Recommendations on the choice of PCT after a course of testosterone

Recommendations on the choice of PCT after a course of testosterone

To obtain the maximum possible efficiency from testosterone and to minimize possible complications against the background of its intake, it is not enough to develop a course use plan. It is advisable to supplement the course therapy with auxiliary means gnc testosterone booster supplements. At what some drugs need to be combined with steroid substances, and the rest to enter after completion of the entire program.

In our article we will present in detail the basics and recommendations that will help you choose the right post-course therapy, and offer the most effective means.

Recommendations on the choice of PCT after a course of testosterone muscle mass

The content of the article:

one. Tasks of post-course therapy.

2 Causes of muscle loss.

3 Restoration of hormonal balance.

four. Healthy lifestyle.

five. The list of drugs:

  • Antiestrogenic means
  • Testosterone Boosters
  • Cortisol inhibitors
  • Growth hormone
  • Omega-3
  • Peptides
  • Chorionic gonadotropin

Objectives of post-course therapy

The restoration of the body after a testosterone course has the following objectives:

Recommendations on the choice of PCT after a course of testosterone testosterone course
  • minimizing unwanted effects;
  • reducing the testosterone foods to eat risk of possible consequences;
  • achieving maximum performance from steroid hormone.

The complex therapy includes tools that are aimed at solving important problems:

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  • prevention of feminization - the appearance of female sexual characteristics in men;
  • prevention of atrophic changes in the testicles and oligospermia (decrease in sperm volume);
  • restoration of hormonal levels;
  • warning of possible rollback.

Causes of muscle loss

Rollback is a phenomenon in which muscle mass is lost after a steroid course. This phenomenon can last for 30 days. But at the same time, the rate of rollback increases if the maintenance program is illiterate or testosterone is taken in high dosages.

It is worth noting that a decrease in muscle mass is expected by each athlete. Improved muscle trophies during the training period due to the increase in muscle fibers and an increase in their thickness. The timolino icon pct 46k use of anabolic steroids significantly accelerates this process, the result of which is the increase in muscle mass and strength characteristics.

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IMPORTANT! After testosterone exposure, the muscle fibers begin to contract in volume, which is reflected in the muscles.

Restoration of hormonal balance

To reduce possible muscle losses after stopping testosterone, it is necessary to normalize hormones, in particular, the level of male hormones. That is why the main therapeutic task is to restore the secretion of endogenous testosterone.

First of all, you the effects of low testosterone should wait until the complete disintegration of the hormone that has arrived from outside. As a rule, exogenous testosterone is destroyed within 14-21 days.

The second, no less important, direction is considered to be the effective lowering of female hormones, the level of which increases when taking anabolic steroids. In men, testosterone and estrogen are generally in balance, so its important to balance them.

Healthy lifestyle

Perhaps the leading role for the rehabilitation of hormonal levels after a testosterone course is played by lifestyle. To restore the functional activity of the endocrine organs it is necessary:

  • eliminate harmful habits (alcohol, tobacco and other addictions);
  • give preference to a balanced and balanced diet;
  • to live an active lifestyle.

Alcohol abuse leads to suppression of the pituitary activity and function of the hypothalamus, which inhibits testosterone metabolism and causes damage to spermatozoa.

Tobacco smoking significantly icd 9 low testosterone reduces the synthesis of sex hormones, the mobility and ability to fertilize male germ cells.

The correct approach to nutrition improves metabolism, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the hormonal sphere and the synthesis of sperm. In order to speed up spermatogenesis, it is recommended to use protein products in the daily diet.

The daily menu should be supplemented and diversified:

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  • chicken meat and turkey meat;
  • beef and rabbit meat;
  • marine fish species;
  • seafood.

Immediately after the testosterone course, regular workouts in a dosage regimen are helpful in order to eliminate possible overwork. In addition to the exercises for the development of power indicators, it is necessary to include a swimming pool, cycling and pct football meaning walking.

