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How to Take Winstrol for Mass and Strength?

how to take winstrol

Winstrol (Stanozolol) is an anabolic steroid that is available in oral and injectable form. It is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivative that has strong anabolic and weak androgenic effects. Although available in an aqueous solution for injection, the drug is most often taken in pills, so it is perfect for those who are afraid of injections.

Winstrol has a lot of popularity among athletes appearing on stage in bodybuilding (many pros have won Mr Olympia with steroids like Winstrol) since its main properties include burning fat and water removal, giving the body a highly defined look.

What to Know Before the Cycle

Winstrol helps to achieve amazing results in cutting and drying cycles, but before starting a stanozolol cycle, you first need to know how to use the steroid in the correct way, which we will explain.

1. Decide which form of Winstrol you will use; oral or injectable. This will determine the required dosage and frequency of use of stanozolol, as well as the length of the cycle. Keep in mind that the injectable version is a water-based steroid, so injections can be quite painful.

2. Consider running a testosterone as a base steroid to the Winstrol cycle. When running a short cycle of Winstrol (up to 6 weeks), a testosterone base is not entirely necessary. However, running even a low dose of testosterone during the cycle can be beneficial for preserving hormonal function. It will also allow you to achieve the best results from the cycle.

3. Never run another potent oral steroid with Winstrol pills in a cycle. Although many professional bodybuilders and experienced steroid users do this on regular basis, it is not advised for those who are not completely aware of how to avoid liver damage. Stanozolol is considered highly toxic to the liver so only a very mild oral like Anavar can be safely stacked with oral Winstrol in a cycle.

4. Do not skip post-cycle therapy, in any case. Many people think that oral steroids don’t require PCT, but this is one of the most common misconceptions. During a Winstrol cycle, your body is exposed to multiple stresses and changes, so by the end of the cycle, you still need to give it a chance to repair.

Popular Stanozolol benefits

Now that we have shared with you the valuable tips for an effective stanozolol cycle, we’d like to tell you about the benefits of Winstrol.

Water removal

The main reason why Winstrol is so adored in the bodybuilding world, and why it has such an edge over other steroids, is that it has a unique diuretic effect. This means that when taking stanozolol, any excess water weight will be rapidly excreted from the body, leaving all muscles of the body (biceps, triceps, and the rest) looking extremely defined.


In addition to water removal, fat removal will also take place during the cycle. Winstrol has a great fat-burning effect when you combine your cycle with a strict sports diet and regular exercise.

Power increase

Winstrol is also known to increase strength and endurance limits, which ensures better workouts. The steroid will also improve recovery time after intense physical stress. 

Lean muscle gain

Stanozolol is also able to increase lean muscle mass during the cycle, while preventing any catabolic action in the muscles.

How to Take Winstrol Solo?

For a solo stanozolol cycle, the duration should never be any longer than 6 weeks, with 4 weeks being the recommended cycle length. This is true for both oral and injectable Winstrol. Taking injectable stanozolol for longer than 6 weeks solo can seriously suppress natural hormone production. If oral stanozolol is taken for longer than 6 weeks, it will suppress your hormones and also poses a threat to the liver.

In terms of Winstrol dosages, they are slightly different depending on which form of stanozolol is being taken.

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Oral Winstrol dosage

Winstrol pills should ideally be taken by men in a dosage of 30-50mg per day. For women taking oral Winstrol, a daily dosage of no more than 5-10mg is advised. Since the half-life of oral stanozolol is about 8-9 hours, daily dosages should be split into 2 or 3 smaller doses taken evenly spaced apart throughout the day.

Injectable Winstrol dosage

Winstrol injections for men should stay in the dosage range of 50-100mg per day. Women should inject no more than 15-20mg of this steroid. The injectable stanozolol half-life is roughly 18-24 hours so injections only need to be done once per day. However, like any water-based steroid, injections may be painful and cause slight irritation at the injection site. Therefore, it is advised to rotate injections sites each day.

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What Steroids can be Combined with Winstrol

There are several good options that you can combine Winstrol with. In addition to a Masteron propionate cycle, a Winstrol cycle is aimed at drying the body and creating muscle definition while preserving muscle mass.

The first cycle could be – Sustanon + Winstrol + Dianabol. Together, these anabolic steroids will promote muscle building and fat burning at the same time. Sustanon along with Dianabol (or Methane) will increase muscle mass, and Winstrol will help get rid of water and fat. Read our Sustanon 250 info article to discover more Sustanon cycles.

The second type of Winstrol cycle is Testosterone Propionate + Winstrol. This short ester testosterone will enhance lean muscle mass, while Winstrol removes body fat. Winstrol can also be beneficial for fluid removal where Test Cyp and Testo Enan use in bodybuilding causes too much water retention.

Winstrol Post-Cycle Therapy: “What and When” instructions

Post-cycle therapy after a Winstrol cycle will not only restore hormonal function but will also help to preserve the gains from the cycle.

