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Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Substance: Testosterone Mix (Sustanon)
Package: 10ml vial (500mg/ml)

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Pharma Sust 500 manufactured by Pharmacom Labs consist of five substance: Testosterone Acetate, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Decanoate. It is comercialized in 10 ml vial. This combination of testosterone provide for different half lives. Esterization of the testosterone molecules provides for a sustained (but non-linear) release of testosterone from the injection depot into the blood plasma. While the intention of the mixed testosterone esters in Pharma Sust 500 is to provide more stable serum testosterone levels, the long-ester testosterones, such as testosterone cypionate or testosterone decanoate, provide more stable serum testosterone levels.

This anabolic steroid is characterized with pronounced androgenic proprieties. That is why is so popular between bodybuilders and is used in many steroid cycles. Its proprieties produce quick muscles grow and an increase of strength. Pharma Sust 500 is used by athletes in both bulking and cutting cycles. To achieve better result while doing bulking cycle athletes like to stack it with Equipoise, Deca Durabolin or oral steroid such as Anadrol and Dianabol. In cutting cycle athletes prefer to combine it with Anavar or Trenbolone.

Pharma Sust 500, known as Sustanon by Pharmacom Labs represent a injectable steroid that contain following substances: testosterone propionate, testosteronephenolpropionate, testosterone cypionate, testosterone enanthete, testosterone decanoate in oily solution. As many bodybuilders says – perfect blend of five testosterone compounds. This steroid is one of the essential drugs used by athletes in almost all cycles. It is anabolic steroid with high anabolic effects, that is why it contribute to fast muscles grow and an increase of strength, even on desire of having sex. Pharma Sust 500 produce aromatization even at low doses, thus producing noticeable estrogen side effects. That is why athletes must combine it with an anti-estrogenic product in their cycle for maintaining the estrogen levels at a low rate. Here are some steroid that can be stack with Sustanon, Nolvadex, Arimidex, Proviron, Femara or Exedrol. This combination will give an eficient anti-estrogenic effect. Pharma Sust 500 can be used in bulking and in cutting cycles. It is good in bulking cycle to combine it with Deca Durabolin/ Equipoise or oral steroid such Anadrol/Dianabol. As for cutting cycle Sustanon should be stack with oral steroid as Anavar or Winstrol. It is good for bodybuilders at the end of their cycles to use combination of Nolvadex, HCG and Clomid for about 3 weeks, because usage of Pharma Sust 500 decreases natural body’s testosterone production. This combination of products will help effectively to restore of testes functionality and the pituitary gland.

Pharma Sust 500 was first developed by Pharmacom Labs as an ideal HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) solution. It was a general opinion during that period that the different esters will be able to provide a consistent release of Testosterone within a month or so. Sustanon is a mix of four estered Testosterone’, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone PhenylPropionate, Testosterone Isocaproate, and Testosterone Decanoate in different proportions. Pharma Sust 500 is arguably the best product to enhance your natural testosterone levels and get all the advantages that come with it i.e. improved muscle mass and strength, enhanced endurance etc. Sustanon is a mix of Testosterone esters with a purpose of providing consistent serum testosterone levels. It is the favored way of Testosterone replacement in the United Kingdom as per the British National Formulary. It is also very popular among athletes and bodybuilders that use anabolic steroids for muscle building purposes and other enhancements. In late 80’s and till mid 90’s, Sustanon was highly treated as a “superior” version of testosterone. It was well supported by a number of write ups by Dan Duchaine in his newsletters. Best part of this drug is that it can be injected once in a month, and the different esters according to their half life would provide different timed releases during that month. The patient would thus only need to go to the doctor once a month for his shot. For athletes or bodybuilders its dose may vary as per their requirements. Pharma Sust 500 helps in both muscle growth as well as fat loss. It tells muscle cells to store more contractile protein (called actin and myosin), thereby helping your muscles grow faster and steadier. It also helps in protecting your muscles from catabolic (muscle wasting) glucocorticoid hormones. Hence, It is often said that Sustanon is not only anabolic, but it is strongly catabolic. It not only ensures an increase in size of the muscle fibres (hyperfascia) but it also has the ability to change the appearance and the actual number of muscle fibres (Hyperplasia). Pharma Sust 500 is capable of increasing erythropoiesis (red blood cell production) in your kidneys. A higher Red Blood Cell (RBC) count is bound to improve endurance by producing more highly oxygenated blood. More RBCs would also enhance recovery from strenuous physical activities. Any exogenous form of testosterone like Sustanon has an ability to increase aggression levels in the body. Pharma Sust 500 increases muscle contraction by incrementing the number of motor neutrons in muscle and thus improves neuromuscular transmission. It also regulates glycogen synthesis.

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Testosterone Mix (Sustanon)


10ml vial (500mg/ml)


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