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Manufacturer: Himalaya
Substance: Various Herbal Ingredients
Package: 100 pills

Liv-52 is a complex herbal preparation that exerts anti-inflammatory, choleretic, hepatoprotective and anti-intestinal effects on the liver. Also, these tablets and drops are used for disorders of the digestive process, as well as lack of appetite and anorexia.

According to the authors of the instruction on the use of the drug, the drug has a hepatoprotective effect, in particular, the stabilizing effect acts on:

  • membranes of hepatocytes;
  • biological synthesis of phospholipids;
  • protein metabolism;
  • the structure of the hepatic tissues, in particular, prevents the growth of fatty and fibrous tissue.

The drug is prescribed to normalize the ratio of globulin and albumin in the blood, stabilizing the indices of other components, for example, ALT, AST components of liver samples, significantly reduces the level of cholesterol.

Also, the creators emphasize the influence of Liv 52 on the composition and functional characteristics of bile. Its release under the influence of the drug increases, the bile becomes more liquid, capable of washing out the formed small stones and, thereby, preventing the formation of new stones. The gallbladder, at the same time, is better reduced and least affected by inflammation.

Not in the instructions for use and the topic of alcohol damage to the liver, Liv 52 is able, due to its anti -intoxication effect, to reduce the level of ethanol and speed up the process of its elimination. The same process reduces the likelihood of a “hangover” or makes this period softer.

Forms of issue Liv 52

On sale there is Liv 52 in two versions of the dosage form of the release: in the form of tablets and drops.

Tablets have a round shape, they are green with a gray tint and numerous light and dark patches on the surface.

The drops are enclosed in a glass bottle of dark glass, they have a specific smell, dark brown color and a viscous consistency. Droplets are produced in a volume of 60 ml, the package is equipped with a pipette.

What does the preparation consist of?

As already mentioned, the composition of the drug is complex and even numerous. In particular, Liv’s 52 tablets are based on:

  • powder from chicory seeds;
  • powder of capers;
  • powder of dry yarrow;
  • powdered nightshade;
  • grated arjuna bark of the terminal – an evergreen tree growing in India;
  • crushed cassia seeds – shrubs, with fruits-beans containing flat, small seeds;
  • iron oxide;
  • a steam extract of a plant mixture from an extract of a seed radish, a medicinal embryo, an extract of Ceylon lead, a medicinal hamster, an extract of tinospora, Berhavia, embelia, philanthus, and terminology and the white ecliptic.

As additional substances are indicated:

  • magnesium stearate – defoamer, stabilizer, the standard additive in most medications, referred to as E-572;
  • sodium croscarmellose – powder substance of white color without a special smell, necessary in medicines for their complete dissolution in gastric fluids;
  • cellulose microcrystalline – a drug substance, otherwise known as dietary fiber;
  • as well as sodium carboxymethylcellulose – abbreviated as E466, a substance belonging to a number of food stabilizers.

The composition of the drops is slightly different, it has the same basic ingredients as in tablets, but as additional substances were used:

  • sodium citrate;
  • propyl- and methylparaben sodium;
  • purified water;
  • sucrose;
  • and flavor with taste and vegetable extract of peach.

What are the indications for the preparation of Liv 52?

As a rule, indications for the use of Liv 52 are:

  • hepatitis of any of the possible characters (viral hepatitis, autoimmune, toxic hepatitis, and also alcoholic hepatitis);
  • fatty hepatosis;
  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • prevention of the harmful effects on the liver of antibiotics, antimycotics, antipyretics and antituberculous agents;
  • state of anorexia.

Contraindications Liv 52

Do not take the drug to treat liver disease in the case when the patient has:

  • allergy to any of the components of the drug;
  • in female patients – pregnancy or lactation (even in the presence of hepatitis).

In other cases, Liv 52 should be used with extreme caution.

Special instructions for use

With special care, Liv 52 should be used to treat liver diseases in acute stages of gastrointestinal tract diseases.

In turn, the drops, unlike many drops of release, do not contain alcohol, so they are often used in pediatrics and with the goal of diluting the bile in adults. In addition, because of the lack of alcohols – this is the most useful liquid hepatoprotective drug for the liver of this drug group.

