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Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Substance: Liothyronine Sodium (T3)
Package: 25mcg (50 pills)

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Thyroid hormone drugs are natural or synthetic preparations containing tetraiodothyronine (T4, levothyroxine) sodium or triiodothyronine (T3, liothyronine) sodium or both. T4 and T3 are produced in the human thyroid gland by the iodination and coupling of the amino acid tyrosine. T4 contains four iodine atoms and is formed by the coupling of two molecules of diiodotyrosine (DIT). T3 contains three atoms of iodine and is formed by the coupling of one molecule of DIT with one molecule of monoiodotyrosine (MIT). Both hormones are stored in the thyroid colloid as thyroglobulin. Thyroid hormone preparations belong to two categories: (1) natural hormonal preparations derived from animal thyroid, and (2) synthetic preparations. Natural preparations include desiccated thyroid and thyroglobulin. Desiccated thyroid is derived from domesticated animals that are used for food by man (either beef or hog thyroid), and thyroglobulin is derived from thyroid glands of the hog. The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) has standardized the total iodine content of natural preparations. Thyroid USP contains not less than (NLT) 0.17 percent and not more than (NMT) 0.23 percent iodine, and thyroglobulin contains not less than (NLT) 0.7 percent of organically bound iodine. Iodine content is only an indirect indicator of true hormonal biologic activity.

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Liothyronine Sodium (T3)


25mcg (50 pills)


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    I only run this bad boy for about four weeks and that’s more than enough time. I keep the dose to the lowest effective dose, and let me tell you, it’s absolutely amazing. My gains are out of this world! And, if you’re worried about the price, don’t be. There aren’t many better options out there in terms of value. I highly recommend it, even if you’re on a budget.
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    Yo, listen up, guys! I used to swear by clenbuterol for my cutting cycles, but then a buddy of mine told me to give T3-max a try. Let me tell you, I’m so stoked that I listened to him. The results were off the chain, insane fat burning action, and I didn’t feel like garbage like I usually do when I’m on clen. This stuff is like the optimized version of clen, and I’m never going back

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