dumbbells will allow you to not only smoothly build muscle, but also lose weight (high-intensity workouts with small weights), improve dexterity and speed, develop endurance. Dumbbells are a good way to keep yourself in good shape: just 20-30 minutes of doing dumbbell exercises will significantly Training in the heat of how much to drink, how to eat reduce the risk of injury.

The only thing that is not recommended to do with dumbbells until 14 years of age: an increase in loads can only damage the body that has not yet fully formed. Well, after 60 years, it is better not to load yourself with weight training.

By the way, if you still think that you can only pump your arms with dumbbells, I have to disappoint you! Performing workouts with dumbbells, you can use such muscles as:



forearm muscles;

shoulder girdle;

The Top Ten Dumbbell Exercises For Building Strength and Muscle


Top 5 Dumbbell Exercises You Should Be Doing | Generation Iron

leg muscles;

back muscles (including the lower back);

Natural movements

neck muscles, etc.

A few words about why dumbbells for basketball players. The beauty lies in the fact that with the help of a dumbbell you can simulate almost any movement performed in the game itself. For example, you can easily imitate a throwing motion (first, at a customary pace, raising your arms up with simultaneous straightening at the elbow joint) – which will stabilize the throw. Imagine that you jump out with the simultaneous raising of both hands (especially important when trying to prevent the ball from being thrown under the ring and not getting a personal note) – only hold the dumbbells in your hands. With this exercise you can make the jump more explosive, pump up the press and real dianabol for sale ignore the light touches of the hands when throwing. Well, in general, you understand what I mean?

Exercises with dumbbells at home

And now it was the turn of the most interesting: I will tell you about the complex of exercises with dumbbells. More precisely, about one of the variants of the exercise book, which will allow you to effectively develop the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle, as well as strengthen the back, lower back and neck. Yes, and we will work the legs too.

Start with a warm-up. Cold muscles cannot train with the same efficiency as hot muscles, i.e. heated muscles. A good workout consists of 2 parts. The first is to raise the body temperature, and it doesn’t matter how you do it. The main thing that it was exercise.

The second part of the workout should warm up those muscles that will undergo training. Physiologically, it sounds like this: to cause an outflow of blood from the abdominal cavity to the arms (legs, torso). In addition, warming up and warm-up will allow the body to provide a protective lubricant – synovial fluid.

Best 4 Benefits of Dumbbell and Bodyweight Exercises For Women

Now, actually, the exercises themselves:

Dumbbell bench press from behind the head (working on the triceps).

Bending the arms with dumbbells while sitting with a turn (working out the biceps).

Squatting with dumbbells (hips and buttocks).

Lumbar attacks (on hips and buttocks).

Rises on socks with dumbbells.

Arm press on triceps.

Bending the arms with dumbbells while sitting in a straight path (biceps).

12 Best Dumbbell Exercises For Shoulders

T matter how you

Dumbbell bench press (on the chest muscles, triceps, shoulders).

Dumbbell in the slope (upper back and biceps).

Seated Dumbbell Curl | Exercise Videos & Guides | Bodybuilding.com

Lifting dumbbells with a turn sitting (shoulders and triceps work).

Breeding dumbbells lying (chest).

Breeding dumbbells standing (shoulder girdle).

Dumbbell bench press with a turn sitting (shoulder girdle).

Breeding dumbbells in a standing tilt (shoulder girdle).

Dumbbell bench press on an incline bench (chest).

Top Dumbbell Exercises You Should Be Doing – Garage Fit

In principle, these exercises with dumbbells, which you can easily perform at home, should be enough to work out your muscles with high quality. It’s not even easy to work out, but to increase the available muscles by working out muscles from different angles (the basis of effective training premarin online).

What is the key to successful training, besides motivation? The correct answer is correct exercise. This is the plus of the gym: a good coach will always come up and point out mistakes. Tell me how to fix them. What to do to those who decided to wave dumbbells at home? Especially for you, I prepared a small book on how to do the exercises correctly, how many approaches and repetitions you need to perform.

