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Manufacturer: Sciroxx Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise) Package: 10ml vial (200mg/ml)

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Equidex 200 is a high-quality development from the manufacturer Sciroxx. The company’s products are high-quality and contain 100% original raw materials. This product contains a composition of two substances, the anabolic steroid Boldenone and essential oil Undecylenate. The molecular bond between the two components allows “Equipoise” to work for a long time and without interruption. Undecylenate is a long-term ester oil, the release time of which exceeds the well-known Decanoate, due to which the anabolic steroid promotes slow but high-quality muscle growth throughout a cycle. With Boldenone, muscle development grows more naturally.

Effect and action

Boldenone Undecylenate actively binds to androgen receptors, unlike its counterparts Nandrolone and Methandrostenolone. Boldenone is practically unable to convert to Estrogen and Progesterone, thereby creating the effect of developing only high-quality muscles, with minimal water retention and without fat.

The athletes taking “Bold” often note the development of phenomenal strength, as well as an improvement in the quality of muscles and their refinement. By the end of the cycle, the user can gain 12kg, and sometimes even more, while the muscles do not look bloated, only the quality and dryness remain. As the volume increases, there is only slight rollback phenomenon, so the results persist for a long time.

Increasing appetite and stimulating hematopoiesis is also not an important property of the drug, the more red blood cells in the blood, the better oxygen will be carried to the muscles and this is endurance, power, strength, speed, as well as increasing the intensity and frequency of training.

How to take the drug

The half-life of Boldenone Undecylenate is very long – 14 days. In addition, the substance can remain in the body for several months or even a year, therefore it is not recommended for use during active sports seasons when the athlete must be sure of the purity of the doping test result.

Undecylenate is 1 atom longer than Decanoate, so the duration of the course can be up to 10 weeks. For men, the average dose is 400-600mg per week, divided into 2 injections. But some users can increase the dose to 1000mg per week. It all depends on their experience in the use of anabolic steroids.

For women, the average dose is 25-50mg per week, but it is necessary to be very careful. If you see serious side effects, stop using Boldenone or reduce your dose.

As mentioned above, Boldenone can give good results both during the drying period and in the bulk. On a drying cycle, the drug is perfectly combined with Winstrol or Trenbolone. As an effect, the user can gain up to 7 kg of clean, dry muscles, as well as reduce the level of subcutaneous fat by several percent. For mass gain, take Boldenone in combination with Dianabol or Testosterone Enanthate. For the best effect, take sports nutrition in the form of protein and BCAA regularly. And also during the cycle, take Proviron at 100mg per day, starting from the third week of the cycle, so that the secretion of endogenous testosterone does not decrease.

Side effects

The course of Boldenone is quite mild, there are practically no side effects. The only associated ones are common to most steroids and will not disturb the user if the dose is overestimated. Side effects such as oily skin, abnormal hair growth, acne, hoarseness and deepening of the voice, hair loss on the top of the head are very rare. Most often, acne on the chest, back, and shoulder area will appear in people who are prone to acne. Therefore, it is imperative to use antibacterial soap and lotion during steroid use.

Just as Boldenone reviews promise, athletes often note an incredible appetite, this becomes an open question about the athlete’s external form. During the cycle, the brutal appetite should be directed to protein foods, slightly shortening carbohydrates, and eliminating fats.

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    This high dose product is amazing, I inject it 400mg twice per week.
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    I purchased Equidex 200 and when I received and I was very happy! This product works well and it has no PIP. The dose is perfect and the oil is smooth. The shipping came very fast and secure
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    I’m taking this along with 40mg winstrol daily, 1cc of Sust 270 every 3 days. I already gained 16lbs and my bench press went up by 30lbs. This cycle really worked for me. I’m on my 10th week of my 15 week cycle. I recommend this product and other products that’s in the dopingteam-com. The delivery is fast and secure. I ordered another product and hoped that it would be delivered fast.
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    Great product! Fast acting product and is very potent. Thank you dopingteam-com.
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    This Equidex 200 made me feel great! I use 1cc every 3 days and my bench press has increased in just 30 days. My body is getting bigger and solid. My wife is also very happy with my performance. The shipping is very fast. I will always order in dopingteam-com
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    I’m injecting a minimal amount and have amazing results! I already saw the effects but I’m planning to take the dose of the pros. Thank you dopingteam-com you are the best!

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