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Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Substance: Endurobol (GW1516)
Package: 10mg (100 pills)

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Hennos 10 – a drug of gene doping from PharmaCom Labs (China). It is available in oral form (tablets with an active substance concentration of 10 mg / tab) and is intended for oral administration (by mouth). This is a non-steroid drug, so the side effects of both an androgenic (from acne to face and body hair), estrogenic (from fluid retention to estrogen gynecomastia) and progestogen (from suppression of libido to progestin gynecomastia), bypasses it.

Hennos 10: Property Description

The drug has active active substance (known as or cardarin). It was originally synthesized by GlaxoSmithKline (UK) and Ligand Pharmaceuticals (USA) as a medicinal product. It was created for the treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, however, in connection with the potential carcinogenicity, manufacturers were forced to stop its testing. Fortunately, a promising development was picked up by numerous informal companies, subsequently released on its basis both tableted and injected products.

The mechanism of action of Hennos 10 is carried out at the gene level, unlike most of the currently prevalent doping drugs in sport. The drug is an agonist of receptors excited by a peroxisome proliferator, a subtype of δ. It affects the metabolic pathways activated by physical activity, causing an increase in endurance, a surge of energy and fat burning.

In connection with the specific effect, Hennos 10 or Hennos Oral 10 is adopted in those sports disciplines where a high level of athlete’s endurance is required, and in other sports it is used primarily as a fat burner on drying (solo or combined with other topical pharmaceuticals, peptides and / or steroids).

Hennos 10 has a pronounced effect on the process of energy release: (presumably!) The substance, promoting the oxidation of fat cells and the acceleration of metabolism, provokes increased use of fat as an energy source, which is mutually beneficial for athletes. Also, improvements are expected: normalization of blood pressure and general strengthening of the cardiovascular system of the patient.

It is important that Hennos Oral 10 does not have a sex-specific effect, so it is considered relatively harmless for both men and women in sports. The risk of development of androgen-induced virilization (formation and accumulation of secondary male sexual characteristics in women) is absent even with long-term administration of high doses of the product.

Hennos 10: course of admission

Since refers to the new type of doping for the sport pharmacology market, gene doping, it is still assumed that its drugs can develop athletic performance even without training. However, it is precisely known that the optimal progress with their help can be achieved precisely in the implementation of sports lifestyle: by combining the application of the product, exercise, nutrition and recovery.

The correct application of Hennos 10 in accordance with the recommendations provokes an increase in endurance, an acceleration of metabolism and an improvement in blood pressure, and also enhances the fat burning processes that the body uses as a source of energy.

The average recommended dosage of Hennos 10 is 5-20 mg per day, which most people are sufficient for visible development without significant health consequences.

The course of  Hennos 10 can effectively last up to 8 whole weeks, like peptides, steroids and other sports-relevant doping agents. Longer it if used, then at a high level of experience in sports and familiarity with the substance. It is optimal to select the working dose, the frequency and duration of the reception individually, depending on the need and portability.

Hennos Oral 10 is a poorly understood drug, so that your course of use has passed without consequences, in advance it is recommended to be examined, excluding contraindications, and to consult, having received individual instructions.  Contraindications to the intake of the product may be cardiovascular disease and abnormalities in the nervous system. He has no hepatotoxicity and in general the risk of side effects is considered to be minimal. As a consequence, post-course therapy (at least after a solo course) is not required.

Hennos 10: customer reviews

Gene doping, like AICAR or, is a new phenomenon for athletes, so information about its properties is still being specified, and details about the courses are being installed. Such products should be regarded as test, using at your own risk.

Hennos 10’s reviews are mostly positive, so it can already be concluded that he has a predominant benefit over side effects. In fact, athletes who take pills, note the increase in muscle endurance, which has a positive effect on the intensity of training. They also describe the progress in fat burning and the improvement of the cardiovascular system.

Ambiguous reviews of Hennos Oral 10 if found, then among athletes who incorrectly picked up the dosage or incorrectly compiled the scheme of use. In such cases, problems with digestion are registered, from nausea to vomiting.

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Endurobol (GW1516)


10mg (100 pills)


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