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Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Substance: Trenbolone Suspension
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Pharma Tren 50 (а mixture of trenbolone esters) is a steroid drug containing several ethers of the same name, possessing high anabolic activity (500% of endogenous testosterone) and the corresponding androgenic properties (androgen activity – 400% of testosterone). This tool can boast a long and fairly smooth action, which is a significant plus, as it relieves the use of the need for too frequent injections.

The composition of this drug, as a rule, includes: trenbolone acetate (50 mg), trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate (50 mg) and trenbolone enanthate (50-100 mg). The total concentration of substances (usually 150 mg or 200 mg per 1 ml) and, as a consequence, the recommended dosages (around 150-300 mg or 200-400 mg per week) vary with the product.

Pharma Tren 50: description and reviews

The first such drug was developed in the early 2000s (released on the market in 2004) then still official company British Dragon Pharmaceuticals. Subsequently, when the license of the company was over, and she was forced to leave the official market, production technologies were mastered by various manufacturers around the world. As a result, today there is a considerable assortment of similar mixtures that take as a basis the steroid trenbolone.

Pharma Tren 50 enjoys a rather high demand in sports practice, in particular in bodybuilding. At the same time, it is considered one of the strongest means of anabolic and androgenic activity and is primarily designed for use by experienced male athletes. Athletes to use it, as a rule, is not recommended. Among the main reasons: the risk of occurrence in women using various symptoms of virilization (from body hair to voice enhancement).

Which Pharma Tren 50 has a beneficial effect in bodybuilding and, in general, in sports practice, provided it is used correctly? There may be multiple and varied improvements that are significant for athletes, among which:

  • A quick set of muscle mass;
  • Increased strength and efficiency;
  • Increased level of FMI;
  • Promotes fat burning;
  • Increase libido during the course;
  • Decreased cortisol level.

Here it should be noted that the mix of trenbolone esters can in some cases cause side effects, and not only useful for the athlete’s improvement. In particular, the decrease in their own testosterone and the decrease in libido (tren-dick) can worry. In addition, about themselves can give to know the side effects of androgenic nature, such as acne acne.

Pharma Tren 50, as a rule, does not cause side effects associated with aromatization, however, due to progestogen activity there is some risk of gynecomastia. Separately note that athletes who still decide on the use of such a drug should beware of the occurrence of virilization effects (virilization is characterized by the appearance in women of male characteristics, such as excessive hair on the body or on the face, changes in the shape of the body or, for example, raising the voice’s voice) .

Pharma Tren 50: instructions for use

In sports practice, these drugs are used primarily by experienced male athletes. They can be used for various tasks, since they have pronounced anabolic and even androgenic effect. Beginners are not accepted to recommend them, because for them there are more preferred means to choose in terms of the ratio of effectiveness and efficiency.

The dosage of a mixture of trenbolone esters, recommended for male athletes, is about 300-400 mg per full week. Usage is usually carried out twice a week at doses of 150 mg or 200 mg, depending on the specific drug (just the same, and learns 300-400 mg per week). Note that the above dosage, as well as the mixes themselves, are designed primarily for those who have sufficient experience of athletes, i.e. not for beginners.

Pharma Tren 50 instruction how to use the steroid in combinations, and which ones? Such a drug is well combined with many anabolic and androgenic steroids, different in effect, (for example, with stanozolol, methandienone or testosterone) and athletes often perform combination courses to get better results. The choice of a specific combination depends largely on the goal pursued, the experience and the finances available to the athlete.

The course of the Pharma Tren 50+ Methandienone, for example, is a good ligament for experienced athletes wishing to achieve increased strength and muscle mass gain. Approximate dosages: about 300-400 mg of mix per week and around 30-50 mg of methandienone per day. For a similar purpose, you can also use a combination with testosterone enanthate or can be used together with testosterone and methandienone. Possible variations are many.

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10ml vial (50mg/ml)


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