Drug List

Maintaining a correct lifestyle implies a positive effect on the body as a whole and maximum effectiveness from the use of steroid drugs.

Antiestrogenic means

This group of funds include: clomiphene, toremifene and tamoxifen. Tamoxifen, which is freely sold through the pharmacy chain at an affordable price, shows the greatest efficiency. The effect of this tool is associated with the effect on the receptor apparatus of estrogen, after reducing which testosterone synthesis is regularly restored.

Principles of using tamoxifen in combination with aromatase blockers:

  • The tool is introduced 7 days before the completion best serm pct of the full course.
  • Therapeutic course is 21 days.
  • The optimal daily dose is 15 mg.

If drugs blocking aromatase are not used, then tamoxifen is used after 7 days from the start of testosterone administration and is stopped to be administered 14 days after the end of the course.

Testosterone Boosters

Boosters are biologically active compounds that contain vitamins and substances of plant origin. They restore the balance of hormones at a physiological level and at the same time stimulate the production of testosterone naturally. You can buy boosters in specialized stores of sports nutrition and in the pharmacy chain.

Tribulsterrestris is the booster component, differing in the greatest effect. It turns out as a result of an extract from a plant with an identical name. It is useful to introduce a supplement based on this compound after 21 days after the end of the course. It should soy effect on testosterone be noted that the booster works exclusively during the administration period, since after its cessation of use, its positive effect is reduced to zero.

Cortisol inhibitors

As cortisol blockers, special additives are used to suppress which hormone regulates the fight or flight response the mass breakdown of complex compounds and to prevent the damaging effects on muscle fibers.

This category of funds includes:

  • protein;
  • BCAA;
  • ascorbic acid.

They are prescribed after completing the testosterone course and continue to take 21-28 days.

Growth hormone

The consumption of growth hormone as a post-course effect makes it possible to maintain the resulting increase in muscle mass. Against the background of this tool improves muscle relief, decreases the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, depression and anxiety syndrome.

Somatotropic hormone is sold in powder form, which is pre-dissolved in water for injection. The resulting composition is injected strictly under the skin 1 time per day. For proper injection, it is necessary to form a skin fold on the surface of the abdomen and make an injection at an acute angle (45 degrees).


Taking omega-3, the body gets the optimal amount of fatty acids. Against the background of this complex, the cardiovascular super pct warrior labz system comes under protection - cholesterol and blood lipid composition are normalized. It is advisable to use after the testosterone course as an aid. But it is recommended to enter in combination with the hormone, and then continue to receive another 14 days after the end of the course therapy.


Peptides affect the body like somatotropin. They prevent muscle loss, have a beneficial effect on the myocardium and vascular walls, eliminate the causes of anxiety and possible depression. Thus, by stimulating the synthesis of somatotropin, the body as a whole is restored.

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These compounds are used in combination with steroid drugs, and subsequently complement the post-course recovery. The duration of use of protein supplements may vary and be 7-28 days.

IMPORTANT! GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 should not be used as adjuvants because convention of the union of paris pct they are stimulants of the prolactin and cortisol synthesis. For PCT, it is advisable to prescribe ipamorelin at a dosage of 1 g / kg body weight.

Chorionic gonadotropin

Chorionic gonadotropin prevents the development of atrophy in the testicles, undesirable effects (against the background of testosterone) and leaves muscle volume intact. That is why it is used in parallel with the testosterone course for get a viagra prescription online muscle growth and as a part of FCT.

CG is administered by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, after having dissolved the powder form in injection water or saline solution. The effect of gonadotropin lasts up to 6 days, and its half-life is on average 6 hours.

PCT involves the use of drugs and dietary supplements to obtain maximum results from testosterone courses and prevent unwanted effects. Favorable outcome, namely the smallest muscle loss after stopping the intake of anabolic steroids, contributes to healthy lifestyles.

Thanks to a rational approach to the therapeutic course, which is based on the use of testosterone, and its proper maintenance, you can achieve high results and keep them for a long time.


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