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Anastrazolos 1 has an active substance Anastrozole. It is a popular inhibitor of aromatase and most recently appeared in the sports market. Initially, the drug was created to prevent breast cancer. The drug can reduce estrogen in the circulatory system and slow inflammation. Anastrazolos can be bought at an optimal price.

Basically, bodybuilders use the drug to eliminate the negative effects that appear due to the use of steroid drugs. The remedy is used by professional athletes on long courses of strong steroids. Anastrazolos, the price of which is acceptable for each athlete, gives excellent results in powerful cycles.

The drug has an active ingredient anastrozole. It is a selective inhibitor of aromatase, an enzyme involved in the process of aromatization, the formation of estrogen (female) hormones. Initially, anastrozole, like its analogues letrozole and vorozole, was developed and produced only for use in medicine: for tumors of the breast (breast) and other oncological diseases in women.

Anastrazolos 1(anastrozole) refers to the third, last generation of aromatase inhibitors. From antiestrogenic tamoxifen and clomiphene, citrate differs not only in the power of the effect, but in the mechanism of action (tamoxifen and clomiphene, according to the type of action, are blockers of estrogen receptors).

Anastrazolos 1 is not a steroid drug – it does not have pronounced anabolic, androgenic or progestagenic properties (but it can indirectly, by feedback, when a decrease in the level of estrogen leads to an increase in the level of androgens, promote anabolic and androgenic processes, reduce the fat layer and eliminate excess fluid).

Antiestrogen Anastrazolos rarely provokes side effects. But completely exclude the possibility of manifestations of violations from the central nervous, digestive, endocrine systems, as well as metabolism and allergic reactions can not. In order to exclude potential risks, it is recommended to be examined before reception, to get a specialist’s advice and, if necessary, to take tests, otherwise nothing guarantees harmlessness.

It is important that the reviews of Anastrazolos (1 mg / tab, 100 tab) are more often described as laudatory, as the antiestrogenic effect of the drug develops in a short time, and its own side effects are the exception to the rules (or the result of mistakes made during reception). The manufacturer of PharmaCom Labs has proven itself.

How to take Anastrazolos 1?

With the proper construction of the drug, the drug effectively treats and prevents the appearance of estrogenic side effects, such as excessive water retention, suppression of testosterone production, fat enlargement, gynecomastia and others. Therefore, it is relevant for use in sports practice.

The average recommended dose of Anastrazolos varies from 250 mg per day to 1 mg per day (the drug is not long-acting, so intensive use is necessary for optimal effect). Effective doses are selected individually, depending on the needs and tolerability of the body.

Reception Anastrazolosa can be carried out, at least, two schemes: 1st – to prevent estrogen-dependent side effects (from the first weeks of the course in the prophylactic dosage – an average of 0.5 mg every other day or every day); 2 nd – for treatment after symptoms of estrogenic side effects (symptomatically in a full dose – an average of 1 mg daily).

The course of taking Anastrazolos is not associated with an increased risk of its own side effect, but before exercise requires the elimination of contraindications. Among them: liver failure, kidney failure, childhood, pregnancy, breast-feeding, premenopause, hypersensitivity.

Effect and properties Anastrazolos 1

The active substance of this drug, anastrozole, was developed back in the 90s by Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, and at the end of 1995 it was approved for use in the United States. It was created exclusively for medical purposes as a new and effective means for the treatment of cancer, in particular for the treatment of operable breast cancer in women.At that time, anastrozole was the first such remedy in its class (that is, it was the first aromatase inhibitor of the third generation, among which today is also commonly referred to letrozole and vorozole)

If you describe specifically Anastrazolos 1 , then first of all it is worth noting that the mechanism of action of the drug is associated with the inhibition of aromatase in peripheral tissues, including fatty tissue. After intake, it is quickly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and also quickly takes up the case (Cmax in the blood, by the way, is reached already within the first few hours after administration). Food intake can slow the absorption rate somewhat, however, it does not affect the degree of absorption.

As a result, the effect of Anastrazolos 1 in tablets is rapid and powerful – the drug is able to effectively inhibit aromatase, as a consequence, blocking the process of aromatization, reducing and not allowing the level of estrogen to increase. This action is valuable not only when applied in medicine, but also important for athletes. In particular, it is highly regarded by athletes who use flavoring steroids that can lead to the development of estrogenic side effects, for example, to gynecomastia.

Anastrazolos 1 is excreted, as it exerts its effect, also quickly enough (most of the drug is excreted in the urine within 72 hours after a single application).

Can Anastrazolos 1 itself cause side effects? Some risks are present, in particular, such abnormalities as: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, weakness or drowsiness, hot flushes, or headaches may tell about yourself. There is a possibility of some other side effects, including allergic reactions, so the use of these tablets should be approached with all seriousness, without violating the recommendations.

At Storage conditions of tablets: after purchase, they should be stored in a place inaccessible to moisture and light. Storage temperature – usually room, without sudden changes, as they can damage efficiency.

Positive qualities and effects

  • Suppresses aromatization;
  • The level of testosterone rises;
  • Has an inhibitory effect;
  • There is no estrogenic activity;
  • The drug is not a steroid;
  • Half of estrogens are suppressed;
  • Progestogens are not active.

