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Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Substance: Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin)
Package: 5mg (50 pills)

Halobol (Fluoxymesterone) is a very potent oral steroid that exhibits extremely strong androgenic properties. In the males, the drug has been prescribed for conditions including conditions associated with symptoms of deficiency or absence of endogenous testosterone and delayed puberty. In the females, Fluoxymesterone has been used to treat androgen responsive recurrent mammary cancer. For bodybuilders and strength athletes Fluoxymesterone (known as Halotestin to them) offers several distinct advantages over other drugs. However, these come with some serious potential side effects. It is because Halotestin is such a strong androgen that it is such a sought after compound by some individuals, but also so poorly tolerated by others.

Effects of Halotestin

  • Increase in aggression during training.
  • Reduction of water in the tissues.
  • Burning of subcutaneous fat.
  • Increase in strength and speed, impact on endurance.
  • Improvement in the tone of the body.

Usage of the drug

Halotestin is not recommended to be used by beginners to the use of sports pharmacology and women. The daily dose for men is generally 10-20mg and this dose is divided into two parts. The duration of the cycle should stay in the range of 4 to 6 weeks. After the cycle, PCT (post-cycle therapy) with Nolvadex should be carried out.

Professionals can combine Halotestin (20mg per day) with testosterone and Deca for a duration of six weeks: Testosterone Enanthate should be taken at 500mg per week and Nandrolone Decanoate at 600-800mg per week. After the anabolic cycle is over, take 50mg of Oxandrolone daily for two weeks, and then start PCT.

Side effects

Halotestin is a potent steroid so there are some side effects associated with its use. In high doses, Halotestin is toxic to the liver and may cause acne, nasal bleeding, headaches, excessive aggression, and frequent erections.

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Alpha Pharma


Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin)


5mg (50 pills)


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    Got my packs of Halobol through after about 11 days ish. The Alpha products are always good in quality but I manly grab the injects. Been using the Halobol which is alpha’s version of Fluoxymesterone and they are pure dynamite. They dont give the watery mass or volume like the Oxys but they certainly kick you in the butt much harder than the other strong orals. Been running this brand for 8 weeks now and feel amazing. I dont even bother using the jabs for these short sweet cycles, as these tabs I find give better results on a quick blast! Best orals on the doping market period.
  2. :

    Ever since I started using Halobol, I was having the worst anger issues. I still continue using this because of the strength it gives me and the muscle hardness was incomparable! This is also very effective as a powerlifting supplement.
  3. :

    I am currently using Halobol at 20 mg. I am prepping for a big regional show and decided to use this. I use this along with 50 mg of winny and var and my liver enzymes arenow probably having a hard time lol. Kidding aside, I’m taking TUDCA with this to somehow protect my liver. Anyway, halobol is so potent your muscles will get hard in an instant. I did not get the aggression everyone has been talking about. This dried me out and it makes my muscles the hardest. It has now become my favorite compound! My coach has been devoted to halobol and I am glad that I also used this! Thanks Alpha Pharma for this incredible drug!
  4. :

    Halobol is really great for immediate increase in strength and aggression. However, due to this toxicity, it is not recommended to use it at a longer time. I am only using this to increase my strength and endurance. Still a good product though.
  5. :

    Halotestin is incredible at increasing aggression before a heavy lifting session. Trust me if you are planning on hitting a big deadlift PR, pop some halo before training and you will see the difference it makes! It won’t be the best out there for making you add huge amounts of new tissue, but it works miracles for strength!

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