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Manufacturer: Eminence Labs
Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise)
Package: 10 ampoules (200mg/ml)

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ボルデノンウンデシレン酸 200mg/ml 通販

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Eminence Labs


Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise)


10 ampoules (200mg/ml)


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    Boldenone is a strange steroid, it isn’t overly strong and it takes a while to properly get into the systme, this means its pretty uncommon amongst steroid users these days, however if your plan is to go on a long bulking cycle, say around 20 weeks… This stuff may actually be a benefit to you! It helps to build some real good quality muscle which is what we all want, and it can also have a positive impact on your appetite, which is great when you have to throw back thousands and thousands of calories each day!
  2. :

    Boldenone is a steroid that seems to have lost a lot of popularity recently, this makes it harder to find good quality sources. This BoldePrime from Eminance labs is fantastic though. The oil solution is very smooth resulting in no PIP at all following administration. You don’t get any huge spikes in growth on Boldenone, it is more of a gradual increase over prolonged use. This makes sense however as it is a very long acting ester, so be sure to save it for those longer off season mass gaining cycles!
  3. :

    One of the most notable benefits I experienced while using EQ was a significant improvement in my recovery. This was the first thing that stood out to me, as I was able to train harder and longer without feeling any soreness or fatigue after workouts.
  4. :

    The gains from Boldeprime are clean as hell. You won’t be gaining any water weight or looking all bloated like a blowfish. Nah, this stuff will help you build solid muscle and get you looking swole AF. Plus, it’s way better than some of those other bulking compounds out there. Trust me, I’ve tried ’em all
  5. :

    BoldePrime is probably my favorite steroid out there. I have used PEDs for 20+ years now, so that says a lot about how great this stuff is!
  6. :

    You thought you were hungry before? Just wait until you get to about the 8th week using this stuff. Then the hunger becomes real! I could eat everything in the fridge and still be hungry it seems. It’s great though, if you’re running a heavy workout routine this stuff will get you those gains you’re looking for. Since diet is one of the most important parts of gaining the mass we all want, this helps in a big way. Oh yeah, and it also jacks my energy levels up….so there’s that too.
  7. :

    I don’t really have any sort of story about my experiences with dopingteam, I placed my order and it arrived 2 weeks later. No issues at all, just a great experience and great quality products
  8. :

    Every time I use eminance labs I love it, I don’t use them all the time as they can be hard to get ahold of, but when I can I will always order the boldeprime, its the best EQ I have ever used
  9. :

    EQ is one of those things that doesn’t work well for shorter cycles but if you plan on doing a longer cycle it really does it’s best work later in the cycle which is great if you have something that acts faster in your stack, then it gives the EQ some time to build up and really go to work. Really glad these guys have my brand for sale, because this stuff really gets the job done.
  10. :

    I go on a lot of the message boards when it comes to bodybuilding and I always hear that EQ isn’t great for adding strength in a cycle. From my personal experience I’ve gotten some really great strength gains from it. I’ve been able to beat personal best records a ton of times when I’ve been using it. Love the vascularity I get with it too. I have veins popping out all over the place. The gains are good and cardio seems so much easier. Add that all together with the fact that you don’t have to use an AI with it and you have a winner in my books. I’m not too sure what more someone could ask for in a compound.

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