Methods of application and dosage Anastrazolos 1

Anastrazolos 1 is used by professional athletes on long cycles of steroids with the risk of appearance of aromatization. It is not recommended to apply the drug to women, because they may have undesirable consequences.

There are several regimens for applying the Anastrazolos 1 course. The first scheme is that the tablets consume at the first signs of aromatization in a dose of 0.25-1 milligram each day. The second scheme is the use of the drug from the beginning of the course of steroids in small dosages to prevent negative reactions of the body.

It is best to use Anastrazolos tablets on an empty stomach, drinking plenty of water. So the drug is much more quickly absorbed in the body and does not disrupt the work of the stomach and intestines. Before the beginning of the course it is advisable to consult with a specialist.

Reviews about Anastrazolos 1

About Anastrazolos 1 athletes mostly respond positively. This drug helps athletes eliminate side effects on the cycle and normalize the body. The drug is quite effective and safe, provided that the recommended dosages are observed. Athletes say that if there are signs of aromatization or gynecomastia, immediately it is necessary to resort to the use of Anastrazolos 1. It is best to ask the doctor what dosages may suit you.


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Anastrozole (Arimidex)


1mg (50 pills)


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    Usually, I like to wait until I’m about three weeks into my cycle before I start taking anastrozole. I mean, why take it if you don’t really need it, right? But once I do start taking it, I usually take around 0.5-1mg a day depending on my cycle etc. This pharmacom labs stuff works really well and I’ve never had any issues. I highly recommend them
  2. :

    I always make sure to stock up on Arimidex before I start a cycle. It may cost a pretty penny, but it’s a small price to pay when you think about the potential long-term effects of developing gyno
  3. :

    I used this stuff for the first time after the Nolva I had just didn’t pack enough of a punch to deal with the gyno flare up. 10 days of this and everything was as it should be though! Super thankful as nobody wants gyno!
  4. :

    I don’t think there is a more reliable source than dopingteam, these guys always have stock and the delivery times are great! If you ever run short of anything mid cycle, these guys will have your back, I promise you!
  5. :

    This is one of those things that you don’t want to be caught without if the time comes that you need it. Some guys like to take it in their stack for the entire cycle but I personally prefer to have it on hand in case there are any symptoms that show up simply because I feel like it takes a bit of an edge off of the steroids when I’m on cycle. Either way, to each their own, and both work.
  6. :

    I get a little bit of issues with estrogen, nothing major but enough for me to know I have to keep an AI on hand in case anything happens. This stuff from pharmacom has been good for me so far and I really recommend it to anybody who has any issues with estrogen
  7. :

    Pharmacom products are always high quality, the steroids are some of the best out there and their AIs are no different! Great brand and amazing products
  8. :

    I always use anastrozole as my preventative measure as the AI in my cycle rather than waiting for the worst case scenario to happen. I personally prefer a subtle dose of AI when I’m on cycle, which keeps levels at the point of being most effective but still being able to keep the sides away. It takes some time to figure it out but once you know what works best it will be some peace of mind that you’ll want to have when you’re running a hard cycle.
  9. :

    You ever want to run a big mass cycle but you get worried about those nasty estro side effects? Well worry no longer as this stuff is magical! I was getting a little sensitivity around the nipples due to the dbol I was using, I took this for about 3 days and the sensitivity vanished! Just woke up one morning as if it wasn’t even a thing! Great quality product
  10. :

    I don’t like anti estrogens, I’m a man who only likes the stuff that packs on solid mass, however, I am smart enough to know how important a role these play, especially in a heavy mass building cycle! You always need to take the necessary precautions and this can be vital in preventing some nasty sides
  11. :

    I like this Arimidex, I used to use letrozole but the price started to get a bit crazy and I always felt it hit me a bit hard, this stuff seems a lot milder on my body but still provides the same great results!
  12. :

    My e2 levels always get a bit crazy when I run dbol, it drives me crazy as I love the stuff! Luckily this anastrozole is really high quality, keeps the gyno away and also keeps off some of the water weight!
  13. :

    I was feeling pretty rough, I was on a pretty large cycle and my hormones were all over the place! I started to take this product to try and bring my estro levels back under control and luckily it got the job done! Great product, I highly recommend if you are having trouble with your estro levels
  14. :

    Anastrozole is my go to for an AI, it’s the easiest on my system and gives amazing results, brilliant when you’re sensitive to estrogenic sides like I am
  15. :

    Pharmacom have been a brand I’ve regularly used, they’re not the most well known brand but they produce top quality stuff at lower prices, what’s not to love about that right?
  16. :

    Arimidex is a good product, but you should only take it if its really needed, it will completely shut your estrogen down which will stop any sides like gyno, however you still need estro in your body, so only use in emergency situations where nolva hasn’t worked
  17. :

    Some people may wait for symptoms to arise before beginning their AI protocol, but I find it to be more effective to be proactive and start early. By doing so, you may be able to prevent any unwanted side effects from developing in the first place. If you need a good AI to use, try this Anastrozolos
  18. :

    Anastrozolos is a potent aromatase inhibitor that works by blocking the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. By inhibiting this process, it can help to reduce the likelihood of developing estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia, ensuring you keep that aesthetically pleasing physique you worked so hard for

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