Download the book at the link: download

And I strongly recommend that you read such books as:

Kurt Brungardt – The Perfect Press

Kurt Brungardt – The ideal muscles of the chest and shoulder girdle

Kurt Brungardt – The ideal arm muscles

And on this article is over, I wish you successful training and see you soon on the pages of our site.

shoulder girdle, bench press, dumbbell bench, dumbbell bench press

Bodybuilding Dumbbell Exercises



To better feel

Exercises with dumbbells | Body-building

Exercises with dumbbells are quite simple to perform and are available to everyone who wants to play sports. These were the most popular exercises with dumbbells.

Exercises with dumbbells are quite simple to perform and are available to everyone who wants to play sports. To complete them you do not have to go to the gym, which for many people will be a big plus.

Performing simple movements, you can achieve good results, even doing at home.

The main thing is to correctly perform these exercises and to know which of them affects which muscle groups.

Below are the main and most popular exercises with dumbbells. Performing them with the right technique guarantees good results.

3 Exercise 1 Dumbbell Metcon Countdown Workout – Time, Space and Equipment Efficient Training


Exercises for training biceps.

Lifting dumbbells for biceps standing.

Lifting dumbbells for biceps sitting.


Concentrated lifting for biceps.

Exercises for training triceps.

Extending the arm with a dumbbell from behind the head.

French press with dumbbells.

Tricep bench with dumbbells.

Dumbbell kickback exercise instructions and video | Weight Training Guide

Arm extension with a dumbbell back in the slope.

Exercises for shoulder training.

Dumbbell bench sitting.

Arm Arnold.

Shoulder broach with a dumbbell.

The layout of the dumbbells to the sides.

Lifting dumbbells in front of you.

Breeding dumbbells in the slope.

Lifting dumbbells to the side lying on its side.

Exercises for training the pectoral muscles.

Dumbbell bench press on a horizontal bench.

Dumbbell bench press on an incline bench.

Dumbbell bench lying on an incline bench with a lower slope.

The layout of the dumbbells lying.

Pullover with dumbbell.

Exercises for training the muscles of the back.

Shrugs with dumbbells.

Thrust dumbbell in the slope.

Chest Exercises For Women With Dumbbells

A single dumbbell in the slope.

Exercises for training legs.

Squatting with dumbbells.

Dumbbell palms-down wrist curl exercise for forearm

Lunges with dumbbells.

Thrust dumbbells on straight legs.

Exercises for training biceps

In this section, we will consider exercises with dumbbells that affect the muscles of the arms, namely the biceps.

Lifting dumbbells for standing biceps

The end of

In terms of impact on the biceps, this exercise resembles similar arm flexion with a barbell, which is the best basic exercise for training your arms. Based on this, it can be argued that lifting dumbbells for biceps is also the best. The use of dumbbells allows you to better feel the load, and also, due to the rotation of the brushes at the top point Steroids for Sale Online of the exercise – to work out the target muscles more deeply. Exercise can also be performed alternately with each hand.

Lifting dumbbells for sitting biceps

This position allows you to more correctly perform the exercise. If in the previous version it was possible to help yourself with the movement of the body and use the lower back muscles, then sitting it will be more difficult to do. Dumbbells can be lifted both at once with both hands, and with each hand alternately.


By slightly changing the position of the brush, we also change the emphasis of the load received by the biceps. In this variant of the exercise, the shoulder muscle (lateral part of the forearm) and the lateral part of the biceps receive the main load. Thus, the implementation of this exercise will make your biceps grow thicker and give your arm a more impressive size.

Concentrated biceps lift

Exercise provides the maximum concentration of the load on the biceps. Performing this rise, mainly develops the tip of the biceps, its peak. No other exercise has a similar effect on the biceps.