Use of Liv 52 in bodybuilding and in intensive training

The preparation Liv 52 is used not only as a hepatoprotector, but also as support of the body with muscle growth and hormonal stimulation in training.

As is known, hormones are capable of inducing pathological changes in the liver, it may be recommended by a doctor to use Liv to protect the tissues of the organ and strengthen the membranes of hepatocytes.

Followers of muscle mass, you need to take 2 tablets twice a day, the duration of therapy appoints individually a doctor, a nutritionist or an experienced trainer.

How to use tablets: dosage, features, course of treatment

Tablets of the drug Liv 52 drink regardless of eating.

Adults with a therapeutic purpose are recommended to take 2-3 tablets three times a day.

The course of treatment is set by the doctor individually, usually one month.

How to use drops: dosage, features, course of treatment

Drops of the drug Liv 52 also drink without any difference from eating.

For adults, 80-160 drops are prescribed to treat the liver, which is equivalent to one or two teaspoons, twice a day.

The general course of treatment of Liv 52 should be at least a month.

Treatment of children with the help of Liv 52

Tablets are allowed to be taken for medicinal purposes to children from 6 years of age, 1 or 2 tablets prescribed by a doctor 2 times or 3 times a day are required.

What are the possible side effects?

Unfortunately, even the herbal preparation has side effects, especially the following reactions.

Adverse reactions of the body to taking the drug Liv 52

Reacting system of the body


Skin covers

Itching, rash, swelling, redness, the most complex reaction is rightly considered toxic necrolysis of the skin.

Digestive system

Nausea, slight change in stool consistency or diarrhea, bloating.


Is it true that Liv 52 is able to cause cancer?

Recently, the topic of stimulating the liver cancer drug is very often discussed. So it is or not, the manufacturer does not give official information about this, however, the multiple responses of those who use the medicine for a long time and the doctors prescribing the drug convince that the information on the carcinogenicity of the drug is not more than a “duck”. Moreover, none of the components of the drug has a carcinogenic nature.

Analogues of the drug or what can replace Liv 52

Analogues completely similar in composition to Liv-52 are not available, however, similar actions on liver tissue have other hepatoprotectors. In particular, they are:

  • Methionine L and D;
  • drugs with ademethionine;
  • preparations with Alpha-lipoic acid;
  • Hepatosan;
  • Essentiale;
  • The Essler;
  • Karsil;
  • Glutargin;
  • Vitanorm;
  • Ursofalk;
  • Berlition and others.

To replace the drug with a drug group with Ademethionine, in particular, a doctor can choose Heptral, you will need to take 2 to 4 tablets 2 or 3 times a day. At the same time, it is important to construct the optimal schedule for taking the medicine for the liver, for example: take 1 or 2 tablets on an empty stomach in the morning, half an hour before lunch, 2 more pills for two times and one for three meals a night, if necessary until 6:00 pm, drink another tablet .

To replace the medicinal drug Essentiale, you need to undergo a 3-month course of treatment with this drug. To adolescents from 12 years old and all adults with therapeutic purpose it is recommended to drink 2 capsules three times a day, and, together with food.

Using with advantage for the liver as a substitute, Glutargin should take 3 tablets with 250 mg of active substance or 1 tablet with 750 mg, three times a day. Drug dependence on eating does not have treatment. The course of treatment takes 15 days, if necessary, the doctor can increase the daily dose to 8 grams per day and 2 grams at a time.

If the doctor assumes that it will be able to cope with the replacement, Berlition, or rather lipoic acid in its composition, capable of neutralizing in the body liver-harmful processes, it will take one 600-milligram capsule per day or 2 with three hundred milligrams of active substance. It is better to take capsules half an hour before meals, because Simultaneous consumption of food with a medicinal capsule will complicate the absorption of useful components.


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Various Herbal Ingredients


100 pills


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    I use this stuff all the time. I’m not a steroid user tbh, I just like to make sure my health is in order, and these work wonders when it comes to supporting the liver.
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    Liv.52 is the real deal when it comes to liver support. It’s packed with natural ingredients that help detoxify your liver and promote healthy liver function. And let’s be real, your liver is gonna take a beating when you’re running oral compounds, so it’s important to give it some extra love and support

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