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Magnum Stanol 10


Manufacturer: Magnum Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Stanozolol (Winstrol)
Package: 10mg (100 pills)

Stanozolol is a synthetic anabolic produced by most pharmaceutical companies under the various trade names Strombaged, Stanover, Strombafort, Stanabol, Magnum Stanol 10 etc. This steroid tablet has earned the popularity and trust of so many bodybuilders around the world due to the unique qualities necessary for the recruitment of dry muscle mass and drying.

Stanozolol (Magnum Stanol 10) is in tablets

If we compare strombofort with other tableted steroidam, we can see that the price for this anabolic is the most acceptable for the order and everyone can afford to buy it, in this same price category there is also a well-known oral steroid like Danabol. Most other preparations for lean muscle mass and drying are several times more expensive, for example such as  Turinabol and Oxandrolone. We always take care of our customers and try to provide the most affordable and low prices for the entire farm and Magnum Stanol 10 is not an exception here. Buy strombafort “first hand” can only be in our store of steroids without overpayments and unnecessary red tape, because reviews on tableted preparations vinstrola very, very favorable.

Due to its unique effect, the steroid has a significant effect on strengths without changing body weight, and this is very important in such disciplines as ⇒ boxing, athletics, rowing, cycling and many others, and in bodybuilding the effect of this drug is expressed in giving muscles to the bodybuilder – and relief by burning subcutaneous fat. The drug is most often used on a drying course in combined cycles. And by reducing the level of globulin in the blood, it helps to improve the effect of all the other anabolic steroids used on the course along with it. Like any other anabolic steroid, Magnum Stanol 10 works better in pairs, so you can contact the site manager for full information about the drug and the possible application on the course. The main effects will be:

  • »Stiffness and relief of the musculature of a bodybuilder
  • »Burning of subcutaneous fat. drawing of veins
  • “A significant increase in power performance [very much appreciated in powerlifting]
  • »Remove excess fluid from the body
  • “Blocking prolactin in courses with a deck and trenbolone
  • »Stamina after hard training

Course Magnum Stanol 10

He also excreted from the rest of the anabolics: his reception begins with 10 mg / day. and within two weeks raise to 60 mg, after which there is a smooth reduction in dosage to 10 mg. The point here is what, the drug saturates the blood and after it is worse absorbed. Therefore, it makes sense to reduce the dose to the end of the course, only to maintain the desired level of it in the blood.

The drug is withdrawn too long (about 2 months). Do not also risk it before the competition, tk. the half-life of the drug may be more than 2 weeks. However, if the doping test is not anticipated, then please, the mass will be dry and embossed.

By the way, according to many reviews stanozolol is an ideal option for beginning athletes of chemists, then, when claims to the brutal weights in press and stanovoy are not so categorical. For some of them, dosages of 10 mg per day for all 6 weeks may suffice. During this time, the drug will drive the youthful fat and give the body the attractiveness of the bodybuilder amateur.

 By duration, the course can last from 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the goals of the bodybuilder, the level of training and the goal. Dosages of the tablet form of the drug should be from 30mg per day and can reach up to 60mg, but this is no longer for beginners “chemists”, since without certain knowledge, you can not only benefit, but seriously damage your health. You should first carefully study all the information on the use of the drug and the preparation of a course of stanozolol, and also if possible about consulting with a doctor, whether there are any contraindications. On post-course therapy, you should buy Clomid, and also buy Kabergoline, if the course was nandrolone or trenbolone.

In order to extract the maximum effect from the course in tablets with a minimum amount of pills, the drug must be combined with other steroids, preferably an injectable form, in order to minimize the burden on the liver during the course. 

Examples of a course of strombofort  on a set of muscle mass:

                      »Stanozolol + Anapolon

                      »Stanozolol + Testosterone [Enanthate, Sustanon, Cypionate]

                      »Stanozolol + Boldenon

                      »Stanozolol + Methandienone

                      »Stanozolol + Turinabol

Examples of the course of strombofort  for burning fatty deposits:

                      »Strombafort + Propionate + Masteron

                      »Strombafort + Trenbolone Acetate + Testosterone Propionate

                      »Strombafort + Nandrolone phenylpropionate + Testosterone propionate

The form of release of oral stanase is tablets, which, depending on the manufacturer, are divided into 10mg and 20mg. Since the half-life is not long, the daily dose should be bought and divided into equal parts, taken throughout the day at regular intervals to achieve a uniform concentration of the active substance in the blood.

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Magnum Pharmaceuticals


Stanozolol (Winstrol)


10mg (100 pills)


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    “I can feel my performance diminish with every passing year, being in my late 40s means I just don’t have that edge in the gym anymore. I decided to experiment with some steroids, I went for an oral as I didn’t want to be injecting myself. These stanol from Magnum were what I decided to go with as I read they can help you achieve a more toned, lean physique. My results after my first cycle were very impressive, I weighed the same but I had a lower bodyfat percentage and my endurance in the gym was like I was 21 again! This stuff has really helped me and I feel so good now when training.”
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    “I don’t believe in magic pills or potions, there is nothing you can take that is gonna put the work in for you. You have to have your training and nutrition in order, once you do that, add in a product like this stanol and you will see some great progress. Since starting my cycle I have seen improvements across the body, body fat is down, muscle mass is up, strength is still consistent even though calories are reduced and I still maintain enough energy to get through those big sessions! Once you start to see the changes it only encourages you to push harder.”

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