It is advised to start PCT the day after the Winstrol cycle has ended. The best drug for Winstrol PCT is Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) in a dosage of 50mg for 14 days.

Winstrol Side Effects

If you stick to the recommended Winstrol dosages, the steroid is unlikely to cause bad side effects. Obviously, if used in the incorrect way, Winstrol can cause damage to the liver and testosterone suppression, but these are both avoidable.

The only notable side effect of Winstrol that may appear even with proper use of the steroid is dry joints and ligaments arising from the water removal process. This may cause them to become sore and painful after intense workouts. One way to avoid this side effect is by combining Winstrol with a wet steroid like Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP), which adds synovial fluid to these areas of the body as lubrication.  

Stanozolol Results: Before and After

Winstrol can significantly transform your body as long as you have the right diet, training program and body type (those that are even slightly overweight will not receive the same benefits as someone who already has a low bodyfat percentage). With hard work and dedication in just one cycle you can expect:

An increase in lean muscle – Typically, a Winstrol cycle will allow you to gain up to 15lbs of lean muscle mass from increased strength and endurance levels.

A reduction in bodyfat – Winstrol can burn fat, even in stubborn areas, creating a leaner more muscular look to the body.

An overall drying effect – Once excess water has been removed from the body during the Winstrol cycle, the muscles will have more definition, the skin will look thinner, and veins will be more pronounced.

Winstrol reviews

Most bodybuilders love Winstrol and the results they can gain from taking the steroid before a competition or show. It is one of the most effective steroids for sucking water out of the body to create an exceptionally ripped appearance to the physique. For this reason, many bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman call Winstrol the ultimate drying steroid.

Comments (10)

  • James Wood


    Winstrol dosage of 50mg is what I take every day. Within a 12-week period, I went from being a 225-pound 12 percent body fat college football player to a ripped 205 pounds at 6 percent body fat. I had muscles popping out all over. My bench press increased from 285 pounds to 315 pounds, my squat went from 325 to 375 pounds, and my deadlift jumped from 425 to 455 pounds. I am really happy with the Stanozolol results I am getting.
  • Randy Bryant


    Upon reading a lot of Winstrol reviews, I have been taking it for a few months now and I have not experienced any Winstrol side effects. But in terms of increased strength and lean muscular mass, I’ve seen fantastic gains.
  • Connor Phillips


    I had a lot of trouble getting my testosterone levels up after I finished my cycle. So I always make sure to do Winstrol Post-Cycle Therapy. This was the perfect solution to all my problems! My testosterone levels were back to normal within 3 weeks, no Winstrol Side Effects whatsoever. The best drug for Winstrol PCT is Clomid , which is much more potent than Nolvadex.
  • Marcus Hanson


    I’ve been trying out different steroids for about a year now and Winstrol is one of the best. After reading a lot of Winstrol reviews, I found that the benefits of Winstrol are huge. I’m going to be on this for a while and enjoy the benefits of it. Stanozolol results are incredible, as they allow me to gain muscle while burning fat at an amazing rate. I have lost body fat and gained a lot of muscle to show it!
  • Philip Jones


    I’m currently about midway through my Stanozolol cycle. I’ve already noticed significant power improvements, as well as increased hardness at the Winstrol dosage of 50mg. Winstrol solo cycle is a fantastic way to increase your raw power, strength, and endurance. The hardening effect of this steroid is quite remarkable. I’ve already noticed my abs becoming more defined as well as my arms.
  • Martin Cooper


    Stanozolol or Winstrol is great for those who are looking to cut down on their body fat. Stanozolol benefits you with a more ripped look and also helps to preserve your muscle mass when cutting calories. I definitely noticed a difference in my body composition when I was using this product. Also, after the Winstrol cycle, Clomid is best for PCT.
  • Alan Anderson


    Absolutely, Winstrol is the real deal. It’s powerful steroid. After two weeks of using one 50mg pill per day, I increased my Winstrol dosage to two per day, with one taken in the morning and prior to training. Extremely hard and dry, as well as highly vascular.
  • Jacob Dunn


    After researching a lot of different steroids, I finally decided that Winstrol for Mass and Strength was the perfect one for me. It works wonders for my muscles and has given me an incredible boost in the gym. Winstrol (Stanozolol) has a lot of benefits that I think any bodybuilder or athlete would love.
  • Kirk Maldonado


    I have been taking Winstrol Solo for a few months now and the results are already amazing. For me the best Oral Winstrol dosage is 30mg per day. I am also interested in tying the Injectable Winstrol dosage of 50-100mg per day into my regimen. I am a big fan of the Injectable Winstrol so I was hoping that you could shed some light on this.
  • Arthur Arnold


    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first ordered Winstrol (Stanozolol), but I was pleasantly surprised. It had all the benefits that I was looking for and more. The Stanozolol cycle results were fantastic, which made my body look better than ever before! The Stanozolol benefits were noticed by others, as well, and that made me very happy. I continued to use Stanozolol for another year and the results were just as good.

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