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Manufacturer: Maxtreme
Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise)
Package: 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)

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ボルデノンウンデシレン酸 100mg/ml 通販

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Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise)


10 ampoules (100mg/ml)


  1. :

    Now, I don’t know all the science behind exactly how this stuff works, but when my coach tells me we are gonna try something, I trust him 100%! Now I have never been a big eater, so he told me to try this Bold-one by maxtreme as it can help increase appetite. At first it didn’t work so I thought maybe the product was a fake! Turns out it was to do with dosing… As soon as that was upped to 600mg per week, I was eating so much more! Now I wasn’t overly hungry all the time, but I just found it easier to put the food away when I had it. The gains I got from this stuff were fantastic!
  2. :

    I have used a lot of supplements in the past, from over the counter stuff to PEDs. Over this time I have also used a lot of different brands, it took a long time but I can safely say that Maxtreme stands above the rest. Bold-one is my favourite product from them, it is a very good steroid that promotes lean muscle gains and really helps to boost your recovery. I also found that if you go a little higher with doses it can also help to increase your appetite, this is great if like me, you struggle to eat a lot during your bulking phases.
  3. :

    One of the advantages of using Boldenone is that it promotes the growth of lean muscle tissue rather than fat. Unlike some other steroids that can cause water retention and bloating, Boldenone does not cause these unwanted side effects. This is why I love using it so much
  4. :

    If I had to describe EQ in a few words I’d say: happy, hungry, horny, stamina, and vascular. It really does all of those things really well whenever I’ve taken it. I feel like if you haven’t tried it out yet you are definitely missing out on one of the better complimentary compounds that exist. All of that and it also chills me the eff out to the point where any anxiety or nervous energy that I would normally have are totally gone. So if you’re looking for some crazy stamina, and veins that look like a spider web this will be the best option out there.
  5. :

    An old head told me about his ‘greatest mass building stack’ so I decided to give it a go, I had never used EQ before so it was a new experience for me, I can say that it is pretty good, it really helps to pack on the lbs but it doesn’t do it quickly, this stuff is meant for a long off season bulk
  6. :

    I’ve used EQ with test enan about 10 times now and I’ve never had any major issues. A couple of times I had some skin problems and some mood swings, but that was fully expected anyway. The gains I’ve had are ridiculous though. I can’t stress how much I’ve been able pack on over the last 4 years. It’s like night and day. I honestly have no need to try another cycle when this one works so well.
  7. :

    I didn’t know what to expect from this bold one as I had never used EQ before. About 6 weeks in, I hadn’t noticed much, so I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. I spoke to the team here and they told me that EQ has a very long acting ester attached to it so I just needed to be patient. I took the advice and after my cycle had finished I was very happy with the results. I would definitely use EQ again
  8. :

    Boldenone is a great steroid. If you have never used it, make sure you plan a long cycle, this stuff is a slow burner, but it is definitely worth using for mass building cycles in my opinion.
  9. :

    EQ is some of that good juice. It’s always been able to make my cardio a lot easier and it doesn’t aromatize as much as Test. It may seem like one of the more mild compounds out there, but it still does a great job of putting on the lean tissue and that sticks around for the long term. I really make sure I’m not lazy with my cardio when I’m on it because you do have to be mindful about hematocrit. Really good for getting rid of that extra weight though, and always a welcome addition to my stack when I put it in.
  10. :

    I was doing stacks using Dbol and test and ran into some gyno as a side effect. I was quick enough to get on it right away and it wasn’t a major issue, but I did have to change my stack to something else. So now I’ve been using EQ and it’s been great. No sign of any side effects and works awesome, especially when I want to cut some weight. Dbol is also great, but I’m not willing to get burned by side effects again, since it kind of ruined my cycle for me. This is a better option for me now.

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