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Substance: HCG (Chorionic Gonadotropin)
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Gona-Max Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone synthesized by the sexual organs of men and women, but in medicine it is customary to refer to female hormones, since it is its concentration that increases in the blood and urine of a woman when she is preparing to become a mother. The increase in the level of this hormone is the first sign of the development of the fetal egg, it is on the detection of the excess of its permissible norm in urine that pregnancy tests are based. Normally its concentration in the blood of men and women is contained in small amounts. What does the excess of its permissible values indicate if the pregnancy has not occurred, and what is its use in medicine?

Hormone and its role in the body

Like any hormone synthesized by the human body, gonadotropin is also presented as a drug in pharmaceuticals. Normally, it begins to increase in pregnant women on the seventh day after fertilization of the egg, and the maximum concentration occurs by the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. Further, its number gradually decreases, but it remains above the allowable rate until the baby’s birth.

However, there are situations when gonadotropin is elevated, but there is no pregnancy. This occurs with the development of certain types of malignant formations, so it can be used as an oncomarker of certain varieties of cancerous tumors.

There are two types of this hormone. One is synthesized by the body of a pregnant woman, the other by a pituitary gland of the brain and called luteinizing hormone (LH). The action of the two species is similar, but only Gona-Max is used in medicine. In general, it is used to stimulate ovulation in women, to maintain pregnancy in women with a tendency to spontaneous abortion, or with previously diagnosed infertility.

Use this element and for the treatment of men. Medications containing Gona-Max are prescribed to stimulate the synthesis of testosterone in the absence of LH. Its lack in men can lead to cryptorchidism – a condition in which the testes do not descend into the scrotum. Use gonadotropin and athletes also to stimulate the production of testosterone during the period of taking steroids or immediately after their withdrawal. With a course of steroid drugs, the natural production of testosterone ceases and in order to restore this process, prescribe the use of this hormone in medicines.

However, the main task of the hormone is the maintenance of the fetal egg in the first months of pregnancy, because a fertilized egg contains the DNA of a man, the body perceives it as an alien organism and tries to get rid of the fetus. The increasing level of hCG prevents this, protecting the future baby from the cells of the immune system. Its second function is enrichment of the uterus tissues with new blood vessels, which will help support the child’s development.

How is a hormone used in medicine?

First of all, it is used to diagnose pregnancy in women, but other methods of its use are known.

So, with some types of oncological neoplasms, its norm in the blood rises. Excess of hCG above 5 mIU / ml in men may be a sign of developing malignant process in the testicles.

In women suffering from the lack of ovulation, the follicle is stimulated by the gonadotropin. It is also used by patients who have undergone artificial insemination.

After the onset of pregnancy, taking drugs containing hCG can be used to stimulate the synthesis of progesterone – a hormone, also responsible for the normal course of pregnancy and fetal maintenance in the uterus.

Also recently, the issue of taking Gona-Max Gonadotrophin medications to all pregnant women with HIV-positive status has been studied for all months of bearing the fetus. This is due to the fact that in the first trimester, due to the high content of hCG, the virus from the mother to the fetus is not transmitted through the placenta. And in order to reduce the risk of transmission in the coming months, its level should remain high.

Treatment, and especially stimulation of ovulation in women, with agents containing hCG, has its undesirable consequences. So, the number of ectopic pregnancies after using these medications is much higher than in the usual case. If hormonal administration has been performed prior to in vitro fertilization, the output of the egg from the fallopian tubes should be monitored regularly using ultrasound diagnostics. This will help in time to decide on the termination of pregnancy, if the fetal egg is fixed in the fallopian tubes. The hormone affects the functioning of the circulatory system, so its drugs are prohibited from being placed on the destination list for patients suffering from excess weight, varicose veins and thromboembolism. In addition to the high risk of ectopic pregnancies, the risk of spontaneous abortions is also increased, which should also be taken into account.

In the treatment of men, such drugs are used to stimulate the synthesis of androgens.

However, the representatives of the stronger sex also have contraindications to the use. Do not prescribe funds for patients suffering:

  • acute heart failure in any form;
  • high blood pressure;
  • kidney dysfunction;
  • migraines;
  • epilepsy.

It is not advisable to put these drugs in adolescents in adolescence at the time of admission. During puberty there is a strong hormonal failure in the body, and if at this time to start taking hormones from the outside, the risk of failure of the work of the epiphysis responsible for the production of growth hormone is high. Like any medical product, this medication can cause allergic reactions in patients suffering from hypersensitivity to individual components.

It should be noted that uncontrolled use of these drugs can trigger the growth of malignant lesions in the mammary glands in women, the prostate gland and the scrotum in men.

If the course of hormone replacement therapy for a long period to stimulate the production of testosterone by medical means, then their natural production by the body will cease. And with the cancellation of the course the body will start producing testosterone in large quantities than before treatment. In addition to increasing the norm of the hormone, patients also have testicles growth, restoration of their basic functions, as well as resumption of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain.

Purpose of Gona-Max (HCG) medications for athletes

People who professionally engage in sports, especially bodybuilding, often take drugs aimed at rapid growth of muscle mass. They are based on the hormone testosterone, which reduces the functionality of the ovaries. To avoid these unpleasant consequences, all athletes using steroids are prescribed Gonadotropin. Such use is justified by preventive action. Also, thanks to hCG in combination with testosterone preparations, muscles grow faster. This medication is also effective on “drying”, when the ration changes to less caloric – this helps to avoid weight loss and muscle size.

However, prolonged and uncontrolled use of it more harms the body than it helps. Side effects are very great – these are big health problems, the risk of oncology, etc. And the results that hCG yields are lower than with testosterone alone. The only positive effect of using Gonadotropin is the prevention of testicular atrophy, but only under the supervision of doctors and courses.

In the course of HCG-therapy, the dose of the drug is significantly lower than when it is prescribed as an anabolic. The risks of the development of side effects from consumption are significantly reduced, and the benefits increase several times. Another positive property of these agents in small doses is the reduction of side effects from the use of testosterone preparations.

Application features Gona-Max

Preparations of Chorionic Gonadotropin can be purchased in any pharmacy, a recipe for this is not needed. They are released in the form of injections, injected under the skin. Before the introduction of the product it must be diluted with distilled water, which can also be purchased at the pharmacy. The action of injections is quite long – 5-6 days.

Side effects include the appearance of rashes on the skin of the face and body, improper operation of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, testicular atrophy, hair loss and prostate enlargement. In women, these symptoms can add mastitis and the appearance of excessive muscle mass.

You can learn about the level of this substance in the blood by passing the appropriate analysis. To do this, visit the endocrinologist. Self-administration of hormonal drugs is strictly prohibited, since the risk of side effects is extremely high. Do not neglect your health and if you have any complaints, ask for help in a medical institution.

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HCG (Chorionic Gonadotropin)


15000IU (3 vials of 5000IU each)


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