See also:

Standing Dumbbell Calf Raises – Calf Exercise – Bodybuilding.com | Madbodybuilding.com

Biceps exercises

Exercises with dumbbells for training triceps

Arm extension with a dumbbell from behind the head

Probably the most popular exercise with a dumbbell for the triceps. Its main purpose is to work out the long head of the triceps, namely its lower part. However, although to a lesser extent, all three heads of the triceps receive the load. Exercise can be performed both standing and sitting.

Dumbbell french press

This exercise is more basic than the previous one. It is analogous to the French bench press, however, the use of dumbbells makes the amplitude of movement deeper, and the modified rotation of the hands significantly reduces the load on the forearms. All three triceps heads are actively involved in the exercise.

Tricep bench with dumbbells

Another option for training triceps. As well as in the previous exercise, all three heads of the triceps receive, but from a different angle, which allows to work out some muscle fibers more qualitatively.

Arm extension with a dumbbell back in the slope

Exercise maximally isolates the load on the triceps and allows them to work out very well. It is recommended to perform at the end of training triceps, after heavier exercises.

See also:

Triceps exercises

The Firm Sculpting Stick 3-in-1 8 LB Weighted Exercise Bar Aerobic Dumbbells | eBay

Exercises for shoulder training

Dumbbell bench press sitting

The main load from this exercise falls on the lateral (middle) sections of the deltoid muscles. The front and rear are also sufficiently loaded. Dumbbell bench sitting can be performed with both hands simultaneously or alternately with each hand. It can also be performed in a standing position, but it is not recommended so as not to overload the lower back.

Press arnold

The exercise is similar to the previous one, however, due to changing the buy real steriods position of the elbows and turning the hands during its execution, the load mainly lies on the front sections of the deltas, making the shoulders more thick.

Shoulder broach with dumbbell

Similar shoulder pull with a barbell is considered one of the best exercises for developing strength and weight of the shoulders. Therefore, the dumbbell broach should also be treated with respect. Although the barbell allows you to work with heavier weights, but the dumbbells have their advantages. Exercise actively uses all three bundles of deltoid muscles. Also included in the work of the biceps and trapezium.

Dumbbell set apart

This formative exercise allows you to isolate the deltoid muscles. The main load is the side (middle) part. The use of a relatively small weight allows the hands to make more accurate movements and more deeply affect the deltas. Exercise can be performed in a sitting position.

Lifting dumbbells in front of you

Similar to the previous exercise, it also has an insulating effect on the deltoid muscles. However, in this embodiment, the bulk of the load is concentrated on the front beams.

Breeding dumbbells in the slope

Another type of isolating exercise on the deltoid muscles. In this embodiment, the main load falls on the rear beams of deltas.

Lifting dumbbells to the side lying on your side How to lose weight with the help of jogging – a training program and useful tips – All about treadmills

A characteristic feature of this insulating exercise is that the load on the shoulders to go to bed at the very beginning of the movement. At the same time, the lateral and posterior deltoid muscle bundles are involved simultaneously.

See also:

Exercises on the shoulders

Exercises with dumbbells for training the pectoral muscles

Dumbbell bench press on a horizontal bench

This is a basic exercise for developing strength and mass of the pectoral muscles. The horizontal position allows you to load mainly the average bundles of pectoral muscles. The use of dumbbells allows you to give the exercise more than the same barbell weight amplitude of motion, which in turn allows you to work out the muscles more deeply. Read more about the dumbbell bench press.

Valeo 8-Pound Neoprene Hand Weight Dumbbells For Fitness Training And Gym Workouts, Dumbbell Set Includes Exercise Wall Chart | Work Out Wear

Dumbbell bench press on an incline bench

The modified angle of inclination of the bench, allows you to shift most of the load on the upper parts of the pectoral muscles, thus working them out qualitatively. The tilt angle should be between 25-45 degrees.

Dumbbell bench press lying on an incline bench with a lower slope


bench press, dumbbell bench, Lifting dumbbells, Exercises training

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