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Pharma Test E300


Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Substance: Testosterone Enanthate
Package: 10ml vial (300mg/ml)

Pharma Test E300, is Testosterone with the addition of the ester Enanthate, which gives the drug long-acting and long-lasting activity, which is the main advantage of this drug. However, it depends on the human body. For some people, it can last from 2 to 3 weeks, for others this period is three and a half weeks, but the bar is always higher than 15 days. As any testosterone, Testosterone Enanthate has strong anabolic and androgenic properties, is easily aromatized and has a moderate toxicity to the liver. This slow-acting drug allows you to achieve good results in mass gain courses.


Testosterone Enanthate is the ideal way to increase weight, volume and power. Its action is expressed in a powerful muscle mass growth and power increase, accompanied by water retention in the tissues. Water retention is not bad in the case of a powerful anabolic such as Testosterone Enanthate because it protects joints and ligaments from injury.

When taking the drug in strict accordance with the recommendations of a specialist, an athlete can achieve the following effects associated with taking Testosterone Enanthate:

– Increase in physical fitness performance;

– Rapid growth of muscle mass;

– Elimination of pain in muscles and joints;

– Stimulation of regenerative processes;

– Improvement of oxygen capacity of the blood;

– Increased libido;

– Increased duration and frequency of workouts.

Recommendations for use

The course of Testosterone Enanthate usually lasts from 8 to 12 weeks. The dosage ranges from 300 to 900mg per week, depending on the level of fitness and the individual characteristics of the athlete. Taking the drug in high doses is strongly not recommended for men over the age of 40 in order to improve the quality of life and to maintain the overall health of the body.

For other athletes, experts recommend taking Testosterone Enanthate by Pharmacom, depending on the goals and objectives, in combination with the following steroids:

In cycles aimed at gaining muscle – Nandrolone, Parabolan, Boldenone, Masteron, Dianabol and Anadrol.

In cycles aimed at gaining quality mass – Clenbuterol, Winstrol and Primobolan;

In cycles aimed at increasing physical fitness – Halotestin and Anavar.

Possible Side effects

The drug should be taken in the dosage prescribed by a specialist as well as with a properly executed post-cycle therapy. In this case, you will be able to avoid side effects such as gynecomastia, suppression of natural testosterone production, accumulation of fatty deposits, increased greasiness of the skin, alopecia and increased hair growth on the torso and limbs.

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テストステロン エナンテート 300mg/ml 通販

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Pharmacom Labs


Testosterone Enanthate


10ml vial (300mg/ml)


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    Tried using Test C and I was allergic to it so I ultimately switched to Test E. My friend recommended using Pharma TestE300 and I immediately bought it from dopingteam-com. Got great strength and mass gains. Will order more soon!
  2. :

    Started using test e300 in hopes that I will recover my test production. Got good gains from this and I feel better when I am using this. I was once depressed and my friend told me to check my test levels and found out that it was low. So he recommended Test E300 from Pharmacom and I am now back on track and I gained a nice amount of muscle mass.
  3. :

    Started using Pharma Test E300 on a TRT dose 4 weeks ago and I planned my workout routine. I have a history of illness and I believed that I was having low test. Took my bloodworks and found out that my levels is low and I started using this. 4 weeks in and I am feeling better than ever and I can workout as hard as I want. I can’t really wait to see the full effects.
  4. :

    What can you really say about Test E, it gives great performance enhancements as well as great boosts to your mood and sexual function!
  5. :

    During my recent test only cycle, I managed to pack on almost 16lbs of mass, and I attribute this success to the effectiveness of this steroid. What’s more, I was able to achieve this feat while maintaining a clean diet, which means that the bulk of the weight gain was attributable to muscle growth.
  6. :

    Pharmacom is a brand that I’ve only recently come upon in the last year, but they’ve really impressed me so far. I was in a forum looking for a new brand and they were recommended so I thought I’d give them a try. Their Test E has felt great for my past couple of cycles and has really been the x-factor when it comes to the training and results I’ve had. It has actually convinced me to try a couple of their other compounds as well, and they seem to be good all around when it comes to quality and price. It seems like there are a lot of different labs out there now, but when I know one of them is set on making great products all the time I will choose them every time.
  7. :

    Dopingteam’s experts are great, I made a little mistake and ordered some of this Test E after starting my cycle with Tect Cyp, I was pretty worried as I thought it would cause an issue but they told me that these two are pretty interchangeable due to the ester lengths, really eased my concerns and I really appreciate the time to help an absolute novice like myself
  8. :

    There is nothing better than when you finally find a solid source of Test. Dopingteam has always been good in this sense, and I love the fact they still stock pharmacom. This is a brand I really like and it is becoming a lot harder to get
  9. :

    If I were ever given the choice where I could only ever take one compound ever again I would 1000% choose Test Enanthate. It’s the perfect compound in my opinion, and mixes so easily with basically anything you throw at it. If you want to bulk it’s good. If you want to cut it’s good. If you want to enhance your performance in any way athletically it’s good. There really isn’t a lot of things that it can’t do when it comes to helping you push your limits.
  10. :

    Pharmacom has really skyrocketed in price recently, My only guess is that people have realized how great this brand is! It is a little annoying, but I love the brand so I will keep buying it
  11. :

    Everyone that takes PED’s knows that Testosterone is the backbone of any well stacked cycle. For me Test E really is the best of the bunch when it comes to all of the different esters. It just makes everything a little shinier in life and makes me want to get to the gym way more often to get my workouts going. I also get a nice boost in my sex drive that never goes unnoticed by my wife. All things said and done, Test is the real hero of any cycle.
  12. :

    In the past 5 years this has been what I lean on when I build a plan for my cycle. In that time I’ve had one side, and it wasn’t even bad. I was feeling more aggressive than normal which was also probably a mixture of some pressure I was getting at work. It was containable, but I knew where it was coming from. Either way, as long as I’m pinning anything this will be a part of my cycle. It’s just that good.

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