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Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Substance: Trenbolone Suspension
Package: 10 Ampoules (50mg/ml)

Androxine (Trenbolone Suspension) is a chemical steroid that is similar to Nandrolone in its effect. Trenbolone Suspension is a strong androgenic steroid which gives the user a quick and powerful strength gain without a significant increase in body weight. The fact that Trenbolone does not retain water, so it is particularly popular with powerlifters who wish to remain in a particular weight class. Professional athletes should be careful as traces of the aqueous suspension remain in the blood for a long time.

Effect of the reception of Trenbolone Suspension

The effects of Trenbolone can be noticed in a short time after the start of its intake. It has the main advantage that the drug does not aromatize which is an attractive trait of the steroid. Other reasons why people buy Trenbolone are:

– Muscle mass is rapidly increased, because the suspension begins to act straight after administration;

– The amount of body fat decreases;

– The content of cortisol in the body returns to normal;

– Muscle breakdown is minimized due to the anti-catabolic effect;

– Libido during the course increases;

– The strength gain is comparable to the growth of such well-known steroids, as Dianabol, Anadrol and testosterone.

With the use of this drug, you will notice the results of your workouts as quickly as possible. But after completing the course, you need to use stimulants so that the body starts producing testosterone again.

Rules of use

If you don’t know how to take Trenbolone Suspension, then read the rules carefully. The permissible dose is 50 milligrams of the suspension every day. The cycle of Trenbolone Suspension lasts for a month. You can combine the product with Winstrol and Anavar to improve its effect. A solo cycle of Trenbolone Suspension is also accepted, because the suspension alone gives excellent results that last for a long time.

Side effects

In some cases, Trenbolone Suspension side effects may appear, consisting of:

– The appearance of acne;

– Hair loss;

– Aggressiveness and irritability;

– Lack of sleep and appetite.

Suppression of testosterone production affects the fact that the testes atrophy and the erection becomes sluggish. However, such manifestations can be avoided if the drug is taken together with gonadotropin and Cabergoline.

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