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Induject-250 (vial)


Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Substance: Testosterone Mix (Sustanon)
Package: 10ml vial (250mg/ml)

Induject-250 (Alpha Pharma) is a potent testosterone mixture called Sustanon 250. It differs in the duration of action as it contains several testosterone esters of various lengths. This drug from Alpha Pharma is used in medicine for the treatment of cancer and muscle growth retardation in children. It is used by both experienced athletes and beginners in sports and is most often used as a basic component of combined courses. It can be detected up to 4 months, therefore this drug is not suitable for pre-competition use.

Properties and effects

The composition of Sustanon 250 for injection includes several components in various proportions: Testosterone Decanoate (100mg), Testosterone Propionate (30mg), Testosterone Phenylpropionate (60mg) and Testosterone Isocaproate (60mg). It is this formula that provides the most long-lasting effect from the use of injections. They begin to act a few hours after administration and the effect develops gradually, over ten days. At the same time, the level of the hormone in the blood is constantly maintained during this time.

Due to its androgenic and anabolic properties, this steroid is widely used in powerlifting and bodybuilding. At the same time, bodybuilders use it not during the competition period, but during the breaks between them to build muscle mass as it allows you to build high-quality muscle mass in the shortest possible time. It has a positive effect on the tone of the body and restores strength after training. Strength athletes use these injections to improve physical endurance and increase their training time. With constant use, recovery after training is many times faster because recovery processes are accelerated. The solution does not allow the destruction of muscle fibers, which means that even after intense training, high-quality stiff muscles will be built up.

How to use

The injections are an oily solution that must be warmed up before administration. Sustanon differs from other steroids in that it can be taken from 4-6 to 10-12 weeks. The less experience someone has in taking anabolic steroids, the less the duration of the course should be. Experienced athletes can perform injections in a cycle of 12 weeks. Some do not limit the time of admission at all, as well as the dosage. However, the average dose for an athlete should be 300-500mg per week, provided that it is used within 6 weeks. For women, it is worth replacing this anabolic with safer and shorter esters that are quickly eliminated from the body.


It is perfectly possible to combine with Sustanon with Methandrostenolone as this combination will allow you to gain high-quality muscle mass in the shortest possible time. To improve power performance, it is better to combine Sustanon with Stanozolol. While taking “testosterone” you should not forget about the post-cycle therapy, which should include antiestrogens and gonadotropin. Otherwise, there is a high risk of developing gynecomastia.

Side effects

Sustanon has increased androgenic properties. Therefore, it is not recommended for women, as it leads to virilization which causes reactions such as hair growth, coarsening of the voice and the occurrence of acne. Possible side effects in men include:

– Decrease in the production of your own testosterone;

– Decrease in sexual desire;

– Aggressiveness;

– Increase in arterial blood pressure.

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Additional Information


Alpha Pharma


Testosterone Mix (Sustanon)


10ml vial (250mg/ml)


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    When it comes to Induject 250, the results you can achieve from using this product are exceptional. By increasing your muscle mass, improving your performance levels, and boosting your strength, you can easily take your fitness game to the next level
  2. :

    The thing I love most about this sustanon is how it makes me feel. The blend of esters in this bad boy keeps me feeling like a million bucks, which is absolutely essential when you’re trying to have a killer cycle. You know that feeling when you’re hitting the gym hard, and you just feel invincible? That’s what this sustanon does for me. I feel like I can lift anything, crush any workout, and push myself to the limit without feeling like crap the next day.
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    I’m two months into my first ever steroid cycle, I decided to go with this Induject 250 as I only had to inject it once a week! The results have been pretty amazing so far, I have more muscle and even my friends are starting to notice it!
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    I know a lot of guys that swear by things like Tren as the only thing out there that is able to get serious big boy gains and I have to say that I disagree. Sustanon has been my go-to compound for ages now and this has been able to get me blown up as big as any guy out there running Tren. It’s also so much easier mentally throughout the cycle since it really only makes me feel better, whereas Tren would make me fighty and jealous all the time. I don’t need that nonsense in my life so this is definitely a way better choice when it comes to how I want to look and feel during and after a cycle.
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    I remember speaking to a bodybuilder at a convention and he told me that he loves sustanon over any other form of testosterone and I could never understand why, until I tried it, there is just something about this steroid that makes you feel invincible when you step into the gym, nothing will be too hard for you and I honestly love that feeling
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    If you want a great, reliable source, get some alpha pharma. We all know dopingteam is a solid website, and this is the best brand they provide in my opinion
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    I really like the way I feel when I’m on Sustanon. The one thing that I’m not crazy about is waiting for it to kick in though. I know it has Test Prop in it, but I like to add a little extra at the start of the cycle to get it going even faster. Because of all the esters it has you do have to watch out for bloat but that can be taken care of pretty easily if you stack properly. But the feeling you get when you’re on it is unparalelled, so when it comes to just plain feeling this is the one I always choose.
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    These days I’m doing cycles of Sustanon at 600mg a week and I’ve been seeing some really serious results from it. By the end of my last cycle I was able to put on 24lbs of solid lean muscle in the span of 10 weeks. It basically made me go from big to having people turn their heads when I walk by. I have to admit that the feeling of having people go “woah look at that guy” is pretty addictive, and it makes me want to use this stuff forever. I guess there are worse things I could be addicted to.
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    I’m currently 6 weeks into my Sustanon cycle and I am noticing the results, my shoulders, chest, and arms have definitely grown. The wife is constantly telling me how great I look now, it’s a huge boost to the confidence

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