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We need to pay tribute to the drug, which is considered the most effective and quality, and also manufactured industrially, which is important. If you dig deeper and turn the mountains of literature, it turns out that Pharma Test Oil Base 100 (Suspension) dough is a very interesting thing. However, it is necessary to pay tribute to the fact that there is very little information about this drug. Because of this, many athletes do not add a slurry of dough to the kit of their first-aid kit, and, it should be noted that they lose a lot.

This androgen is very suitable for short courses of admission. Just the same short courses are in priority for bodybuilders and cautious fans of iron, more details of which can be read in the bodybuilding section .

Becoming a classic of the genre is the fact that many AAS were originally used in veterinary medicine. Suspension dough suffered the same fate. Producers of offspring increased the potency of horses, with the help of this steroid. It should be noted that he cope with this extremely effectively.

Further, folk craftsmen modified the drug somewhat, after which it was introduced to the horses just before the race. On this, many have made a lot of money, since the steroid increased strength, speed and endurance several times in the animal. The suspension was introduced to the bulls that participated in the rodeo, this added a special entertainment, from which the audience was in a wild delight. There were also those who decided to introduce this miracle-elixir directly into their buttocks. After that, the era of Suspension dough began, and her way in great sport.

Pharma Test Oil Base 100: General description

A short course of molecular biology will give you an understanding of the action of the drug. You should know that absolutely any testosterone drug, after getting into the blood, is transformed into ordinary testosterone, which is absolutely no different from the one that our body produces in the course of its vital activity. However, there is a slight difference. The fact is that each type of testosterone has its own distinctive and unique pharmacokinetics. A lot more information on this site in our blog .

So, the drug in question, it is nothing like a mixture of powder and water. In other words, in addition to testosterone in its purest form, there is nothing else in the suspension. There are also negative sides to this positive moment. They are associated with an extremely short half-life in the body, which leads to certain inconveniences, in the form of frequent injections.

Benefits of use Pharma Test Oil Base 100

  1. the most basic plus, because of which professional athletes prefer this drug, it’s just his rapid disintegration in the body. If you correctly take Suspension, then you will almost never get to doping control;
  2. there is a very active reaction to this androgen. Be sure that every milligram of substance injected effectively will work. There is little to be found of steroids in the modern market, which would be compared in this regard with Pharma Test Oil Base 100dough;
  3. the phenomenon of virilism is excluded in principle. This is due to the same short period of action of the drug in the human body. That is, the risk of prostate adenoma is completely excluded, in comparison with the use of other AAS. In terms of effectiveness on the course, Suspension does not have competitors that would come close to it. If the athlete has a priority in rapid muscle building, increasing strength and endurance, then this steroid is beyond competition.

Disadvantages of use Pharma Test Oil Base 100

Like any other AAS, this drug has its drawbacks, with which you should be acquainted:

  • The peak of the injected substance in the body very quickly goes to waste, for which a very small half-life is responsible. If the athlete has chosen the use of this steroid solo, then enter it at least twice a day. Do not exceed the dosage data, since this is already the lot of professionals;
  • unpleasant sensations during the injections. This drug is very painful to inject into the body, this is due to its water base. If it is a question of clandestine production, then the pain sensations increase at times. Very often manufacturers do not qualitatively crush the size of the crystals of Suspension, which leads to incredibly painful sensations when the body is injected. The size of these crystals provides for the use of ten bottles of syringes, not everyone is ready to go for it;
  • the drug has a very high rating of aromatization. But, this property is very contradictory. It can not be written down as a minus, it can be useful. Contraindicated steroid to those who have a predisposition to gynecomastia, as well as to significant water retention in the body;
  • The main disadvantage is the difficulty of obtaining a quality product. Sometimes, it’s trivial, nothing more.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that this information is for LOVERS, it will be useful for them to learn about the main features of this AAS. After all, professionals have long been familiar with this steroid for a long time, and they use it to achieve impressive results on the sports Olympus.


If you decide to use the drug solo and put it twice a day, despite the pain, then you should use a steroid with something short-term. For these purposes, ideally suited Oksimetolon, Turinabol and other AAS.

It is most reasonable to use this substance periodically. Use it as just a supplement to the main course, it will be a reasonable solution. You can put the injection immediately after the end of training, this applies to those cases if the back, legs training was conducted. The drug is ideal for local injections, it is practically designed for them. If you put the injections directly into the muscles, which in your opinion are lagging behind the rest, then you will significantly increase their growth.

Attention, under no circumstances should you put the injection of Pharma Test Oil Base 100 directly into the shin. Most professionals insist on this.

Regarding dosages, everything is very clear here. The opinion was developed that it is not necessary to exceed the dosage of 50 mg per injection. So you can keep the ratio of use and safe use.

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10ml vial (100mg/ml)


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