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The problem of fat deposits is very acute in front of bodybuilders. To combat excess weight, various drugs are used, including sodium lyoteronin. It is also important to note that to increase the effectiveness of the use of such drugs, you should use the proper nutrition for fat burning.  


T3-Max-100 (Lytryronin sodium) is a hormone of T3 and is obtained by artificial means. The natural substance is synthesized by the thyroid gland. The hormone is able to accelerate the basal metabolic reactions and takes an active part in the life of the cells, and also due to it the rate of exchange of all nutrients in the body increases. Athletes use the drug as a fat burner.  


As already mentioned above, the body responsible for the production of the hormone is the thyroid gland. Thanks to sodium lyoteronin, the ability of tissues to absorb oxygen increases, and their growth accelerates. An important feature of the drug is its ability to accelerate the metabolic processes of fats, protein compounds and carbohydrates. 
When using small dosages, the hormone is able to have anabolic effect on the body, and at high – catabolic. It should also be noted the effect of sodium lyoteronin on improving energy metabolism, improving the functioning of the central nervous system, kidneys, and also the liver. Results from the use of the drug can be noticed after 2-3 days from the moment of the beginning of its reception.  


Athletes representing power sports actively use the drug to fight overweight. When all the conditions for burning fat are created , the drug is very effective. Most often it is used during preparation for competitions, as well as during the drying period. 
Lytryronin proved to be very effective in burning fat deposits. At the same time, it should be noted that the fat burning process can also proceed with the consumption of more calories than is required for weight loss. It can be combined with other drugs used by athletes during drying, for example in combination with growth hormone or beta-agonists.
Very often you can find information that most of the hormones synthesized by the thyroid gland, including lyotyronine, in combination with AAS, contribute to anabolic steroids. Such an assumption has the full right to life, then no exact proof has been received so far and studies in this direction continue.


All the side effects associated with the use of lyotyronine as a food for fat burning are associated with an overdose of the drug. Among the most common side effects can be noted headache, increased sweating, irritability, menstrual irregularities, increased intestinal motility, etc. 
Also, with an excessive amount of the drug, there may be angina attacks or congestive heart failure. When dosages are exceeded and the above side effects appear, it is necessary to reduce the amount of the drug as soon as possible or to refuse to take it at all.  


The first medication containing thyroid hormone was obtained back in 1891. It was intended for the treatment of patients suffering from myxedema (a kind of skin disease). It was a natural extract of hormones T3 and T4, which produced a therapeutic effect. This drug was used in traditional medicine for a long time, until in the 50’s it was not replaced by artificial medications. One of them became sodium lyrotonin.
Synthetic drugs proved to be more effective than natural ones obtained from animals. Currently, the pharmacological industry produces lyotyronine and levothyroxine sodium. These drugs have a similar structure and method of application. It should be noted that in traditional medicine, literotonin is not as widespread as in sports. The drug produces many companies under different names. The most famous among them is Cytomel, produced in the USA.


If the patient overdoses T3-MAX-100, that is, they will consume a significant amount of medication at a time, then it is required to provoke vomiting as soon as possible, for this the patient will need to drink water. 

After washing the stomach, the patient’s condition should not deteriorate, in case of uncomfortable condition, abdominal pain, and if there are any other symptoms, it is recommended to consult the doctor in a timely manner who will prescribe the necessary therapy. 


We reviewed the drug T3-MAX-100, instructions for use, its use, its indications, contraindications, effects, side effects, analogs, dosage, and composition. Before proceeding with the drug Levothyroxine, the patient should undergo the necessary examination, and only after confirmation of the diagnosis can begin treatment under the supervision of a specialist. It is contraindicated to use tablets. 

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Liothyronine Sodium (T3)


100mcg (50 pills)


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